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  1. Hi everyone, Ontario qualified lawyer here with National law firm experience. For family reasons, I may need to relocate to Boston. Does any Canadian lawyer have experience finding work in Boston (perhaps NY or Cali) after graduating from law school? How hard is this likely to be? I know that an employer would have to sponsor me before obtaining a Visa. Would employers be willing to do this considering how many lawyers there are in the US market? I realize I would need to sit the Mass Bar. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, I would really any insights. I am registered to write the Ontario Bar June 2018. I indicated on my bar application that I will expect to receive my degree by June Convocation (having in mind that I would complete my courses in April 2018). However, I realized that I am missing 3 credits for my degree, which I would have to take May 01-29 2017. While I would technically have all my credits completed before the June 05 2018 sitting, my convocation would get pushed to October 2018. Would taking the extra 3-credit class in May 2018 prevent me from sitting the June 2018 bar? (assuming I pass the class) I very much appreciate the help.
  3. Hi everyone, Is it possible to write the Ontario bar exam before graduating from law school? I.e. could I write the November 2017 or March 2018 bar exams before graduating in April 2018 (from a Canadian law school?) Thank you in advance!
  4. Thank you for the reply -- I appreciate it!
  5. Hi everyone, For the MAG (Ontario) Articling Student recruitment, should referees send recommendation letters by email to each office or should candidates upload PDFs of the recommendations on ViLawportal? Thank you!
  6. In short, no. McGill law students are considered "U0s" after their first full year of law school. This means that you won't be eligible for 1L recruitment after your first year. After your second full year of studies, you will be considered a 1L, allowing you to apply for 1L recruitment in various jurisdictions. Getting a national firm job in the 1L recruitment process is definitely the exception, rather than the norm. The major recruitment phase (2L) will begin in late summer of your second-year summer and you will be applying for a position during your third-year summer. Best of luck!
  7. Yes, to a certain extent. I find the people who score lowest on the LSAT are often those who are too concerned with getting a question wrong rather than "moving on." Worse yet, those who dwell too much on getting a question wrong that it affects their subsequent sections. The ability to move on and stay positive is extremely important on the LSAT and with a 180 target, you could run into trouble.
  8. You can upload a "current" CV and transcript at any time. Not sure how it will affect your processing time. Nevertheless, I would recommend uploading a more current CV or transcript if you believe that it will increase your competitiveness.
  9. I heard there is some leniency when it comes to reference letter. Call admissions to tell them about the situation and keep hounding your prof. Start thinking of alternatives in case. GL
  10. Try contacting the Atmospheric and Oceanic Science department directly, asking specific questions.
  11. No. No. -- Although, you could address that point in your PS. Make it work to your advantage -- e.g. I took the year off to see the world and reconnect with old friends, experiences that make a more balanced and well rounded candidate today. Best of luck!
  12. Hmmm very interesting. Thanks the comments!
  13. I'm curious why some OCI applicants with similar grades (B+) from identical schools (particularly Western) have ended up with a dramatically different number of OCIs? Any insights?
  14. Keep in mind that you are not eligible for Dean's Honour List if you take under 27 credits per year.
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