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  1. Happy Civic Holiday! I noticed that there isn't a thread on here about interviews/calls for LPP placement positions. I decided to make one. Feel free to post if you've heard from any of the employers, or want to ask about any. I'll start: Has anyone heard from any of the MAG places? Or LawPRO? Thanks, guys.
  2. Hi, all! Is there anyone out there who has gone through the interview process with LSO/LSUC? What is the preliminary interview like? The in-person? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. If you want to work in Ontario, I can't imagine why you would go to UVic instead of Windsor. I know people love to crap on Windsor on this forum, but it's a great school with well-rounded people and good hiring stats. Going to Windsor is NOT going to hinder you at all in your career.
  4. So long as file within 10 days of the start it is fine.
  5. Thanks, guys! I called them a while back. They said that so long as 10 months before the call date, you're good to go. Since the call date for September 2018 is the 28th, it's recommended you start before by the 27th of November at the latest.
  6. I definitely took more than 1 or 2. After a while of doing questions, you begin to get a feel for them and can even anticipate them. At least that's how it worked for me.
  7. Does anyone know when abouts you are supposed to start articling in order to be called in September 2018? Do they have a hard and fast deadline about this kind of thing? Thanks!
  8. It may not be much better. But based on your wording, we can agree that it is somewhat better, right? Especially for a student who is in a bad financial situation. Or who needs to have some income at some point down the line. I'd also like to point out that all the possibilities you mention may be just as likely to happen regardless of whether you do the LPP or article for free. I'm really not sure why you mention them as though they are somehow unique to LPP students.
  9. I'm not suggesting that at all. I'm just pointing out that for some people the LPP would be a better option simply because finances are a major issue. Many recent law grads simply cannot afford to make no money for almost a year. It's fine and dandy to talk about the experience that you (may/may not) get articling for free. But you have to be in a position to accept unpaid articling.
  10. Yes, it's true that some placements are not paid. But I don't think it is hard to believe that some people would rather do the LPP and have a *chance* at getting paid (if only for 4 months) than know they will be paid nothing for 10 months solid. I can honestly say that I would rather the former. But it's going to vary from person to person.
  11. ^I would not be surprised if it is more than a small subset. It's been my personal experience that articling is relatively easy to come by if you're willing to work for free.
  12. To be perfectly fair, some people are going to do the LPP, find a great (paid) placement, and get hired back. It has happened to a few people I know. Just because you articled, doesn't mean that your experience is automatically going to be better than someone who did the LPP. Also, I have to say that I am a bit iffy about the topic of unpaid articling. I understand the arguments in favour of it, but I genuinely feel like you shouldn't take on an articling student if you cannot afford to pay him/her. It doesn't have to be much, but you should pay them something. However, I respect the OP's decision.
  13. I don't know if you are on Facebook, but there is an awesome page called Law Job Exchange. You could post it there too. https://www.facebook.com/lawjobxchange/
  14. Well, what did you expect me to do? Remember that I was looking at old threads or something?! In my defense, that is still a huge issue on these boards.
  15. Can we stop with this ridiculous notion that "Biglaw" is somehow the objective pinnacle of legal practice to which everyone should aspire? It's nonsense, it's inaccurate, and it's harmful.
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