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  1. Your L2 is fantastic and if its a plan B I would write in July see how it goes. Im not sure sure Queens views LSAT scores but most schools take you best score. Also if what Tagger says is correct and you can cancel the score after receiving it then it isnt a question at all.
  2. I think not articling is a pretty big con if you are going into private practice.
  3. Fair enough but your early post seem to indicate that you did not understand it wouldnt make a huge difference - As I originally stated it doesnt really matter. The scenario you propose certainly goes along the line of it not really mattering but its certainly possible. I would also be weary of "rankings" in the Canadian context. The Maclean's Rankings are generally seen as flawed and useless here and I wouldnt put too much stock in it or any other rankings. The rankings of school in the USA is a real thing but here it isnt. The problem is most people here are more experienced in admissions, legal employment, hiring and so forth. Ive been a lawyer for close to 4 years and I can assure you from what Ive seen and heard the undergraduate school means nothing. Its possible it could in one sense or another but dont bank on that for your application and focus on the LSAT.
  4. Generally a mentor isnt a random stranger you meet on the internet. I concede I dont have all the answers, not even most of them. Im done with this though - The mods are pretty good as doing their job and I will let them do it. Enjoy your Sunday.
  5. Im not pessimistic at all. Im logical. A new account made 15 minutes ago and the only post is to specifically support the OP against 4 posters have said his position on X is incorrect is certainly fishy. Offering to mentor someone on Skype as a first post to mentor someone in that same post was the cherry on top. The OP seems to have a sense of entitlement in regards to his alma mater which is not uncommon here but sometimes this boards honesty comes out as negativity and/or pessimism but I assure you that is not the case and honesty is what most applicants need. They can get their unconditional support from friends and family.
  6. Then dont thats fine Im not here to argue with you. If you go into law school thinking you are better than certain people because of the undergrad program you went to then it might not be a good experience for you.
  7. Not without an LSAT score. Those ECs are fairly standard. The school you went to doesnt really matter. Your last 60 credits is great but Im not sure at this point how TRU looks at grades whether CGPA, best 2, best 90, last 90 etc... but look at your grades through those lenses as well. In regards to LSAT people dont usually score higher than their PTs it is the other way around.
  8. It should die with a Canadian offer.
  9. Youre right don't go. On a serious notes if you are just Googling dated articles about the undergrad program to somehow get input to not attend the law school that is piss poor research and logic. There are plenty of threads in the forum about and the success of the grads. I mean in a post after your OP you are comparing undergrad programs from schools in different Provinces to somehow rationalize TRU having an institutional risk factor. It does not make sense at all. If it has taken you years to get into a law school and you are considering foreign programs you might not have much other options - Maybe im incorrect. The only 'risk' with going to TRU is how you handle yourself in school dont overthink and blow this chance. The large majority and I mean large majority (95% +) of students seeking jobs have gotten them so just relax, enjoy your summer and go to TRU. Get off of the internet looking at junk Globe and the Mail articles from 2017 and have some fun.
  10. Apply everywhere - Including French Common Law of Moncton, U of O and Windsor JD/JD and you will likely get into a couple of the schools. You are correct in thinking you can drop UBC and U of T from that list. Dont bank on a LOR as it probably wont change too much and if you want a little more leverage retake the LSAT aiming for a slightly higher score. The distribution of grades will be important at some schools since some schools have drops so if you have As and Cs it will be better than mostly Bs. U of M, UNB come to mind - I last looked 5 years ago. Also some schools used B2 as opposed to CGPA or L2.
  11. Dont do ECs because you might get a benefit at the end and dont feel you need to do anything extra. If you want to study and go out a couple of times a week and exercise that is cool and enjoy it. If you wan to try to be president of the student association thats cool then do that. The point is not to pad a resume but to make your experience better and meet people along the way. Realistically most students are going to have varying levels of the same ECs and nothing is going to really blow employers out of the water. I ran the law games for my school, ran the ball hockey team(s), played a bunch of different sports that were available and volunteered a bit for a hockey tournament in town. Nothing too crazy but they were not "ECs" to me they were just things I enjoyed doing. I havent really applied for a law job but when and if I do it will be written on my resume in some form and whether or not that helps me is to be determined. The real risk is thinking you have to do as much ECs as possible and you force yourself into things you dont like and your grades and personal life suffer as a result.
  12. Then no you are not giving anything up.
  13. OP should take this point with a huge grain of salt. There is 0 debate go to TRU.
  14. Articling is extremely valuable its not an advantage to forgo it. You cant really learn how to practice law practically in a classroom.
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