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    Accepted Feb 18th on uozone. Showed up on OLSAS this morning. Pretty damn surprised as my GPA is shit and I thought Ottawa prioritized that. cGPA: ~2.5 B2: ~3.1ish LSAT: 157 (August), 163 (November) Mature student with 15+ years of high end work in film and television (have written for big TV shows, talent agent for a decade repping Oscar and Emmy winning talent, etc)
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    Current student here. Great school with impressive profs, wide diversity of students, and (from what I've heard) a good reputation and successful graduates.
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    My legs are weak right now. Checked on a whim just now... wasn't in yesterday, but am in today! cGPA: 2.93, b2/l2: are both like 3.0something LSAT: 168 (July 2020) Access/Mature applicant. I think I had some unique ECs and glowing LoRs from people who could really speak for me. This is my first acceptance... didn't think I'd hear back until at least April!
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    They only focus on the number of hours and the type of jobs we have but don't seem to notice that we (from various backgrounds) still generally have time to post stuff on this forum at 9:45am in the morning on a work day.
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    Ahhh just got the email! GPA: no idea, 84% average LSAT: 157 Indigenous category Very strongly considering accepting
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    I graduated last year. TRU's reputation is pretty great in BC/Alberta. There's not much of a reputation in Ontario because not many TRU students are from Ontario - however that has been slowly changing. There are a number of mid-size firms in BC that have told me they have a preference for TRU Law graduates. Job placement is quite high (96% have jobs before graduation) in non-pandemic years. Every major law firm in Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton has hired TRU grads at this point. TRU grads have also clerked at every level of court in BC, and have clerked at the federal courts. Profs are quite accomplished. Multiple Harvard LLM/PhD grads, lots of the profs are published. The sessionals have very impressive career experience (i.e., were/are partners in national firms). The primary downside to TRU is tuition cost.
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    Your sister is right. Not necessarily that you shouldn't go to law school, but going to law school on the assumption that you will get a government solicitor position for articling is a big risk if you don't have a backup plan. I'm in a job that is very similar to the one you are aiming for. Articling positions in our office are very competitive (hundreds of applicants per spot). And for the people who get the articling job, hireback is unlikely. (We haven't been able to hire back an articling student, for a long-term role, in years.) In deciding whether to go to law school, you should assume that your odds of getting a provincial or municipal solicitor position, early in your career, are ~50% as a very optimistic estimate. If that's the only legal job you're interested in, consider whether you really want to spend 3 years and a lot of money on that gamble. I looooove working in the public sector and don't want to discourage that ambition! But I think every single day about how lucky I was to wind up where I did.
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    Glad to be accepted today (Feb19th)! CGPA: 3.88 L2: 3.92 LSAT: 154 July, 156 Oct Good luck to those still waiting!
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    I know you already made your decision by now. I wanted to say (as a TRU grad who thoroughly enjoyed their time at TRU) - there is nothing about TRU that justifies paying a premium over the cost of UVic. I really really enjoyed my time at TRU. I really thrived there and accomplished a lot. It's a very good school. That said, it was the only school in BC that admitted me. Had I been accepted to UVic or UBC, I would have declined my offer to TRU.
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    I think a lot of prospective students and law students are freaking out about hours, pay, work life balance. There are like 4 threads on the forums about it.
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    My first acceptance: cGPA: 3.89/4.0 LSAT:157 PhD with 18 pubs, Vanier Scholar, work experience, General
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    Accepted yesterday, I can't believe it!! cGPA 3.51, LSAT 159 (July), 161 (Oct), strong ECs Applied special circumstances, my cGPA without the year I indicated as special circumstances is a 3.69! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear, your time is coming!!
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    Update: I received a response. The Winter 2020 term will still be counted towards the 60 credits however the grades will not be used. This essentially means that 45 credits will be used towards L2 GPA calculation.
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    Accepted today!!! Notified by email that decision was made and then checked UOzone. cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 161 (Nov first write) ECs: Yah! Best of luck to all. Tough decisions to be made.
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    It’s tough since the LSO banned sending meals/meal kits/anything like that that could have approximated a dinner. Which makes no sense to me. I don’t understand how balling out for an in-person meal is fine but doing the same virtually is not but the LSO is gonna LSO always. That said, I get that Cassels is trying something but I don’t think they fully thought that one through. Some candidates will be fine and love it. Others (and perhaps most) will really not enjoy playing trivia in an interview setting.
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    Je suis aussi en 3e année et j'ai reçu un courriel de refus de Fasken avec beaucoup de réseautage et un GPA au dessus d'un 4 + expériences juridiques et non juridiques. Par contre, j'ai reçu 5 appels sur 6 applications même si je suis en troisième année donc je ne sais pas si ça a un effet quelconque sur la prise de décision.
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    Yeah good point. We shall see...til then enjoy your weekends everyone (unless post-5pm on a friday is prime PFO time for some firms haha).
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    Accepted today (Feb 19) cGPA: 3.49 (as per OLSAS) 3.7 L2 LSAT: 158 (October), 163(January) Strong LORs from three of my undergraduate professors, good work experience & ECs, good PS Also an Ottawa resident, don't know if that factored in.
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    I know someone who got a call from Fasken this morning!
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    It’s basically a black box. I was in at multiple schools with a 2.5/171. Congratulations on your acceptance!
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    Accepted Feb 18th on uozone no email yet CGPA 3.58 B2 3.77 - 3.81 ish LSAT 161 (October first write) Decent ECs/PS/LORS. Applied under general. Good luck to everyone still waiting!!
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    If taking on more files (and therefore billing more or collecting more contingency fees) doesn’t result in the firm paying you more, than you should look for a new firm.
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    Accepted Feb 12, 2021. Ryerson was one of my first choices. I did my undergrad at UofT St. George (3.7 CGPA. 3.68 or 69 according to OLSAS from what I recall). I wrote my LSAT in 2016 & did very poorly (I was under sever stress at the time due to personal reasons) and had planned to write in a subsequent year. I am not sure how to calculate best two or last two, but I got A-s to A+s in my 4th year. I have extremely strong ECs (v involved at UofT, worked PT during school), been working full time for the last few years and I think I had very good references (a fantastic prof I've had for years, one of the Deans at UofT and my manager). I truly believe Ryerson looks at apps holistically - I am SO thrilled Best wishes to all!
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    Accepted this afternoon! LSAT: 157 CGPA: 3.25 L2: 3.9 Applied mature, strong LORs, practicing paralegal, have been working in a firm.
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    Accepted yesterday morning (Feb 17) on oasis and through email. CGPA: 3.71 (OLSAS) L2: 3.83 LSAT: 157, 156, 160, 161 (January) In queue 01/08/2021 Filled out part B Good luck to everyone still waiting!
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    Hmm. My $0.02. I think many lawyers appear to be miserable because they are essentially wearing golden handcuffs they didn't know were on before they snapped shut. Comparable earners in other professions typically have more years of work experience and are often promoted into those higher salaries. This usually means they thrived in previous roles and chose to pursue a more challenging, higher paying one. By contrast, in law you get there simply by sticking around and not being bad at your job for a shorter amount of time. Your title doesn't change. Your salary and responsibilities simply go up every year that you tough it out without disaster. You don't have to be thriving in any meaningful sense to get to a place where you've got way too much work but the money is too good to walk away from i.e. golden handcuffs. In other professions, a significant chunk of high-income jobs are in higher-level/management positions. People holding those jobs essentially self select into them after having many years to evaluate things like work-life balance, salary expectations and life-style. They see the handcuffs, they choose the handcuffs. In law, it's the opposite. You have to decide to self-select out of the higher-income, higher-responsibility roles, and we're often making that choice with far less and in many cases, no work experience at all. In many instances, lawyers find themselves wearing golden handcuffs before understanding what the hell it is. So, ironically, proportionally more miserable lawyers might have something to do with the speed at which salary progression happens. I end all this by saying I have done exactly zero research into this and I am drawing mainly from anecdotal evidence and my general observations from other industries I have been in.
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    Please tell me everything will be ok I saw the recent posts of the admitted thread and I'm shitting myself, they all have incredible indexes. I feel like because of my low LSAT score, I'm totally screwed, even though my index is 244.85. Anyone else in the same boat? Not sure if I'll sleep until I get a accepted/rejected honestly...
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    Just echoing off of what everyone has said, I know it’s completely irrational to be freaking out this early in the cycle especially for those whose scores were finalized only a few weeks ago. Yet, I can’t help but check the portals multiple times a day thinking something might change. Since Jan is my highest score and my previous score before that would not have been high enough to get in anywhere, how long should I expect to be waiting before my application is reviewed? I feel like if I know to be waiting until the summer, then I might not check to obsessively now. Appreciate any insight!
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    Honestly after keeping tabs on this week's accepted thread, my score of just over 244 makes me nervous. Feels like im trying for UofT
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    I can’t see a firm offering 20k - 30k for a variety of reasons but mainly based on how insulting that is to the applicant. What a way to start off a working relationship. I mean at that point why wouldn’t they just offer a fee split. At 20k - 30k, they are literally telling you you’re worth less than an assistant (not meant to be a shot at assistants).
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    I don’t think many of you here understand. Non pecs will be abolished even on a meat chart basis. There will be no lump sump income replacement. It will be monthly or weekly TTD and subject to be cut off at any time by the adjuster - just like Part 7 today except no tort claims no right to sue.
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    Accepted this evening! (feb 19th) CGPA: 3.58 L2: ~3.6 LSAT: 166
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    Accepted (Feb 17th) L2: ~3.72 (not 100% sure if this is correct as I went to UBC and self-calculated this from a %) LSAT: 157 (October) 161 (November)
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    Je connais un certain nombre de personnes en troisième année qui ont eu des interviews chez Fasken, et d'après mes conversations avec des avocats, ils ne se soucient pas de l'année dans laquelle tu es L'année dernière, ils ont engagé 5 personnes en 3ème année
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    I recommend anything relating to the administration of our communist system. Preferably unionized. School teachers (particularly gym and music) and administrative jobs in colleges and universities are some of the best examples. If you ever want to feel bad about how hard you work for your money, just look up your favourite incompetent civil servant on the sunshine list. You will realize that you have made a serious error in actually performing work for your wages.
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    It’s not how low it’s about the application being amazing Nd Ryerson seeing an applicants worth beyond numbers.
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    Accepted today! Just checked UOzone on a whim! CGPA - 3.48 (OLSAS) B2/L2 - 3.65ish LSAT - 163, 167 EC's: Debate team and some minor club roles Good luck to everyone still waiting!
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    I don't agree and I don't think there's a single firm that assesses 8 am vs. 10 am when it comes down to deciding how their candidates rank. That's absurd. Tuesday vs. Monday, or end of Monday vs. Monday morning, sure, maybe. But within the first three slots of the day? Absolutely all the same.
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    Thank you for keeping me in the loop, also just got it! Good luck ❤️
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    Don't worry, it's only the first couple of acceptances.
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    If it makes you feel better, I applied in October and am still waiting. They just emailed me today to say my PS was cut off so maybe they are finally making progress.
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    Yes, you are being naive. The question any prospective law student has to answer is whether you will enjoy the work of being a lawyer. Once that question is answered, then you can think about where you want to work. So many people enter law school with the byproducts of being a lawyer in their minds (nice suits, high stakes cases, justice, comfortable government salaries) but not the actual work of a lawyer. It's not your fault. The public is largely clueless on what lawyers actually do. To put it simply, you have to be okay with your plans not working out. I think the most satisfied people in law are the people who continue to love the law long after 1L (when everyone has a brief love affair with the law). Sure, your context (e.g., employer, location) make a difference, but it's outweighed by the work. Focus on that first.
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    They sent me an email asking for a reupload, and it was on my to-do list. I sent it the last week of January and my list is complete, but I haven't heard anything back yet.
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    Are you interested in policy making? If so, given your goal of working in government, you should look into a Masters in Public Policy / Public Administration.
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    Exact same situation for me (same lsat dates) and Mine is too, I emailed them on Wednesday but no response
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    I hate this silence, I rather get refusal letters than just play the guessing game!
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    Most MVA victims are screwed no matter what the system in place is. Another good reason we should be building more dense, walkable neighbourhoods so that people aren't forced into cars (which are pretty much the most dangerous aspect of our daily lives) to go about their everyday business.
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    As someone who has worked in private practice as well as the government I would highly recommend people take a closer look at government positions. It’s better in almost every conceivable respect with the only downside being a lower earnings ceiling than private practice. To put some basic information out there I was called in 2017 and currently work as a policy analyst with the federal government and make ~110k a year, have 0 work related stress, spend only around 10 hours a week actually working (even before covid) On top of that I have what amounts to a job for life, a rock solid DB pension, paid overtime, 6 weeks off a year, a year off for mat/pat leave, and training opportunities. This sounds like what you’re looking for and if so I’d recommend you push hard for a federal government job. My advice is just apply broadly to any federal government job to get your foot in the door and once you’re in it’s easy to transfer to something you really like.
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