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    Anyone else going a little bit crazy? lots of deals but also lots of wonky deals, quick timelines, etc. zoom meetings are annoying IMO ever-changing procedures and recommendations (or at least the feeling that you need to be looking up and confirming the status quo of certain things) staff going off sick, isolating, etc. masks and lysol are getting old fhgwghadssldfmselkfnsdlfgknsde
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    I just want to congratulate everyone who applied/is applying today! The hard part is over, and now we move into the even HARDER part of waiting to hear back from the schools. But applying, in itself, is something to celebrate so I hope everyone gets to do so in their own ways. Good luck to you all! 😊
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    It doesn't hurt, and what do you have you lose? If I were in your shoes, I would send 4 emails. Each email addressed the 2 lawyers that interviewed you every block. Purely anecdotal but I can tell you a positive experience for myself. I interviewed with 6 lawyers at a firm. I sent my thank you emails as usual, and one of the lawyers took that email and CC'd the lawyer who was going to interview me the next day. I thought that was kinda cool. Maybe this lawyer would have done it anyway without a thank you email, but I'll never know. Point is, it cost 2 minutes of my time to send a thank you email, and there's no downside. Realistically, I was just repasting the same template and changing one sentence anyway.
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    Sorry for quad posting, but I wanted to make sure everyone got an answer. Feel free to reach out to me by pm. I know the recruit is a stressful time, and I know how easy it is to overthink things.
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    it depends Did you just poke your head into their office for 30 seconds? If so, then probably not. Did two lawyers interview you at the same time? In which case, I would write one email addressing the both of them.
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    👍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFNcStdF_Ok
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    Be explicit. Don't make it so that they're unclear on where they stand in your list.
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    That is true: we will not assess an application until it is complete, which includes fall grades and academic standing up to December 31. Don't worry about this: the application cycle is a marathon, not a sprint. We just need to start assessing in November because our assessors read the full applications, which takes longer than if we used a matrix to make our decisions. We know to expect each year that most applications become complete in January/February, due to a combo of current students who can't provide transcripts for their current school until January at the earliest, and January LSAT test takers. Cheers! Malina
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    I think you should participate in trying to do really, really well on the LSAT. You're not likely going to just sign up for some EC that is going to make a huge difference to your application.
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    Wish I could be participating with you guys - good luck this week.
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    Have been told within a few hours and within 24 hours while mentioning something you talked about to jog their memory.
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    Hello! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is not any building in Canada. Only two law schools in Canada are named "School of Law": Allard School of Law of UBC and Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law. The former's building is made of all glass. The latter's building is brick and glass but the frieze upon which the logo is attached is not similar to the photo on OLSAS' portal. This is the Schulich building: The photo used by OLSAS is a stock photo you can find on numerous legal blogs and webpages. You can reverse google image search to find them
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    Hello Future Ryerson Law Students, My name is Leo, and I am the Vice-President of Governance and Academics at the Ryerson Law Students' Society (RLSS). RLSS has created a discord channel for future students to meet current 1L students and to ask questions! Please feel free to connect with us, we look forward to meeting you on Discord. https://discord.gg/Q4C3zrb Kind Regards, Leo
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    Bonjour, Voici un tread pour partager vos cotes et vos réponses d'admission. bonne chance !
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    Going to ask this again. when's usually the best time to send a thank you email? any pointers or tips on sending one?
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    When in doubt, just ask your main contact at the firm what next steps are. Each firm has a different process and most are not bothered if you ask.
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    Anyone know when calls for second round interviews normally go out?
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    thank you so much! really appreciate it
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    Two lawyers at a time - I emailed the lawyer who was organizing the whole thing and have been given a second round offer, should I still email all the lawyers?
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    Asap. Why wait? Tell me what is your rationale for waiting?
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    The thing is, we don't really know for sure. The 92 auto-admit threshold is an estimated guess based on past acceptance data. It's a good guess, and tends to be quite accurate, but it doesn't give us all the info. We say 92 to be safe, because with an index below 92 it's a lot less predictable (especially when considering access applicants). It's even less predictable now with the new admissions criteria weighting. Generally, the farther below 92 you are, the lower your chances get.
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    I believe all those schools only accept your highest score, so there may be value in keeping this one. If you score higher next time, fantastic, but if you have a fluke disaster and score lower for some reason, you at least have the 154 on file and you can apply at schools where you may have a chance with those stats.
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    No idea. My CSO director specifically said to avoid "first-choice" language in these emails, but didn't say why.
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    Personally know a few NCA candidates who now are settled into their legal profession. It takes time, but you'll get there. Best of luck to you also! Articling recruitment can be a long process even for those who come from a Canadian university.
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    Thanks for this, got an extension to submit my application.
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    Definitely appropriate and I think you should send the email today!
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    Is it appropriate to send an email to MAG thanking for the interview and expressing that I really want to work in their particular office? If it is, should I wait until Wednesday? Or send by the end of today (the interview was today). Thanks!
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    I applied at both Ottawa U and McGill the day of the deadline and got early acceptance to both!
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    I reached out to TRU to verify this for myself as well, and this is what I got: "For the 2021 intake, we will be looking at your most recent 20 academic courses of undergraduate studies, minus any courses taken between January 2020 and August 2020. (So it would be 15 courses if you took 5 courses in the Winter 2020 semester for example)." So it seems as it all depends on how many courses you took in Winter 2020! For me, it seems like my GPA will be based off my L16 courses since I took 4 courses in Winter 2020. If you didn't take any courses between January 2020 and August 2020, your GPA will still be based on L20
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    This year, at least in 1L, there has been no required software. However, in previous year, exam software (such as Exam4) has been used, and we haven't been guaranteed that it won't be again. (In fact, technically the exam schedule says that some exams will be on Exam4, but I believe it's innacurate, for the moment. Post-COVID, who knows what the landscape will be... So the short answer is: Thus far this year you'd be fine, I wouldn't count on it in the future. If you had a direct line to the dean, I'm certain she wouldn't guarantee anything one way or another!
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    A current transcript was due with your app on Nov. 1. Then you have to send an updated one by Feb.1 for fall courses.
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    I wouldn't recommend saying first choice until day two unless they gave you some really clear signs that they're really interested in you.
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    Try contacting OLSAS if they can allow you to make changes. Once your payment is processed, you can add your resume in SAM.
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    I'm in the same boat as OP and I am terrified. I am thinking about writing November even though I am not fully ready just to get an improved score on record. There are some LR things I need to drill so I'd prefer to take January, but in my head I keep thinking of something catastrophic happening in january, like I get violently ill or have a technical issue, or who knows!
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    You can indicate on the application, they have a section where you tell them if you've already written the LSAT you want to submit, or if you are writing it in the future and then they ask you to tell them the date you plan on taking it. If you apply now and tell them to assess the score you have now, that's the score they will use. You can apply now, but ideally you want to put on the application for them to wait until your November score comes in. The only downside to doing it too early is that you will pay the application fee, and if you don't end up getting a score you want to apply with you can't get it back. It's also always good to e-mail advising at UVIC, they are super helpful, and every school does do it differently so you never know.
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    I just applied and received an email from them which states: I would interpret this to mean that the "Preliminary Statement of Marks" is to be uploaded in January after you receive your Fall marks, and the "Post-Secondary Transcript (Uploadable)" is to be uploaded in April after you receive your Winter marks. So no need to upload anything yet! Except for the personal statement, that is. As to the question of grading conversion, I honestly don't know how that's supposed to work either, but I will send an email asking for a clarification and post any updates I receive on this thread.
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    Yes, every course that appears on your transcript counts.
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    No, it doesn't improve your chances if you applied early. OLSAS sends them to universities on November 1st as a randomized bundle without regard for submission dates. Once they get them, they sort them in terms of GPA and LSAT, from highest to lowest and start sending out offers to, as @legallybrunette3 said, those with the highest ones (or at least those above their presumptive admit thresholds if they have any)
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    It is quite common. 18% of Osgoode's class, entering in 2020, had a Master's or a PhD. 19% of UofT's class has graduate-level education. 12% at Calgary. 22% at McGill. 9% at Queen's.
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    I’d put money on it being a highly visible PI shop.
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    There were 9 admits with a GPA at or below 80%, only 6 with a GPA below 78 in 2020. According to the dean of admissions there are typically less than 10 admits with a CGPA below 78%. ^I got the information above from McGill Laws Youtube Channel, If I linked correctly it should start right around the time when she mentions these numbers (If not it starts around 26:00 min in). As a borderline candidate myself I found this video more helpful than the general information session, as they address reasons why you may be rejected, and how you can address them. Good luck OP, hope we both make it. If not consider transferring after 1L, a friend of mine successfully did it, and McGill actually mentioned it as a viable route in the video below, particularly for people with uncompetitive stats. Provided of course you do well in 1L. If you want my 2 cents on if you should cancel, I would say yes if you are sure that it was really the tech issues that lowered your score. I tend to be optimistic, and I am a good test taker, so I wouldn't be so worried about scoring lower. Only you know you.
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    Hello all, I am Ontario law student who is applying to article in Vancouver. I guess this isn't that relevant because I haven't secured a position yet, but I am having trouble figuring out when articling in BC usually begins and ends? I know this has to do with PLTC as well and it can be taken at several different times - is it the case that you always start either articling or PLTC in early May? Thanks!
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    Depends on your firm. Many firms start students in May. Some start them in August, others in September (I would also note that there tends to be more variety in start dates at smaller firms). The same goes for PLTC: some firms prefer you take PLTC before you start articling while others allow you to take it mid-way through articles or at the end of articles (for reference, PLTC is held three times per year: May, September and February). There's really no hard and fast rule about these things.
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    It isn't unusual - a fair number of my colleagues have done so. Most did it out of interest and to take a break away from their high stress jobs and engage with the "fun" part of the law. I don't think any did it as a means to advance their career. It seems as if they all did it after articling or practicing for a bit. A quick look through my LinkedIn in contacts shows that they seem to be back in the same jobs or ended up in government. Knot Reel twitter had the best view on the subject matter. Is it just depression or are you actually interested in an LLM?
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    Received the email today and it was updated on the Uwin site! I am still in shock and my family and I have been crying all morning! My stats are: CGPA: 3.34 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 152 I am beyond happy and my dream has just begun!
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