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    This whole slacking off in 3L thing is blown out of proportion. Most 3Ls are still attending the majority of their classes at every university that I've taught at/attended (which is around 1/3 of the Canadian common law schools in several different provinces). I think that people think it makes them sound cool/smart if they act like they don't care and/or they think it sends the message that they are so smart that they don't need class.
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    Thanks again everyone. I’ve decided to complete a Canada BA first, working throughout the summers to complete the degree as soon as possible. I think taking the foreign route will save me a maximum of one year of education time but that isn’t counting the extra time it could take to gain articles and employment afterwards. If I don’t complete a JD until I’m 33-34, that isn’t the end of the world.
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    Something that is missing here is your career goals. Why law? Being a partner in a small firm in rural Ontario looks very different than being a partner at a Bay Street firm. You will close quite a few doors with the foreign law degree, so you need to know what that looks like. Simply being "employed" should not be the end goal here. I know many UK law graduates employed right now as legal assistants and administrative assistants. There are Canadian law school graduates struggling to find jobs, so you can imagine what the situation will look like to a UK graduate who has little to no connections in the legal market. I can assure you that everyone knows the difference between the JD and Canadian Common Law LLM at Osgoode, U of T, UBC, etc. You can get rid of some or all of the NCAs by doing the expensive LLM program but it will not increase your job prospects. Employers know why you are doing it. The Common Law LLM program accepts everyone with money in their pocket and a pulse. They are making money off naive and desperate students, in my opinion. Look, whatever time and money you think you are saving, is a huge miscalculation now on your part. I'm a K-JD that did the 4 year degree and straight to law school path, and I am younger than many foreign trained law grads I meet who are struggling to enter the legal market. It can take you a very long time to find good employment, maybe even years. Is this a risk you want to take? https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/resources/legal-education/lso-to-mandate-pay-for-articling-students/275700 The Law Society of Ontario decided on Monday to alter the training process for young lawyers, approving a proposal to mandate pay for articling students and audit the firms where they work beginning May 1, 2021. I think this may actually make finding articles more difficult in the near future if employers do not want to bother with paying articling students and have their firms audited by the LSO. Because at the moment, we do have many articling employers not paying their students or offering very low stipends.
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    I don't know why people are saying it may pose as an advantage for you during the recruitment process. I am a poc law student, so take what I say with a grain of salt. The general consensus around diversity issues is that some big firms are working on their diversity competence (anti-bias training, inclusive events, name-blind hiring) precisely because they recognize POC and Indigenous folks are at a disadvantage. I really do not think that firms with these programs in place are wildly successful in hiring POC/Indigenous folks. I do not see many student classes robustly diverse, nor an associate cohort robustly diverse (or even kinda diverse), nor a partnership cohort robustly diverse (or even kinda diverse), at any firm based on the faces/names I see on websites. This article briefly looks at the subjective experience of an Indigenous person going through the OCI process, while critiquing the process as a whole: https://precedentjd.com/news/cover-story-the-ocis-are-broken/; an indigenous colleague at my law school has also said how they had to face the assumption they were interested in social justice issues (i.e. not interested in Bay st) because of their indigenous identity throughout the process. They noted that this was something that an upper-year indigenous person advised them to expect and she prepared for it. (More articles on diversity issues on bay st. in general: http://ultravires.ca/2014/11/diversity-on-bay-street-knocking-on-the-diversity-wall/; https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/hadiya-roderique-black-on-bay-street/article36823806/) Anyways! Not all doom and gloom. There are diverse candidates who got a bay st. job, and there are diverse lawyers with bay st. practices. My limited understanding (and from what I have heard from POC lawyers and students alike) is that the onus is on you, the diverse candidate, to be the best candidate you can be to overcome any potential implicit or explicit barrier that may be thrown your way trying to get on and thrive on bay st. I have heard that from students, associates, and partners on probably all the different occasions i spoke about diversity with someone, or heard a talk on the subject (all of these instances were re: bay st as that is/was my area of interest). It strikes me as a bit ridiculous to say you'd be at an advantage. Having a disadvantage is not the end of the world, but it is a reality you will likely have to navigate to a large or small extent throughout your student and practising career. I'd advise reaching out to your indigenous law students association at your school (or upper year indigenous students) to build that network and find out who are some indigenous bay st. lawyers (former or current) you can perhaps speak with to gain some perspectives about life on bay st. as an indigenous person.
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    Just got the call! LSAT:169 GPA: 3.5 (3.9 L2) on an OLSAS scale. Not sure what it is with drops. I really felt like my GPA was going to hold me back, so to get an offer from one of my top choices is really exciting!
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    Hey Everyone, So I'm currently a 3rd year Ryerson student and I'm planning on going to law school, preferably within the city, however, I'm open to change. I wanted to address one thing that's been on my mind like crazy, WHERE IS RYERSON PUTTING IT'S LAW SCHOOL?! I've gotten a down-low understanding that the law school will be put in the POD building and possible renovation will be done. Okay, if you don't go to Ryerson here are some deets: 1.) Ryerson has ONE LIBRARY! Predominately, a lot of student study at the Student Learning Centre (SLC) because it has a lot of floors, it's modern, etc. and of course the Ryerson library. The problem in my eyes is that if they're opening up a whole new school devoted to people who will be glued to books and cases for the next 3 years I'm confident in saying that unless they build a dedicated space for law students, there's no hope. The SLC and the library are a NIGHTMARE in terms of finding spots to study and actually get work done, especially during midterms and exam season. 2.) I understand Ryerson is a relatively new university compared to UofT, Western, etc. However, I have two problems. 1.) If you're planning to open a professional law school and charge students $21K a year and 2.) Brand it as this ultra new game changing legal innovative program...you better be providing students with the adequate space needed! (I don't mean to sound dramatic or anything, however, going to Ryerson and hearing them promote the law school so heavily but not provide us with any information is not adequate in my eyes) 3.) If the school is being planned to be put in the POD building, where the old nursing school used to be, I'd feel hella bad for the first years going in if they don't renovate the space because it's honestly so unbelievably outdated, dark and honestly not a welcoming environment where one would want to study such a fascinating yet dry subject for the next three years. I cannot compare it to Jackman law, Osgoode and Queens because those are relatively new buildings solely dedicated to their law schools, however, the way i see it is, if you'll be paying an institution, which is a business at the end of the day, $21,000 which is honestly not much cheaper than Osgoode, Western or Queens, you should be provided with the adequate space possible which properly reflects their end of the bargain. 4.) A final comment, if they're renovating the POD building/Ryerson's old nursing school, they better start now, not sure if they have or not but the one thing I can assure is that construction at Ryerson is 1.) abysmal and 2.) takes FOREVER! I'm not ignorant to the fact that obviously construction takes a long time especially since a lot of things pop up in old buildings, however, they have t-minus 10 months to get it done before Ryerson law opens it's doors which I'm sure is plenty of time, however, judging by the Daphane Cockwell School of Nursing and Science building which was supposed to open in 2018 but opened in September 2019 and the Campus Revitalization project going on right now, which was supposed to finish this fall and we're still sitting in a half torn up and gated campus, I'm intrigued to see how efficient they'll be with the new school. Conclusion: In no means am I trying to show any disrespect to Ryerson, however, these are some of my concerns and frankly should be the concerns of a lot of students who are planning on coming to Ryerson. The number one concern I have is study space. I would love some feedback on what you guys think of my commentary and collectively, it would be nice to get Ryerson to tell us where the school will be. I won't be surprised if it's not in one dedicated space and each class is in different lecture halls throughout the campus but hey, what do I know? Enjoy!
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    Everyone talks about what a joke 3L is and I am just wondering the extent in which its true. Do you guys blow off morning classes? Do you guys bother attending class towards exams? How real is this stereotype? (assuming you have an articling position)
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    I know it's still early, but I keep wondering when the results will be posted. So I did some research and found the below list of dates of when the results were posted in previous years. The list was originally shared by @stylenswell So thank you very much! 2011 - Dec 14th 2012 - Dec 17th 2013 - Dec 13th 2014 - Dec 19th 2015 - Dec 14th 2016 - Dec 14th 2017 - Dec 11th 2018 - Dec 13th We have no choice, but to wait and wait!
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    I'm at Dal for my undergrad and I am pretty involved with some law students through some of my extra curricular. At a recent Q&A we hosted with Dal law students one of them mentioned that she worked over the summer between 1L and 2L in Toronto and the firm she worked at really liked hiring Dal students as they have a reputation for being very nice, easy going students that are easy to work with. Not sure if it is just that firm or a wider perception among many firms, but since Dal really pushes the collegial nature of its students I wouldn't be surprised if that was the perception of Dalhousie grads that many in the law community have
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    I’ve never related to a post more than this. I used to wake up early to read or re read the material before class. I now wake up to game and gym. It’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it.
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    Check the accepted threads for last year and the years prior and you'll get a feel for it. If you have a 3.8+ GPA and a 155+ LSAT you're almost certain to get in.
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    You've got a good shot at Western/Queens. Not guaranteed because of your L2, but certainly a good chance. (though Queens from what I remember looks at your B2 now, so should be most likely in there)
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    Moderate to good. Will depend on your stats. An LSAT of 160+ will definitely put you in a really good spot.
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    between dec 10-20. based on the last 5 years it came out between this time.
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    Ryerson hasn't had a class yet so obviously they are unpredictable.
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    I think the poster is referring to AA as it exists in the states (quota form).
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    6-8 weeks after the exam date usually.
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    Wow that’s ridiculous. Sorry to hear that.
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    I am applying this cycle. I am a status FN and I applied to Ottawa, York, Toronto (reach school) and UBC so far. Best of luck to everyone and would love to chat during the application cycle
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    Is anyone else annoyed that we have to pay $200 to OLSAS and they can't forward our info on to schools quickly? Not really sure what we're paying for if it's not efficiency.
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    Thanks to every one who replied to my post. I am certainly going to do the tips recommended.
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    OP - check this box if you are not a robot ⬜
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    3.3.can definitely hurt a CGPA where you're aiming for a 3.8+ CGPA for top schools.
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    http://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7240 This really helped me. I used a hybrid of this and what I was accustomed to. The other tip I have, is to get really mentally engaged in the topic. Pretend like it is the most interesting thing you’ve ever read and attack the passage with enthusiasm. As a study tip. Photocopy the passages that you’re going to do a prep test on. Then you can print them and do them over again, similar to the 7sage method with logic games. Just like games, the RC passages have recurring structure.
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    RC can be the hardest to improve on the margin for some people. It's definitely possible to improve, even quite a bit, but it's unlike LG where knowledge of a certain diagramming technique (for example) can take you from getting 1/6 to 5/6 on any given game. In other words, there is no magic trick to reading fast or finishing on time. However, there are some general things one can do while studying that will help them improve over time. First is to understand the stimulus. If you rush the stimulus, you will be absolutely lost of the questions. A good way to know if you are understanding things is to stop after each paragraph and ask yourself: "What argument / evidence was just introduced? How does it relate to everything I've read before? Does this make sense to me?" If you don't understand something it is much better to be honest with yourself while reading the stimulus. That way you can check your understanding on the spot as opposed to waiting until you hit the questions, which will result in a lot of wasted time due to flipping back and forth from question(s) to stimulus. Second thing is if you really understand the stimulus you are in a much better position to prephase the questions. In general, there are quite a few questions that can be prephased in RC. These are the kinds of questions that you can answer confidently in 20 seconds or so and bank some time for harder questions or passages. You should also be using a 2 pass approach to questions and not be overly concerned with knocking off the 4 incorrect answer choices. That is, it is quite okay to pick an answer choice that seems most appropriate without having to spend time completely disqualifying other answer choices. This is in contrast to LR where you really want to knock off all incorrect answer choices before moving on. There are definitely some good good resources available. The TLS forum has a number of threads with some pretty solid advice, and Manhattan LSAT has a good RC book for self learners. Although, I prefer my own company's approach but I may be a bit biased! At the end of the day, RC is much more individual then any other section, so feel free to try out different strategies Good luck!
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    Got the call last night (28th), and was guaranteed a scholarship. cGPA 3.78/4, LSAT 170. Submitted Nov. 3.
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    Got the call earlier today too 😀 cGPA: 3.6/4, LSAT: 166 Pretty good personal statement and ECs imo
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    Can OP not just take the LSAT and apply as a mature student? I know one close family friend who got into osgoode as a mature student with a 175 without attending undergrad (however this was 10ish years ago)
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    Got the call today, cGpa around 3.8-3.85, LSAT 166
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    Thank you for the thoughtful messages and kind words. This morning I accepted that I was in crisis and a danger to myself, so I reached out to some resources for help. It's been a long day of sitting in waiting rooms and explaining myself to health professionals, but I am safer than I was earlier. There's a tough road ahead and I'm still anxious about my career. But I do feel that after months and months of falling into a hole, I maybe took a small step back up today.
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    I just received a call today as well. cGPA 3.93/4.00, LSAT 169
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    Just got the call as well. cGPA 4.85/4.33, LSAT 163. Personal statement had a few typos, and really nothing special, maybe slightly tailored to uVic (environmental law stuff) EC was alright I think
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    Just got the call, admitted and guaranteed a scholarship. LSAT 159/171, cGPA in the 3.6-7 range (OLSAS hasn't updated yet)
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    I’ll add that I was also called and accepted, the same day as the others here. GPA: 3.975 (with drops) LSAT: 162, 85th percentile Congrats to everyone - I might not be accepting, a decision I have yet to make since I am afraid of taking on lots of debt (I’m from Winnipeg). Good luck to all others!
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    Accepted! LSAT 165 GPA 85 without drops I think or 84
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    Just got the call two hours ago! I have a 3.8 CGPA with drops and a 161 on the LSAT. I had a really strong personal statement. I sent my application in on September 9th. Congrats everyone!! 😊
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    Got the call about two hours ago! 3.4 CGPA without drops and 3.9 with, 163 LSAT. Congratulations everyone!!!
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    Got the call about an hour ago! 166 LSAT, 3.5 GPA dual degree before drops, 3.7 after drops, strong PS and submitted around mid September. Thrilled I can stay in my home province now congrats to everyone and good luck to the rest!
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    Accepted with a 169 LSAT. Not sure my GPA. Congrats everyone
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    Got the call about an hour ago! I am so excited as UVic was my top choice! GPA: 3.85/4.3- not sure how drops would have been calculated as I have 8 courses left in my degree LSAT: 171 Was told to that I could expect a scholarship as well which is incredible news that I didn't expect! I was really shocked to hear from UVic this early as I am still in fourth year and thought that they would wait to see my Fall marks.
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    In as well. GPA: 3.4/4 (without drop) undergrad. Also did an MSc LSAT: 169, 167. Rewrite next Monday. Now waiting for UBC, Osgoode, Western and Dal.
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    Just got the call as well! Omg I can't believe I'm actually posting in an "Accepted" thread right now!! LSAT: 166 CGPA: 3.62 I'm so excited!!!!!
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    November solicitors. Thoughts? Feelings?
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    Ryerson will be one of the top 3 (law) schools in Toronto because there are only 3 law schools in Toronto by September 2020.
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    This is a tricky one and you can choose to deal with it formally or leave it be. Only you know your own comfort level and wishes here, and I am not going to give you advice on which your choice should be... I will just outline what some of them are. If you are a student, you can go to some one in your school who deals with career services to explain what has happened to you. You can tell them if you would like to make a formal complaint to the law society, or you can tell them that you are just notifying the school so no future students are directed to this firm. If you are a law student you can contact the law society yourself or you can look up and speak to a bencher. There is also the link already provided which gives better and more specific info. If you find this has really affected your confidence or mood or outlook, you can seek out support through friends or family or school facilities. If you are applying through the NCA process then the law society is also a good resource to explore your options. And if you need to hear it, this asshole is a pig and a disgrace to the profession. He is not alone but he is not the majority either. He’s an utter shit for doing this to you and if it helps, to paraphrase Churchill, tomorrow you will wake up as the same fundamentally decent person you have always been and he will still be an utter shit. Chin up, whatever you do.
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    I was told the same thing yesterday but mine is displayed on OLSAS today. Weird.
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