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    Got the email late in the evening. cGPA: ~2.6 L2: 3.9 LSAT: 161, 163 No ECs. Some decent work experience. Second application - first one was waitlisted.
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    Prestige is stupid generally, but I don't see how the stats of students are the only or even most important factor in determining prestige.
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    It sounds like you already know where you want to go, and just want some confirmation from people here that you're making the right choice. I chose Osgoode over Queen's (already graduated), and am happy with my decision. But it's not the be all and end all. Do what you think is best for you. Osgoode has 4 sections in first year of around 75-80 students each, but you can choose to take smaller classes after first year. There are lots of opportunities to get involved and socialize there too, so don't think Queen's has some sort of premium culture on this. It's law school after all and you're not going to York for undergraduate studies. If by prestige, you're referring to reputation, then Osgoode and Queen's are both reputable/prestigious law schools to attend. Don't let anyone tell you that Osgoode doesn't have a historical prestige associated with it, because it does, and this may matter to some people (doesn't for most). I personally believe that the name alone opened lot of doors for me in the Toronto market, so you can PM me if you want more specific information on this. One thing to note is the amount of public law/constitutional course offerings at Osgoode and clinical intensive programs. https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-program/clinics-intensives/ https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/courses-and-seminars/ I would seriously be considering Ottawa over Queen's if you're interested in government and public law. Most of these jobs are in Toronto and Ottawa, and Ottawa has a lot of connections there. Queen's really seems to be emphasizing business now, but in the past they were known for criminal, family, and labour and employment as well. It really doesn't matter which school you pick in terms of practice areas, but some have more opportunities than others in areas that may be of interest to you, and this is something you should factor into your decision. Prestige isn't going to get you the job that you want. That comes down to your grades, personality, experiences, and potentially your course selection (as it indicates interest).
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    This is a nice anecdote and all, but I hope you realize that the schools and the experiences for students attending them have probably changed a little since your parents were there.
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    Could be a chance that people who did receive acceptance either don’t know/haven’t checked, or don’t use the forum. Maybe give it a couple of days until we see more? Just a thought! Good luck to everyone waiting on Windsor
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    If you didn't get an email and have contacted admissions I think all you can do is wait right now, sorry But you should check your spam/junk folder just in case. Or just search "TRU" in your email.
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    First of all -- congratulations on those acceptances! While you're facing a dilemma here, recognize it's quite a great dilemma to be in. I know this sounds cheesy, but I think whatever you choose is a win. I'm in a similar situation as you (albeit, mine is hypothetical because I haven't heard back from any schools). I feel that Oz is the best fit for me... money aside. But costs play a big role in this decision for me (I'm with you on wanting a decent apartment and its effect on MH), which makes Oz much less appealing. I'm trying to look at whatever I decide on as a win. Either I go to my top choice by going to Oz (should I get in) or I'm making the most financially responsible decision by going to the most affordable school that I get in (should I get in). Both are very much 'wins' and worth celebrating. I read your post for a third time, and from the information you provide, I think Queen's is the right pick for you. Why don't you have an interest in studying in BC if you want to practice there?
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    I’m in my third year of practise and have met many surly senior clerks, maybe you’ll meet one on day 5.
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    Accepted today cGPA: 3.0 L2: 3.71 LSAT: 163 Access category.
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    Let me just assure you that you cannot make a “wrong” choice here. I am from BC and I went to Queens and I loved it there. But I also just interviewed a bunch of Ottawa grads and was very impressed. So it’s a draw. Go with your gut and once you have decided, don’t worry. Look forward. And congratulations!
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    I am not getting where you think that Osgoode has a "prestige" position? Maclean's magazine? I wouldn't put much weight on this. or let this forum influence you....we are a bunch of young people who are trying to figure it out.... My parents are both lawyers with considerable years under their belt...one a grad from Queen's, the other a grad from Osgoode. They have been very clear with me that the schools have their different strengths but that this idea that one school is better than the rest is a fallacy....I am headed to Queen's. It is simply a better environment for me . It has a great reputation and has produced some great lawyers. The bottom line is where do you want to spend you next few years? What is it that makes a particular school attractive to you?
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    I'd warn you against knowing what kind of law you'll find interesting enough to want to practice before even stepping foot in law school.
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    What a terrible place the inside of your head must be.
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    I'm concerned about the fact that OP has switched to a psych major when it was biological sciences that were holding them back. It may have changed since I was in school but in the first two years of a psych major there's a heavy emphasis on brain anatomy as well as the associated organs (in other words - biological science). In second year psych you will have to deal with statistics classes. I don't know what, precisely, the issue was with the biological sciences classes, but I would implore OP to consider more about their new major than it seeming to be "the easiest one to get". Psych is far from the easiest degree to get. Also I wanted to note as well that regardless of how many classes you take in your last two years, OP, the UofA looks at the last 60 credits' worth of classes. While this is equivalent to two years of full-time study, if you take four classes per semester in your last two years, the UofA will look to your classes from the year before as well.
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    The posting for 2019 Review Officers is up. It closes January 24 so still time to throw in an application if you're looking for summer work.
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    As a student I don't think any different than other practice areas; you just may be doing a higher ratio of research/writing since there's so much to learn. As associates, again, I don't think it is very different other than, as I understand, billable hours are lower because you have more non-billable time. So the amount of time isn't that different. The lifestyle can vary on the type of tax, public work vs say high net worth estate planning. The former is typically very time sensitive, the latter less so.
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    Your experiences are vastly different from mine. I think this is an atypical, rose-tinted view. Anyone thinking of going to law school should not be fooled into thinking it's a one-way ticket to easy street. One only needs to look at all the people on this site seeking advice about the LSAT, admissions, law school courses, and job seeking.
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    These don’t really sound like compelling reasons for why law school is something you’re passionate about....
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    I am still around lurking the forums occasionally. I have now moved into a new office building, and expanded to 7 staff in total. Looking for an associate but the search is a pain. I need to have another lawyer on board so I can take more vacations.
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    There's absolutely nothing necessary to take before the bar.
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    How dare you presume that we all come from privilege. I started doing my undergrad part-time four years ago, while working 14 hour days in a kitchen AND raising a family. I still found a way to make it work. The way I see it, if I'm going to be able to handle law school, I need to be able to handle life. If you want to spend your money on an online degree from the UK, fine... but please don't come on here and slag everybody.
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    A growing tranche of society are essentially lifelong debtors. They have no wealth to transmit to the next generation or to fight over in a separation. So for them, it is fine to have a symbolic but functionally useless "DIY Will", and we would expect use of DIY products to grow as more people join this bottom stratum of drones and working poor.
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    Hi! I am wondering if anyone from previous years had to create a facebook group for their class or if it is created by the school (and when that would be done). I am looking forward to connecting with my colleagues that I will be navigating the next few years with! I am also certain that it could be helpful for those trying to figure out living accommodations and such.
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    It appears I am not well bred.
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