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  2. Stikes ITCs at McGill were in waves (over 2-3 days I believe) but they sent PFOs in over the same time period too
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  4. Need to save as much brain cells as I can. There's not that many to begin with... Thanks! A puppy would be nice to comfort me during the long, sober, lonely nights.
  5. No. An upward trend just means you got better at your studies. That is not any of the folllowing " if they apply: equity factors, work/life experience, performance considerations and diversity factors.". Double check the website.
  6. UofT hasnt even heard from Gowling and we had it the week before you did.
  7. Bennett Jones ITC, Osgoode. Has anyone at Osgoode heard from Gowling?
  8. Any firm who didn’t conduct OCIs at your school but is participating in the formal recruit.
  9. Anyone know if McCarthys or Stikes sends ITC in waves ? (UofT OCI) I have not heard from Gardiner (UofT OCI)
  10. Has anyone heard from Koskie Minsky, Gardiner Roberts or Torkin Manes?
  11. Can anyone give a list of the straight to in-firm firms?
  12. Also, the term for a sugar daddy who turns out to be not that rich is a splenda daddy.
  13. You have won the current ls.ca Phrase Of The Month Competition. Reward is a small puppy and a broken espresso maker. CONGRATULATIONS
  14. Summer Positions - OCI 2L Recruit - interview recruit data.
  15. I just checked and I can't seem to find. Could I bother you to say what the file/folder name?
  16. I know! Racking up debt and not making money is eating me up inside. I considered getting a sugar daddy (kidding! I’m not that hot; FYI, the gender-neutral term is glucose guardian). What’s helped for me so far is the knowledge that I could probably get a job for four months in the summer to make some money. It may not be a law job but anything helps. I’ve also been cooking pretty much all my meals which saves a lot of money. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol.
  17. It's in the resource library in my career. Should be in the summer positions folder.
  18. They sent an email that was between an itc and a pfo (Wildeboer)
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