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  2. @skbc4699 found some stats on past withdrawals: For anyone who is interested - went down a stress rabbit hole about the waitlist and found this in a 2014 waitlist thread - - - - How many people put down a deposit and then withdrew before classes began: 2008 49 2009 46 2010 35 2011 32 2012 44 2013 48 But really it varies year to year. It could be 0 off the waitlist or it could be 50. Here's hoping for 50+ UBC is still my top choice.
  3. Fair. I'm pretty new to the whole LOC situation. I guess the way Scotia advertises their PSLOC makes it seem more appealing to me, and many others.
  4. You can easily still do this. You just take out money from the PSLOC, put it into your checking account, then put it back into the PSLOC. Scotia just saves you the administrative burden. Nothing is different.
  5. I don't know who you are, but I'm 99% sure you're talking about me. I suspect we did our MA together. And I'm seeing you on Sunday. Asshole. I went to Bond, I have an MA, and BA from Canada, and I worked for my now-employer in a non legal capacity for years. I was gold medalist at Bond. > best that the gold medalist from Bond could do Flattered. Sort of. I love my role, and it is highly competitive to get in here. I also changed to another employer before coming *back* to my first employer (they approached me). I beat out more experienced lawyers from Osgoode and U of T for the spot at the other employer (a media and entertainment role. It was great. They just downsized and I saw the writing on the wall). I also had two job offers on the table when I accepted back at my first employer, both mid 100's in terms of pay. I turned those down. I say this not to brag, but to demonstrate that - practically - once you have your foot in the door your school matters less than your ability to perform. But your school still matters. Look. There are two issues here: (i) how good is Bond?; and (ii) how good are career prospects in Canada for those that attended Bond? People conflate the two and it annoys me. The answers are: (i) excellent. Bond is practically focused. Thunder Bay has modeled their system after Bond (the Dean of Thunder Bay came from Bond), and they are eligible to forego articling. The reason? Practical focus, and practical experience. I was mooting from week 1, mediation, negotiations, drafting, research memos etc. The teaching was excellent - the lawyers were all practitioners and were less about ivory tower theory than they were about practical lawyering. But there was both. I loved that. The lifestyle is great, travelling great. But tuition is insane. I didn't even apply to Canadian schools, so I was in your shoes with wanting a different experience. (ii) Not as good. The reality is there is a stigma in the Canadian legal community about NCA students. Some of it is deserved. I went to school with a lot of entitled coasters that came home to a job from mom and dad. It drove me crazy. The NCA process is now harder than before, I was exempt from NCA exams. The point: apply in Canada first. Do not rely on the NCA route. It has a lot of challenges. It may be easier to apply and get in now, but the work to get a good job will be just as hard on the back end. Except by then you're buried in student loans. PM me if you'd like to talk.
  6. This is true but having the flexibility to not be required to make payments in 1L is appealing to many student likely not working. Learning the demands if law school in 1L is stressful enough without stressing about making a minimum payment on your LOC without any income coming in. That is why I went with Scotia. This was not the case when I looked into TD which offers 125,000 whereas Scotia offers 135,000 for law students. Just for accuracy's sake.
  7. Thank you!! I'm hoping my Maritime connection will pull me through, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us in the meanwhile good luck!!
  8. I was waitlisted this morning. GPA 3.74/4.33 (not sure how they calculated L2) LSAT: 155 Strong LORs, currently a paralegal with 6 yrs law firm experience. Applied special consideration.
  9. Rejected. Not a big deal as this was a back-up option for me Hopefully someone gets in that really wants a spot! 3.7/159
  10. My CGPA is low as well. Awesome LSAT improvement! Good luck!
  11. Yeah, but just as a disclaimer I'm aware my stats aren't competitive for this cycle (or for any really). CGPA 2.9 (terrible first year) L2/B2 3.4ish LSAT 158, 164 Very strong EC's/Volunteer-work, strong LORs (as far as I know), Maritime resident.
  12. I called after seeing my status as Incomplete, and they said the same thing. The lady I spoke with said a lot of students who have applied for the JD Dual program have the same status but from the Universities system they see Referred to Admissions. Hope that helps!
  13. You're still going to be charged interest, they add it to your balance which then accrues even more interest. 6 years of no interest "paid" is a smart feature to make more from your by the end of that 6 years. You still need to pay back if not the same, a lot more.
  14. Même chose pour moi!! Est-ce que tu as également encore la mention "à l'étude"?
  15. TD doesn't base their pricing on credit score, you're guaranteed Prime so long that you get approved...if you're a 700 or 650, your rate is Prime
  16. TD has been offering Prime for a long time, irrespective of school. They have flexible limits too. My friends went with them last year
  17. TD offers Prime for all law schools, they have the highest limit if not the same as all others.
  18. Netflix and chill makes everything better
  19. Today
  20. I chose the University of Alberta over the University of British Columbia and ended up in Vancouver. It can happen, but you are much better off at UVic if you want Vancouver.
  21. Careful with this. If your 1L summer firm offers you a 2L summer position and you accept, you should not be attending OCIs or any other interviews.
  22. I have very similar stats, I've been rejected from U of T but otherwise haven't heard from Queens, Ottawa, Osgoode or Windsor yet. Getting super impatient... sigh
  23. I agree generally with all the above posters. Philosophically, whatever happened happened, and there's no point kicking yourself for what you can't change. As a lawyer, being able to let go once whatever has happened has happened, like an adverse decision or whatever, is an important skill. For exams, the most likely result from discussing it afterwards is (1) you'll make yourself feel bad; or (2) you'll make someone else feel bad. So don't. Make plans in advance with friends (who agree not to discuss exam!) to e.g. have a nice lunch or dinner afterwards, so even before the exam you have something to look forward to afterwards, regardless of how you think it went. The one exception for exams (unlikely for someone in 1L) is that if you think you might have made a mistake that could be relevant to your next exam, or if there's a potential to rewrite the same subject later in the summer, then you may need to think about what went wrong while your memory is fresh. But it's unlikely in 1L that you'd have subject overlap between exams, and if you made a procedural error like not reading the instructions or getting high and drunk the morning of the exam, then you probably don't need to make a special effort to remember not to do that next time!
  24. I'm wondering if there are people who have similar or even better stats than me who haven't heard anything. I have no rejections and just 1 waitlist from OZ... I have a 3.44 cGPA, 3.6ish L2 and 156 LSat so not the hottest stats. Should I even expect to get in this round?
  25. I really appreciate all the replies. The more I read what you all say, the better I feel. Its hard. I do everything I could possibly do, and I pour out everything in the 3 hours. Then it hits me, that the thing I studied for and knew like the back of my hand, could have been extremely relevant on the facts. I never felt like this at mid terms. Its only now. This is 70-100% of my grade. I have a slot of time to determine my future, and no one cares what I actually know, they just care about the stat that comes out of the exam. Going forward, I am going with the “whatever I did my 110% best in the time given, and whatever I missed... tough luck”. the only thing keeping me sane is that I have a 1L job (summer student at boutique firm) that has lined me up for a guaranteed articling job (it’ll only be revoked if I massively screw up). I still want to dab in OCI’s though, and get a taste of that experience.
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