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  2. Received an offer- stats are 172 LSAT and 84.1 gpa. BC resident. Plan on accepting. Congrats to everyone!
  3. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any guidance on your particular situation given that it is a situation I have never even tangentially experienced. However, I wanted to say that your questions / reservations do not at all seem anxious. In fact, everything you’ve mentioned in your post sounds prudent to this life altering decision. Good for you for acknowledging the complicating factors (as opposed to overlooking them, like most). The only general advice I can offer is that your instincts to maintain bridges are spot on. In my line of work, it’s called “playing nice in the sandbox.” And where possible I’ve found it of great benefit to leave places of employ on good terms. I wish you all the best and hope the council you receive (from this site or otherwise) leads you to the best decision for you and your family. Best of luck!
  4. qwopwo

    UVic vs UBC

    “Endless amounts of free pizza” makes UBC a no-brainer choice, IMHO. My school only has free beef burger once a year. But seriously, the extra cost is something to consider if your estimation is correct. 50k is not an insignificant amount. The dual degree program offered by UBC is with HKU (maybe Beijing as well?), it’s for students who want to practice in HK. Cantonese is a must if one wants to really assimilate, and the tuition is very high.
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  6. I am quite sure that you will get in Queens, Western, or Ottawa. Best of luck to your applications!
  7. For this admission cycle, I believe that you will get in all law schools to which you have applied; you may face pleasant choices of selecting law schools. Best of luck!
  8. Apparently the University of Alberta is the only school in Canada to offer a JAG Internship. Besides that, I'm not sure if there are any differences between the schools in that respect. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/military-university-of-alberta-offer-one-of-a-kind-faculty-of-law-internship
  9. In 2017 I got admitted the first day of offers and I asked administration about whether it was conditional. I was informed that if your offer was conditional the conditions would be outlined in your acceptance very clearly. I was also told early acceptances don’t usually come with any conditions at all so there was no need to worry. So no news is good news. That being said, I was also told not to let my grades just completely bomb. I was never told exactly why but I reason it is possibly for two reasons. First, many universities do still retain the right to revoke an acceptance at their discretion. I’m not sure if Osgoode is one such school but if it is then perhaps grades bombing can lead to a revocation. Second, and I think this is more likely the explanation, the administrator could have just been looking into the crystal ball and advising me to help with 1L jobs. It would be pretty odd if my grades just tanked after receiving an acceptance and this would set up red flags for a prospective employer. In fact, during a 1L interview I had and was extended an offer for, my consistency in my undergraduate grades was remarked on. Just keep your grades at a decent level but relax and enjoy your final time in your program!
  10. Also,, have none of you thought about how shitty our beer / wine / liquor options were in 69?
  11. Hey everyone, I haven't received any offers yet but I've applied to UoA, UCalgary, Dal, UVic, USask and UManitoba. While I'm not expecting to get into all of them, I'm starting to prepare myself for where I might end up. For the last year I've been considering a career as a legal officer in the Canadian Forces. I'd prefer to stay in western Canada for what it's worth (although I realize that won't be in my control). Purely from the standpoint of entering the military, is there anything to separate these schools? Thanks in advance!
  12. Your B3 and LSAT make you competitive -- I think it'll depend on your personal statement at this point. Best of luck!
  13. Hoju's life would be better if he gave up 21st century medicine, the internet, cell phones, fresh fruit in the winter, all types of Asian, Indian and South American food, and cheap travel if only he didn't have to respond to lawstudents.ca posts at all hours on a Saturday.
  14. Literally everyone participating in this conversation has >2000 posts on this silly website. We're all the walking, talking (posting) embodiment of people who enjoy using the internet too much.
  15. Yeah, but then you'd eat worse food, have worse entertainment options, rarely travel and be slightly more likely to die young or suffer from painful illnesses. I'm sure there are quirky individuals who would actually trade in their life today for the type of life someone in their position would have led 40-50 years ago. When push comes to shove, that wouldn't be most people, and a whole bunch of people who jumped in that time machine would regret it pretty quickly.
  16. Received the email yesterday. L2 ~ 3.5 LSAT 170
  17. Well yeah, they make more money when the firm does and the firm makes more when I’m on call, so why not. If I charged hourly I’d be less bothered by this too.
  18. I’m too busy revising docs to write an obnoxiously long post, but I’m not convinced all of the tech advances made life better for me. To each their own, and we shouldn’t be surprised if people like different modes of living that were more or less available at different times. And yes I could stop working a job that has me on call all weekend. But I could also be a lawyer in an era where that wasn’t the norm, if I had a time machine.
  19. is this French JD or common law? I'm assuming common law but just curious because it's weird only one person got accepted
  20. Hi everyone, I'm a Belgian student here at the University of Manchester. I have applied to a bunch of Canadian law school including McGill, UoT and Ottawa. However, many law or nn-law students are getting the opportunity to get offered a training contract. For those who do not know what it is, the big city (London) firms will sponsor a student for their GDL (Law conversion course) and then the LPC to become a solicitor. After that the student works for 2 years at the law firm with a high salary for a trainee. I'm hesitant about going all the way to Canada if there are more opportunities here in the UK or find myself unemployed because it is even more competitive in Canada. Can you give me your opinion about that?
  21. Congrats !! I'm still waiting for their decision :/
  22. But that’s just an employment choice. You could just get a job where you aren’t needed to be accessible except during business hours. Then every aspect of your life is better, instead of every aspect except this one thing being better.
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