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  2. That is unusual. I applied less than a week ago and was approved today. 100k at prime. (I only requested 100k but the maximum for the Dual program is 160k). Also, do not budge until they give you prime.
  3. Apologies if there is a resource I missed on this (I did look). If so, I would appreciate your sending me it. I was accepted in February and gave my deposit ASAP because TRU was my top choice. I spoke with my bank about getting a professional student line of credit. Everything is lined up- I just need to be officially registered to complete the paperwork and (hopefully) be approved for the PSLOC. I contacted the TRU office and was told via phone and in a document sent by email that registration was the week of June 10th. That was last week and I still haven't heard or seen anything. I'm getting anxious. I want to make sure I'm following this process correctly. I don't want to sit on my hands only to find out that I missed doing something for the PSLOC and don't get tuition in time. Further, I guess I'm feeling paranoid that I haven't received any info about registration and so of course my brain is coming up with all these anxiety fueled explanations. Can anyone shed some light on...well, any of this?? Am I going about my PSLOC correctly? I don't think I can apply for my BC Student loan until I get the loc done as I read you don't have to state you have an LOC on the student loan but you do have to state you have a student loan on your LOC app. Also, has anyone else heard anything about registration? Thank you!!
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  5. Yes? I'm not even sure what you mean by this post. A 158 is much more competitive than a 155. A 160 will almost certainly get you in somewhere. It is in no way futile for you to try and get a higher LSAT.
  6. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/michael-cooper-goat-herder-cultures-1.5179039 I recall various heated discussions in my law school classes. I certainly remember a few individuals specifically because of their - passionate? - positions on things. While debate in law school is healthy, it’s not private or confidential. While I have mixed feelings about this particular instance, given the person has gone on to politics, their views on certain areas are of public interest by definition. If you say it, be prepared to stand by it or address it if you change your mind later.
  7. I’m a 0L starting to look into getting a PSLOC, and I’m wondering what deals other Queen’s Law students have gotten so that I can better negotiate. ie: Were you able to get prime? In addition, is it best to go through a school rep or your local bank?
  8. Hello all J'ai reçu une admission anticipée de Moncton il ya quelques jours. Combien de temps ça prend avant d'avoir la lettre officielle d'admission?
  9. Your inclination is correct. Ottawa is a leader in the area and there are a lot of opportunities for students. Many students assist professors with intervening in tech/privacy cases at the SCC. It really is incredible. We help draft the materials and assist the professors with their oral arguments. You can also set up an internship or work as an RA with CIPPIC (Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic). There are also a plethora of courses offered in the area as well as a huge number of professors that take on students as RAs and/or supervise them for Directed Research Projects. You can nab one of these RA positions second semester in your first year - there is the first year technoship offered to roughly 40 first year students through a competitive application process. Often once you land a spot with a prof they will keep you on for your tenure at the school. Not to mention that issues of tech/privacy often bleed over into several moots (Ottawa is a world leader in mooting success) so you can also sharpen your knowledge/experience via the mooting route if you so choose.
  10. Look at the hireback rates for articling students at some of the firms that talk about hiring for the long term. Sometimes they let go of around 50% of their articling class. I think they hire with the intention that a handful of people will be worth keeping around and will want to stick around — that’s what they mean by “long term”.
  11. Yeah sorry, waitlist offer Friday and I just received the email stating the waitlist has been made and my name is on it.
  12. Specifically I'm asking for the dress code for the upcoming open house. It seems to be business casual for other universities however I'm unsure where UofA lies on this. Generally, what is the dress code for women in Law school? Do we have to wear suits or are below the knee dresses okay with a blazer?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm an incoming 1L and looking to get some information on my small group classes. I'm looking at Criminal Law and Procedure and wanted get some information on the instructors. Based on your experiences, which instructor provides the most genuine content regarding criminal law (i.e. comprehensive analysis of Criminal Code; passion for Crim Law; etc.) There's limited info on Prof. Cairns Way and Gilbert but virtually none on Rich. Thanks in advance!
  14. They use the Angoff method for marking the exams, similar to most other exams. There is no curve. Pass rates that have been released have pass rate at 83% (2013-2016). This information is all available on the LSO website.
  15. Hello everyone! i just spent the weekend up at Thunder Bay getting my rental and lay of the land. I noticed there was a Fit4Less in the lower part of the city, and a AnytimeFitness to the North. Unfortunately both the Law Campus and Fieldhouse were locked when I visited but what facilities does Lakehead have? Thank you!
  16. Just got a reply from admissions - offers will be out by Wednesday!
  17. Two of the top pieces of advice you hear around here is ‘go to school where you want to practice’, and to a lesser extent, ‘pick the best school you’ve been accepted to’. So, is there a consensus as to which carries more weight, particularly as it relates to TRU and Ottawa? Thanks!
  18. Reputation is also not a very great metric. I know some defence lawyers with fearsome reputations, but are all bark with no bite in court, and some lawyers with no reputation who are zealous advocates (and of course some lawyers whose sterling reputations are very well deserved). In seeking criminal articles you want to look for the firm where you will learn the most and actually be conducting trials, not just being a trial-scheduler for your principal.
  19. I couldnt imagine even applying with a score in the 140's
  20. Go to court. Sit and watch. Talk to the lawyers there. Ask who is worth watching. It’s how the rest of us sort fish from fowl.
  21. There will likely be weekend events but many people miss them due to other commitments. I wouldn’t worry about it. None of these events could be considered ‘crucial’ and there is enough going on throughout the week to make up for it. Usually, the gala takes place on the second weekend. You could always message a 1L rep on Facebook and ask them.
  22. Accepted off of the waitlist yesterday! B2: ~3.7 LSAT: 162 No Sask Connection Will be accepting! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
  23. Joined the waitlist yesterday and my status was updated today! Hopefully there’s some movement soon. 😁
  24. I would agree in terms of firms, but jurisdiction?
  25. I have to agree. The Law Society, CBABC, the trial lawyers all lobbied, cajoled, wrang their hands and bleated for years. Nothing of any consequence happened until the strike vote. Nothing is fixed- but the govt wasn’t even talking before and now they are- plus 25% in the interim shows something in the way of good faith. Ontario should look to BC- lobbying etc does nothing. The public just doesn’t care - and they won’t be made to without drastic action.
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