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  2. I disagree with your counselor. I've sat on the grad committees at two different schools and we didn't ever spend much time discussing work experience. Our focus was on grades. I don't think that work experience will overcome poor grades, but I also don't think that anyone will care about a gap. Standards for graduate admission also aren't especially high at many Canadian law schools, so I don't think that you will necessarily be denied admission for either your grades (depending how low they are) or the lack of work experience..
  3. ProfReader- thank you for your response! Would like to point out that an overseas education counselor told me that since my graduation grades are low (second lower) and i have 6 yrs gap i will have to demonstrate good work experience, and my last 2 yrs of work (in total 4yrs) isnt sufficient. He suggested if i cant show proof for my 6 yrs gap then the only option im left with is doing PG diploma courses from colleges or paralegal course in Canada. Aside, after the gap yrs when i got back to working in 2017 i realized how much i crave to study in my specialized field to increase my knowledge base and work better. Hence exploring my options. After 6 yrs gap when i started applying for jobs my current employer told me he is going to take me as a fresher because of gap years and hence would offer me entry level salary. I was completely fine with it and was happy to be back to work. Not sure how universities view applicants with huge gap years. But i dont understand if somebody with gap years wish to study at a better place to enhance ones knowledge and skill sets then why should gap years be a problem?
  4. The gap on your resume won't be problematic...law school admissions don't care tons about your work experience and won't require you to demonstrate proof of what you were doing during those years. They care more about your grades during your law program and, in the case of international students, where you did that international program.
  5. LuckyCharm - the LLM programs in UK and US are comparitively expensive hence Canada. After LLM i plan to be back to India and continue to work here.
  6. If not auto-admit you'll likely get in off the wait list. Your stats are better than mine and I got an offer from the wait list. Since UVic takes your best score there's no harm in taking the October LSAT, but if you choose not to you should still be fine.
  7. I'd throw in an application to Osgoode, and Windsor as well. That way you have your options open. You never know!
  8. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I thought UBC would be a long shot, but it's great to know that there might be hope for UVIC. I did some research today and calculated my index score as 895 without drops and 915 with drops ( I think?) I did some research and saw that the auto-admit threshold was 905 so I'm hoping I calculated my index score correctly
  9. hey guys wanted to confirm this is how you calculate it.... (125* GPA)+(LSAT Percentile *5) also does the gpa include drops? I have 52.5 credits according to the forums so I can drop 4 courses my gpa with drops is 4.0 on 4.33 scale and lsat 160 (80 percentile) so (125*4.0) + (80*5) = 900 need a higher lsat score and I can bump up my chances if I get 905?
  10. Just wanted to point out that if you're applying for Category 2 accommodations, you aren't required to have a qualified professional fill out the evidence of disability and statement of need if you have had previous accommodations to support your request. I applied for Category 2 accommodations for my ADHD and chronic illness back in July and only filled out the statement of need and attached previous accommodation letters from my university. My psychiatrist was willing to fill that information out but it wasn't required so I said I'll bring it back if need be. That being said, if you think it'll help your case, definitely have a qualified professional fill it out. If you have a history of accommodations (I only have post secondary), that should be sufficient
  11. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  12. Hi Ya' All! I'm putting this out there to see what you people think. [snip]
  13. Does it have to start with the fall and end with the winter? So what I mean is that my Best 2 full years would be Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018 and then Fall 2018.
  14. I think your situation is quite different from OP
  15. Why do you want to do a LLM in Canada?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Everyone,Right after my graduation in law from India I did my first job for 2 years after which I took a break due to personal reasons, due to which there's a 6 years gap in my CV. During the gap years I did legal and non legal related freelancing jobs on and off, but don't have any proof like work experience letter/payslips. I got back to working formally with a company in 2017 and have been doing quite well since then. Am very keen on doing an LLM from Canada, but the gap year seems to be a big problem. Do i stand a chance to get an admission or should I just give up on doing an LLM from Canada?
  18. Do you have a Canadian law degree? Are you in a major center, a medium center, a small town, rural? Does the nature of your health issues affect your ability to read for extended periods of time? Can you sit in front of a computer all day? Can you take calls or Skype? I would suggest connecting with whatever networks you have - your law school being a first start - and asking if you can help with research projects. Drafting memos on the law might be a source of income. You can also look into document review - I know little about it myself but it seems like paid work tangential to the profession.
  19. This is after dropping my 30 worst credits (10 courses) as I have 165 undergraduate credits from doing a double major and switching degrees. I think this gives me a 910 index? (3.8*125)+(87*5) = 910. Without the drops my GPA is 3.5 (78%) - using UBC's GPA equivalency. Should I take the October LSAT to try to increase my score?
  20. Hi everyone! I just graduated this year; however, I have also been diagnosed with serious health problems. Any ideas/suggestions on ways I can make extra cash from home while I recover?
  21. shorts and t shirt
  22. I got a 154 and I have a 3.9 GPA. Planning to apply to my dream school (U of Calgary) and I will be cancelling since most of my PTs are above 154.
  23. No typo - that’s about accurate. I don’t remember the exact number, but I had a downward trend in the tail end of undergrad. I did have some family emergencies, but not enough to account for the trend.
  24. Can help you with McGill guide.
  25. Whatever you want. Might be nice to have to kill time during long speeches. However you want.
  26. Why would you state that planning one's career (which is never a bad thing to plan, btw) around a niche field is a poor choice? If someone is passionate about something, and knows precisely the area that they would like to work, why would that be a bad thing? Your post implies that niche fields of law are not active areas to practice (which is in itself a contradiction; something cannot be niche will simultaneously being non-existent). I would caution against discouraging prospective law students from pursuing specific practice areas, and instead encourage having those passions while keeping an open mind, and knowing that there are multiple ways to engage those practice areas (e.g., in private practice, including full-service firms, working on environmental issues for corporations; or in public capacities where one is actually practising, or using the legal training but in non-legal roles).
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