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  2. Thank you! That definitely helps. I'm just struggling so hard with this decision and any info helps so much!
  3. Once you write your "social justice" essay for one scholarship/bursary, it will automatically be copied & pasted into the rest of the applications requiring the "social justice" essay. You do, however, need to manually click "submit" (or whatever it is) for each individual application. No, you do not need to make a new account for each scholarship. You have one account -- it is your UOzone account.
  4. @Ksimba @ArchivesandMuseums Congrats! When is your deadline to accept/decline the offer?
  5. Ah, so there's no place to submit the essay in one go and have the school asses it for all available bursaries/scholarships? A lot of those scholarships are from different organizations. Do I really need to make a new account for each and everyone of them?
  6. Rejected today. 3.5 and 157
  7. Thanks. I know I'm probably overthinking this whole thing, but I would rather be safe than sorry!
  8. Hi all, I noticed that other schools like Windsor have a fall reading week, but I don't see one in Western's dates (just one in February). Can anyone comment on this? Do law students get any time off in the fall semester?
  9. CGPA 2.7 L2/B2 3.36, LSAT 162. Solid ECs and references
  10. 3.05 cgpa, Lsat 156 rejected today. Doesn’t really surprise me since my stats are so low. But I was accepted to dual!!
  11. Accepted this morning! First saw ‘admitted’ via UWinSite, and then received an acceptance email at 10:17 am. I have been ‘Referred to Admissions Committee’ since April 17th; so I have heard back this decision from Windsor quite quickly. Stats are: 3.78 CGPA, 3.84 L2, 157 LSAT (an accommodated score), MA in History (A- average), currently doing combined Master programs of archival studies and museum studies (A- average), and very social justice-oriented ECs, i.e. volunteer at LGBTQ archives and participations in labour movements. I am so so happy!! This is my first acceptance!!
  12. Accepted today! cGPA: 3.23, 4.0 MSc, 159 (nov) 163 (jan) LSAT, strong ECs and LORs. Decent personal statement! Will likely be declining, so hopefully that will open up a spot for someone waiting!
  13. Today
  14. Does anyone know when the next batch of acceptances are expected to be sent out? I'm so anxious to know! :")
  15. Go to: https://scholarships.uottawa.ca Login. Browse the list of scholarships and bursaries. Click on their names to see more details. A lot of them require a ~500 word "essay" on your contributions to social justice, but not all.
  16. Hose is fine. That the shoes are black is all anyone cares about. They can be flats or heels or whatever - as long as they are discreet and professional.
  17. Waitlisted on March 29th LSAT: 166 cGPA: 3.43
  18. @Mycousinsteve If you read the entire thread, you'll see that the OP is not in the Windsor Dual, but rather in a joint program at a Toronto school.
  19. This is from personal experience having applied to an intensive and also being on the clin ed committee, they are fairly competitive! Some of the ones like CLASP/Crim are popular, and you should keep that in mind. I can't give you statistical odds, but most of the people I knew got at least one of the clinics/intensives they applied to. Hope this was helpful!
  20. Sounds like you're in the Windsor Dual Program. I would take a look at the externships in the US. Great great opportunity to gain meaningful experience and beef up your resume. Also look out for any clinic and Law Review opportunities. At the same time work hard to keep your GPA as high as possible. Those things in conjunction + applying broadly come 2L summer jobs/articling will help you land something. Just be open minded, and don't feel down if you don't land a bay street oci. Law school will be pushing that on you but there's a million opportunities outside of the seven sisters. That said if you do land something on Bay Street it would be a great learning opportunity for a few years, make serious coin, and once you feel the burn out coming you can take your experience and book of business elsewhere. TL;DR - study hard, get hands on experience, and apply as broadly as you can for 2L and articling positions.
  21. Source? I've never seen a 2016 report
  22. I used Ridolphi. I know everyone says to use Haircourts, but they're all the way downtown, and don't work weekends. Ridolphi is in North York, they have more flexible hours, and their pricing is more or less the same.
  23. Can anyone point me to what needs to be done to write the generic little "essay" to apply to most bursaries. I honestly cannot find it anywhere.
  24. Part of it is just relaxing and being able to show who you really are (as a person). Believe it or not, you are improving with each interview. My first interviews were train wrecks compared to the more recent ones. Employers want to see genuine enthusiasm for their firm. They want to see genuine enthusiasm for their work. Go the extra mile. Look up the cases their lawyers have recently argued (if you're going into litigation). Look up how their business model works - this is important; firms are all businesses and you should know how you're going to get paid and build a practice. Look at emerging issues or areas of law they're probably looking at as well. Go network, for a really good way to get answers to some of these questions, and to demonstrate that you really want to work somewhere or in a particular area of law. Don't just do a cursory Google search prior to an interview. Pick out some things that really fascinate you from the above - be able to speak and ask questions about it. Do some practice interviews if your school offers them; another student or career advisor might be able to tell you if you're talking too fast, interrupting, doing something annoying, verbal tics, etc. This is hard work. And you're going to get out of it what you put in. Don't expect it to just fall into your lap. Until you've done all of these things, and maybe done a couple dozen more interviews, maybe you will begin to have a leg to stand on complaining about how nobody will hire you and it's the end of the world.
  25. Hey, I just handed in my POE to Windsor today! It depends on the bank you’re with. As many law students (and other professionals?) might know, Scotiabank has a really good PLOC. I’ll copy and paste exactly what my Scotia rep. wanted from me. To clarify, he only needed one of the following: Verify that the student appears on a university-supplied list of enrolled students. E-mail the university's Registrar's Office, requesting confirmation of the student's enrollment. Obtain a copy of a university enrollment letter, which contains the Associate Dean's seal. Witness the student pay the current year's tuition fees with a Customer Service Representative or have the customer make their payment in Branch via Scotia OnLine. Have the student log into their university student account at the Branch, confirming that they are a student and enrolled in an approved program (this is what I did - I just logged on and showed him that I accepted my offer). Hope this helps. Good luck and I’ll see you in September!
  26. Can't speak for any other schools but I got into Windsor coming from a similar position. I am also from U of T and had low stats first 2 years, upward trend over time, 162 LSAT, did a lot of community work and had good references. If your PS is solid as well, I would think you have a good shot. There is also space in the PS to explain the family issues that prevented you from reaching your full academic potential. Also, for Windsor you need one non-academic reference, ex. someone from your volunteering or internships.
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