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  2. Based on the profile of accepted applicants last year (it’s on the school website) you’re nearly guaranteed a spot. I wouldn’t worry!
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  4. Hello Lawyer Candidates! I am starting this new topic to remind anyone here writing the Barrister and Solicitor exams this November, myself included, that we can do this. We just need to keep doing what we have been doing till now and not give up. If you are working full-time like me, I feel your pain. Two main things keep me going: 1) I was successful, like any of you, throughout law school and everything that came along. This should be no different. 2) I will be extremely relieved/happy once this is over. I visualize this feeling every day, which helps me make the necessary sacrifices that the studying requires. Finally, if any of you wrote the June 2019 and would like to provide us with some "advice"/feedback/warning, we would highly appreciate it. Thank you and good luck to all of us!
  5. If your stats are correctly calculated, you will almost certainly be accepted. Whether or not you're applying to other schools has no effect on your application. That being said, given that it takes 10 seconds to send a quick email there is no reason not to.
  6. I would say in everywhere except Osgoode. I got into Ottawa with fairly similar stats.
  7. My friend at Western heard back soon after OCIs.
  8. When completing my application to the UofA, they had a question that stated, “Are you applying to any other law schools?” At the time, I said no, but circumstances have changed and I’ve applied to another school as well. Do you think it’s worth calling/emailing the admissions office at the UofA to inform them of this change? I don’t want to start my application off on the wrong foot, but I’m also willing to hear that I’m just overthinking this process. Also, if anyone is willing to chance me, that would be appreciated as well! L2: 3.59/4.00 LSAT: 162 (only write) I’m a first-time poster, but wanted to say this forum has been incredibly helpful since I’ve decided to pursue this path, so thanks to everyone!
  9. Wow. When did they agree to it in the first place? I once wrote a full page reference letter for a student I TA'd in about half an hour without a template. Your profs reason doesn't strike me as a good excuse, especially if they told you they would in advance. You should press them, but politely.
  10. I would double check the admissions pages of the schools you're applying to to be sure, but from my understanding they generally do wait until your January score is in, if you indicated on your application that you're rewriting in January.
  11. Hey all, 165 LSAT with a 3.3 right now (self calculated) with drops (on track for a 3.45 this semester, again with drops). BC resident. Probably applying index. Thanks!
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view Based on last years applicant profile 10 people were accepted with L2 GPAs of 3.9 and LSATs in the 153-154 range. You have a decent shot of getting an acceptance. Probably later in the cycle. That being said, your stats aren't high enough to guarantee an acceptance. If you re-write and bomb you go from having a decent change at acceptance to no chance. If you re-write and and score in the 156-158 range you go from a decent chance of acceptance to a good chance If you re-write and score 159+ you are almost guaranteed an acceptance It's up to you what type of risk you're willing to take.
  13. Reconsidering taking the LSAT. Held back by the average of when I was young, stupid, and took the test with a local prep course that wasn't very helpful. L2: 3.92 LSAT: 152, 152, 156 Average LSAT: 153.3 Likelihood of admission? Should I retake? Thanks in advance!
  14. Yeah. I did 8 as a result of grad school and I was so over it. But as I said, I know at least two people who did two degrees because their grades were so bad from their first one. I can't imagine how exhausted I'd be after that though.
  15. Yeah I decided to finally bite the bullet and do it today since it's less than 48 hours until Call Day and all the firms have been to all the schools for Toronto OCI. Up to you if you want to follow up and email the recruiter again -- it would make sense for them to keep a closer watch on emails from students at this point, therefore you are more likely to receive a reply. Speaking for myself, I would much rather follow up and get a clear PFO than second-guessing what radio silence could mean.
  16. Interesting... I also did the same a bit after my OCIs when I heard other students were getting ITCs from them and I didn't. I'm at Queen's though so it was way earlier in the process. The recruiter never replied to me and haven't heard anything since.
  17. also got PFO from McMillan today not sure what macmill did, but I emailed to restate my interest since I haven't heard from them, and the student program director replied to me saying all ITCs were already sent out and they will not be able to meet with me.
  18. From speaking to lawyers at regional Vancouver firms, I got the sense that the regional firms are more impressive in the work that they do in the Vancouver area. A national firm might have a big name but will you be working on the same types of files at a national firm whose satellite office in Vancouver is fairly small? Will you get as much control as someone at a regional firm? This is interesting to me, because I have spoken with regional firm lawyers from all across the country (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and some other cities)... and the ones that stood out to me were the ones in Vancouver. The way they sold their firm to me made it seem a lot more impressive than just working in a national’s satellite office. Either way, I walked away from most of those convos thinking a regional firm was the place to be if you were in Vancouver. You might want to look into the numbers and I’m sure it varies based on which regional but some of the regionals are nothing to sneeze at.
  19. What a ridiculous thread/advice/analysis. You got along “much better” with your potential future coworkers at one firm, but dismissed it because of speculatively better exit options at another? You haven’t even been hired and you have already left. OK.
  20. I haven't heard anything from McMillan either. Maybe we're on a waitlist? What school are you at?
  21. For what it's worth, I had a similar choice as you but opted for the large regional firm instead (in Calgary). I just felt that it was a better fit. Will this disadvantage me in the future if I want to lateral to a different firm or different market? I'm not sure. Maybe, but my firm is well respected and I think that it will also depend a lot on other factors (actual work experience, academic background, and the demand elsewhere). Nevertheless, you probably made the right choice. It's you who have to live with your decision. If you felt disadvantaged at the regional, then you probably wouldn't have been happy there--regardless of whether that perceived disadvantage was real or not. Best of luck!
  22. definitely a lot of school for a law degree. 4+4 + 3 = 11 years of school you can probably get in somewhere if you end up killing the lsat....
  23. Anyone heard from Ridout & Maybee? In previous years they have sent out ITC.
  24. If you did not get a PFO or ITC did they just forget about me?
  25. Thanks everyone. One of the main differences between the two firms turned out to be their compensation-work structure. One is more individualistic because partners are compensated based solely on the number of hours they bill, and so have an incentive to not share work or clients; whereas the compensation structure in the other rewards client-sharing behaviour more. Or so I have been told by them. Despite assurances to the contrary, I am not sure whether this makes any difference at a student or a junior associate level and what the drawbacks and benefits of either approach really are, so I decided to go with the national firm mainly because it would put me in a better place in the long term should I decide to jump ship and go somewhere else, and because the respects in which the regional firm is better than the national firm is, I think, negligible considering the long term stakes. I would appreciate any additional feedback..
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