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  2. I took the LSAT in July and was one of the test centres that got the digital exam. I personally found it way better than the traditional paper exam. I personally didn't have any issues with it, but i've heard of people who did. I especially appreciated the timer in the top right which said exactly how much time you have left in the section. One thing I did which I found helpful (although I realize it may not be for everyone), was I tapped on the time to hide it for most of the section to prevent me from constantly checking on it. Then, when there was 5ish minutes left in the section, I would tap it again to make sure I filled in all the questions and got to any questions that I may have flagged to review. Overall, in my one experience with it, I found that there were no hiccups and I actually found the timer and other aspects (such as highlighting, changing fonts, screen layout, tapping the bubbles as opposed to filling them in with a pencil, etc.) of the digital version to be beneficial to me. It's definitely not for everyone but I preferred it to the paper exam.
  3. Also read Hoju’s absolutely amazing response to one of your earlier threads here: Now read it again. And then one more time.
  4. Stop drinking coffee and instead of walking, go for a run. You have a ton of nervous energy you need to 1. Expend and 2. Stop feeding. I am not going to internet diagnose you. But I want you to consider whether you are using this site for reassurance seeking and/or obsessive info checking. People who have Anxiety (capital A) fall into a number of recognizable patterns. One of those is obsessive information gathering, and one of those is reassurance seeking. These patterns address a sense of paralysis and mask the fact that you cannot move forward with decisions and have peace of mind. If you find you cannot function - and even begin to panic - unless some one is constantly right there with you telling you that you are making all the right choices and setting out exactly what happens next, and assuring you it will all be ok, you are probably getting in over your head and Anxiety may be the culprit. Anxiety is a real honest to goodness diagnosis along with Diabetes and Depression. If this is what you are dealing with, it’s really time to stop feeding it and start treating it. You can feel better. This can get better. But get help. Edit: in case this comes across as presumptuous, I have Anxiety. I treat it. Before I did, Life was pretty fucking shitty. So this is all with the very best wishes for you going forward if this is your particular demon.
  5. You can always talk to students who summered with a firm. There's never a ban on it.
  6. Mentally verbalize a call-and-response pattern when you select an answer and bubble it in. E.g. you've solved a question and are selecting the correct answer: (looking at test sheet) say to yourself "13 D", then immediately (looking at bubble sheet) say to yourself "13 D" again as you bubble in 13 D. Get in the habit of doing this for all your test sections, not just LG.
  7. Even people who are first in their class have Bs on their transcript. Well, maybe at least one.
  8. I really think you would benefit from some professional help. Ideally someone who will give you tools to both recognize your stress and anxiety when it starts to overtake you, and how to deal with it when it does. This is on top of general routines that help calm you down. I get it. I've been there. But you have a lot of life ahead of you. If having interviews gets you to this state, you will struggle in practice when stakes are high. Unfortunately many in our profession fall into that trap and lean on substances to help them through. Don't do that. 2-3 cups of coffee a day is a potential sign you're already starting to do that, especially since from what you said it's a maintenance drug for you now, not a booster.
  9. You don't have to enter anything beyond your LSAC account number and the test date, right? On OLSAS, it says that you need to be a "current registrant" with LSAC in order for them to release the info to schools. Is that anything I should worry about?
  10. On this point, is the embargo still in effect or can we contact students at firm's we're OCIing with?
  11. I know both SCC and ONCA clerks with Bs (not +s) on their transcripts.
  12. Gonna go out on a limb & guess specific technical questions like argument attire vary substantially depending on jurisdiction. (The response you've gotten may be from someone who happens to know you're in Ontario, but you don't say that, or anywhere in the question)
  13. I'm wondering the exact same thing! I thought I would have more time to submit my applications, but now I'm worried that I need to finish everything sooner so that my references can get sent in on time. Edit: I reread the "Referee" section in the OLSAS application and the way it's phrased, I think that the referees can essentially start filling out the form as soon as we select "send email" and I assume that it'll all be saved within our application/tied to our application number since the reference section is launched from the application itself (if that makes sense). I might reach out to OLSAS to confirm, so if I do I will update you. Here's a copy/paste of what I read: Once you add a referee, select "Send Email" to notify them about completing their online reference form in a secure environment. If the referee does not have an email address, download the form and forward it to them. They must mail it to OLSAS when complete. Checking the Status of Your References You can check the status of your references under the "Actions/Status" tab: Email Sent: Your email has been sent to your selected referee. Form Viewed: Your referee has viewed the reference form. In Progress: Your referee started to complete their reference, but has not submitted it. Received: The OUAC has received the reference from your referee.
  14. Also not required when arguing motions in the Federal Court.
  15. 3.9 170 with no ECs will get you in anywhere in Canada 3.7-3.8 +167 will probably still get in everywhere. Maybe not UofT.
  16. The 3.7-3.8+167 or the 3.9+170 score? Or both of them?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Part V: General Practice Directions Applicable to all Proceedings A. Gowning for Counsel 57. Counsel are required to gown for all trials, motions and appeals before the presiding judge in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Counsel who are pregnant are free to modify their traditional court attire in order to accommodate their pregnancy as they see fit, including dispensing with a waistcoat and tabs. 58. Counsel are not required to gown for appearances before masters or judges and deputy judges of the Small Claims Court (a branch of the Superior Court of Justice). 59. Counsel are not required to gown before a Superior Court Judge of Ontario when appearing in Assignment Court, case conferences, settlement conferences, trial management conferences, trial scheduling courts, or pre-trials, unless a region-specific Practice Direction states otherwise.
  19. I know quite a few people off the top of my head that went to McGill and had no issues going through the OCI process and securing positions
  20. I try not to think about it and worry about it but I also know I need to research and prep for interviews. I try and walk a bit (15-30 mins after/before dinner) but I feel like I am in a hurry when I walk. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily but the caffeine doesn't seem to have the effect of giving me energy tbh unless I am drinking it at like 7pm and that's when I feel the caffeine effect late at night. What do you usually choose? Do you have tips on researching for interviews?
  21. Very quick question if anyone knows: do you have to gown when appearing before a solicitor's fees cost assessment officer for a pre-hearing meeting? I have to do this on behalf of another lawyer. I assume no gown is needed since an assessment officer is not a judge? Thank you.
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