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  2. Quelqu'un a des nouvelles de Smart & Biggar?
  3. I'd say quite low, border-lining zero to be completely frank. Your L2 is solid and your CGPA is also quite good, but your LSAT is not competitive at most schools but your L2 may compensate a little. Osgoode though, dismal chances. Get back to the prep books and start hammering out some practice exams, aim for 160 and you'll be in the running.
  4. Status finally changed from Pending Review to Referred - admissions committee today.
  5. LSAT 152, cGPA 3.6 on OLSAS, L2 GPA around 3.9, what are my chances?
  6. J'ai aussi reçu la convocation à la rédaction de 14 Mars. J'ai aussi appliqué au bac. droit, automne 2019. GPA: 3.30 TFI: 955/995
  7. I was also asked to write the test. Are you going to Ottawa to do it?
  8. Waitlisted at 51. LSAT/aGPA/Index of 157/3.96/74.87 Good luck everyone!
  9. No, but no one that I know that made it to second round heard anything about a final cocktail or dinner. I can’t confirm but I don’t think they are doing that.. seems it was more of a traditional 1st round, cocktail and final interview process.
  10. Des nouvelles de Norton après la deuxième ?
  11. my mom wants me to wait until the last second so that I'm "sure" lol, I also had a really successful cousin come out of western so I was considering it briefly
  12. I’m assuming we’re you advised differently?
  13. They have interviews scheduled up until tomorrow afternoon, so it seems there would be a very small window for them to reach out to people seeing as they can’t contact anyone after 3pm Friday. Are you assuming there is a final cocktail or it was confirmed?
  14. Unless you hear a rejection it doesn’t mean they don’t want you. If you haven’t heard anything it could very well just mean they’re still looking at applications. Although I am curious, if you have been accepted to other schools and aren’t looking to attend Western, what is the hold up?
  15. De Grandpré Chait...I’m wondering when they will send invites for the final cocktail/diner
  16. J'ai été convoqué au cocktail aujourd'hui
  17. I felt this on a spiritual level. I can actually feel my life expectancy decreasing with every day of commuting
  18. Are you referring to De Grandpré Chait or Joli-coeur?
  19. Any idea when De GrandPré will send invite for the final cocktail ?
  20. I thought I was very diplomatic in the scenario part but I tried to apply a social justice oriented letter to a school not known for that - which I guess is why they don't want me, there's only 11 days left if they want me or else my app will be cancelled for U of T
  21. Today
  22. I think BC is worse for jobs, but obviously your quality of life will be infinitely higher anywhere in BC vs. commuting from Newmarket and waiting for death.
  23. Pas à proprement parler, mais ils m'ont demandé les coordonnées de références en lien avec certains emplois sur mon CV. Lors de l'entrevue de la semaine dernière, ils m'ont dit qu'il n'y avait pas d'autre étape dans leur processus de recrutement avant le 25 mars.
  24. - How is someone who worked full-time while studying for LSATs viewed vs. someone who has no full-time work experience? - How is LSAT improvement overtime looked at? (i.e. 10 point jump from first LSAT to next LSAT) - How is an upward trend in cGPA viewed (i.e. grades consistently getting better with each year of undergrad degree, obviously creating a better B2/L2 but lower CGPA) - How is one's undergraduate program looked at? (i.e. early childhood education major vs. criminology major, or communications major vs. engineering major, etc). - Does employment matter? (i.e. How would you compare someone who works full time at a big law firm vs. someone who worked at McDonald's?) Thanks!
  25. I'd be interested in hearing about the new-call market as well, FWIW.
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