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  2. If you know what you plan on doing and your future employment doesn't turn on grades, you would be nuts not to. But lots of people are in fields where grades matter for some time. Have a look at the lateral opportunities at big firms or top boutiques - grades are a factor well into your law career.
  3. I've seen on numerous occasions that people are trying to sell their law school books, aren't they going to be useful in practice? It feels weird to sell books after the semester ends, I mean that are those books only useful for their related courses and nothing more? I appreciate all the comments.
  4. They are a 2L now i believe.
  5. Go for it. As far as I know, a successful appeal earns you a free retake
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  7. Les profs font la différence entre les sections. Essaie de voir qui enseigne quoi et puis regarde les opinions sur les sites type ratemyprofessor et demande aux anciens étudiants aussi. Je peux dire d’avoir beaucoup apprécié Hugo Tremblay pour Biens et Michel Morin pour fondements 1. Han-Ru Zhou en constitutionnel 1 te frappe come une tonne de briques sur la tête, mais il connaît éminemment sa matière. Frédéric Bédard (Constitutionnel 2) et Anne-Marie Boisvert (Pénal 1) ont l’habitude de poser plusieurs questions avec beaucoup de points, donc une erreur ne tue pas ta note, mais cela rend plus difficile de se détacher de la moyenne. Certains profs sont plus académiques et d’autres sont plus de côté pratique. Cherche la section avec ceux dont l’enseignement, selon ce qu’on voit en feed-back et dans leur biographies, se concilierait le plus avec ton style d'apprentissage. On a déjà pas mal de stress en première année, minimiser les cours où on ne clique pas avec le style du prof est un investissement dans une moyenne et une psyché en santé. Selon les circonstances (travail, etc), tu peux demander au TGDE de suivre un cours dans une autre section afin d’avoir une journée libre.
  8. A couple of my friends lived there and would not recommend it; the Fenwick reputation has been hard to shake. Also, as far as I know, construction of a couple of smaller apartment/condo buildings on the same site will be happening in the next couple of years, so noise will likely be an issue. Finally, from what I remember seeing last year, the rents they are charging for the re-done units is on par with much newer buildings such as the Mary-Anne, Vertu, SoHo, Southport etc. Unrelated, but the story is that there is a pool on the roof of Fenwick Tower / Vuze that has never been filled because the architects and engineers failed to account for the weight of the water.
  9. this....just seems off to me. why would they give you an A you might not deserve? JUST because you wanna go to law school? like there arent thousands of others who have the same goal?? plus i know people in the business program at NAIT and this isnt their experience. Im sure you found it easy, good for you, but idk if that's typical.
  10. It's been a while for me now, but Fenwick Tower had a pretty bad reputation while I was in Halifax. Lots of infestation issues. And, contrary to the NS RTA, they had a habit of taking three months worth of security deposit, typically from foreign students who didn't speak much, if any, English. They were doing extensive renovations when I left. I heard that the renovated units were relatively nice. But, at least when I lived in Halifax, I heard that the renovations were structural, and that there was significant noise and debris. I don't know if that's still the case.
  11. As PJFry said, focus on finding the people you connect with (and the practice groups that interest you). The work done by the national firms and large regionals is generally similar (with some firms being stronger/better-connected in certain practice areas).
  12. You got Dino for Crim, he is the best Crim lecturer in that faculty!
  13. There is an undergraduate course called "Introduction to Law" that requires TAs and the professors hire law students. I believe the job gets posted on MySchulichLaw in mid to late September, so if you're interested, watch out for it there. Upper years will get priority over first years, although they have hired first years in the past. TAs are responsible for marking 15-20 case comments and exams within a ~2 week turnaround period and for meeting with students who have questions about their grade. Feel free to message me if you have other questions
  14. I did not find it challenging. TBH enrolling in a university course, which is curved and difficult is not the best way to set yourself up for law school either. I have to say it cost way less than the University of Alberta courses; if you are not paying for your uni tuition fees, it does not matter. Remember if someone mess up their GPA while studying what they are passionate about they would never get into law school.
  15. you just have to go to the schedule section and choose winter schedule! classes are the same but my times changed. they decided to give me MORE 8AMS in the winter lol kill me
  16. Now having had time to reflect on the test as a whole and thinking about what could possibly come from a complaint, I don't think I'll bother. It's not like it will change my score. Overall the proctors were fantastic. But at the same time, those last moments very well could be the difference between a 159 and a 160.
  17. It should. Our entire center had the test cancelled because the fire alarm went off twice. A bunch of people have sent in complaints, so hopefully we hear back soon
  18. In fairness, most people in law school just pass their courses. If I was a B/B+ student in 1L and 2L and could be a B/B+ student in 3L by riding the curve, why wouldn’t I?
  19. I wouldn’t sweat it. Law profs do a great job of teaching students how to do research and most schools (maybe all?) have a course in 1L geared towards just that. No one really knows how to do legal research when they start law school but everyone learns how to be semi-competent over the 3 years.
  20. Leanne has been away until today, maybe there will be some movement this week. Still lots of time between now and September!
  21. I'm not sure if this makes me feel relieved or nervous to begin something completely new.
  22. I don't blame the test centre employees because it was also their first time administering the digital LSAT. However, one of the proctors accidentally began the first section before the other proctor finished reading opening remarks/instructions. This resulted in everyone losing at least 15 seconds from the 35 minutes. In fact, after this had happened they advised us that we could submit a formal complaint and that they would make note of it themselves for LSAC. Normally I wouldn't care but I had two more LG questions left at the end, with every game board already figured out... so I'm fairly certain that I could have got the correct answers. Bad luck I suppose! Side note: Did anyone else experience any issues relating to the digital test today?
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