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  2. Hello all, This is a bit of a risk, but I think it is worth taking. I would like to know what my chances are of getting into Mcgill University. I am thinking of applying this September and I think I have a decent chance but I would like to put my assumptions to the test. Currently, I am enrolled at Oxford University in the United Kingdom taking a Masters of Philosophy Degree. Before that, I finished my Bachelors with a CGPA of 3.74 at the University of Toronto, Trinity College. I have self-studied in French up to this point, but after taking Mcgill's own test on their website and one other, I would estimate that I am somewhere between A2 and B1 level on the linguistic scale. I think that if I can build myself up to a B2 or at least high B1, then I think I can pass their comprehension test. My weakest area is my LSAT score though. I currently sit at an average of 154 or at the 59th or 60th percentile. I am a little concerned that this will sink me, but Mcgill's holistic approach, lack of particular emphasis on the test, and previous admission statistics provided by them and LSAC give me hope. I once again would like to ask what this community thinks my chances are? Any advice is appreciated. P.S. Does Mcgill, to any of your knowledge, look negatively on applicants who have taken the LSAT multiple times? P.P.S. Does my graduate school provide a significant benefit to my profile?
  3. Thanks a ton guys! I joined that FB group and it definitely seems like I should be able to find something there
  4. Has anyone heard from Nelligan about the cocktail party ?
  5. So sorry you got refused! do you mind sharing your stats? Did you apply elsewhere?
  6. All things equal, a B+ average at Western will get you more interviews than a B+ average at Ottawa. That says enough. UV isn't perfect, but to state that the school you go to doesn't affect your career prospects is incorrect. OP wants to work in Toronto. Also, this isn't accurate. At least half the class is from the GTA and would like to work in Toronto if offered the chance.
  7. Officially received a letter of refusal from McGill today! Relieved I got a rejection so early on in the game. Good luck to you all, hang in there
  8. Heck, you can even did what I did and go into a labour relations professional role after practicing for a few years.
  9. The society of law students usually makes one. I think usually it's in July, looks like class of 2023 is very keen 😁 Edit to add: I will poke a SLS rep the next time I see them.
  10. I was hired by Legal aid in May-ish and heard NOTHING from them until like 2 weeks before starting. I actually didn't even get a contract until after I started... This is all normal
  11. They sent me an invite to a cocktail last week. There's no further meetings/interviews after the cocktail.
  12. No, actually they aren't. Career prospects for OCI type employers will depend largely on 1L grades, not on what school you attend. Most U of O students, unlike their counterparts at Western, are focused on Ottawa employers. Without knowing the numbers of students from each school who participated, how many apps they submitted, how many OCIs they received, how many offers they received, and how many accepted, a claim like this just isn't absolutely factual. The UV numbers never tell the whole story.
  13. For labour law, firms usually split between union and management. Union-side wouldn't quite be big law -- they tend to be structured as somewhat specialized boutiques. There's a bigger emphasis on fit and demonstrated interest in union-side firms than for big law in general. But the compensation and workplace environment is pretty similar. Management firms can be labour boutiques or might be part of a general, full service firm. I guess in-house is a thing for both, too. For employment (i.e., employment standards, wrongful dismissal, etc), there's a lot of variety. As in, everything from legal clinics, to sole practitioners, to massive firms.
  14. As employment is already well covered, I would comment that "Contract law" is too fundamental/broad to really be it's own practice area. Instead, most practice areas will rely heavily on a firm grasp of contracts. You should also be aware that the boundaries between areas of law are not well defined and is often just a convenient way to digest the information. Is a case of sexual harassment at work employment law? Human Rights? Contracts? It probably implicates all of these areas and more.
  15. For the supplementary application form should I submit my response to the question on the form itself in the limited space they provide, or should attach a separate pdf with my response?
  16. Sorry to be off topic but this is really interesting. Where did you find that link? Is the original page linking to it still up? I wouldn't expect them to have and even publish data from other schools.
  17. Agreed with what has been said. Also fully agree that I wouldn't make a distinction between who is a partner and who is not. Partners are just people who've been at it a long while and have been successful. Let's not put them on a pedestal and then be intimidated. Perhaps you should be prepared to talk about your articling experience, the types of things you worked on, what you liked, what you learned, and anything you can share that is either not privileged or, if privileged, that partner you're talking to was the one working on the file, or one of their associates. At this point you're trying to break into commercial real estate so there's not really a point to ask, "why did you choose this area of law" or similar, because you're not trying to weigh if this is the area you want to get into. You already know that. Also be forewarned that it may be that some partners are only meeting with you as a favour to the in house lawyers who are their clients, or using it as a fishing expedition to see how your company chooses its external counsel, what other firms/lawyers work for your company, maybe some inside intel. Just don't be naive about that.
  18. A little more patience. It sounds like you already know the general terms of the position. It would be nice to know your starting date I suppose. IIRC in Ontario the only thing that needs to be filed with the LSO at the commencement of articles has a deadline of ten days after articles begin, so it's not like your principal is missing deadlines or anything. I am assuming they have already been approved by the LSO to act as a principal but even if not, I think that is a very simple application that only takes like two weeks for the LSO to process. If more time goes by and still nothing, make it clear in your next communication that you simply want confirmation of a small number of specific details (your starting date, for example). Simplify the requested task. Honestly, all you really need is the starting date. What else do you need to know? As long as you know that, you can just show up in your cheapest suit on that day and be told the rest. Looking for other positions or contacting the LSO seems bananas considering you have received a detailed written offer and you accepted it. I suppose there is a nightmare scenario where something has happened at the firm and they have to cancel the arrangement, essentially retracting the offer you accepted. At some point you could express your concern and ask, should I worry about my articling position with the firm?
  19. Access applicants, sadly, are reviewed relatively late in the cycle, maybe sometime in the March-April-May with the holistic applicants. Just hang on tight one week at a time, the action begins next week
  20. Le bureau de Québec ou bien Montréal ?
  21. Today
  22. Thanks everyone. I decided not to ask because I am not accepting the offer for other reasons.
  23. Accepted early Feb! cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 154 Diverse ECs and a few long term volunteering roles/research + club executive role Also applied single but still shows referred to admissions.
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