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  2. Totaling all three factors, what score would you need to get compelling shot at u of t? More than 80? Or greater than 85?
  3. Just booked a re-write for January. Definitely not looking forward to it. The LSAT is such a pain.
  4. Oh, yeah nothing there for me since early November. Yikes.
  5. Law School Reports tab in top right of LSAC website, then scroll to bottom.
  6. Where did you see this? I don't have this yet, maybe because I was dumb and put the October LSAT as a future LSAT on OLSAS instead of a past one when I took it a few days before I submitted my applications...
  7. Call their main line, 215-968-1001. Eastern time zone 8-6 i believe
  8. Are your GPA converted to OLSAS basis for Ontario
  9. I am from Calgary, Alberta. I hadn't looked to much into provincial preference. I am hoping that doesn't become a factor, I was looking forward to living in a new city for a while.
  10. I finished my written section for the interview, however when I clicked submit I recieved a prompt that said there was a connection issue, and that I would have to start the writing section again. However, I was taken to another page which said that all seven questions were completed, and I had no option of rewriting the final question. Should I be worried?
  11. Bon on attend avec patience merci d’avoir répondu
  12. Accepted a few hours ago! CGPA: 3.91 L2: 3.95 LSAT: 155 in July and 163 in October. Pretty sure they accepted me based on my 155 score because I received the notification of my acceptance and my results from the October test only a few hours apart. Applied October 31st Ontario resident
  13. Oui tu as de très bonnes chances! Je pense qu'ils n'ont juste pas terminé d'analyser tous les dossiers!
  14. Congrats! Judging from what I've seen this year, it looks like offers may be coming out later than in previous years (i.e. early December instead of late November).
  15. Ah oui?...Moi aussi je suis candidat universitaire j’ai 3.75/4.3 avec 30 crédits aussi j’espère avoir une réponse positive aussi
  16. Merci!:) Je suis candidate universitaire de McGill. GPA: 3.44/4 avec 30 credits complétés
  17. Nobody knows the kind of that are needed to get into Ryerson. So there's some hope, but a little bit of a long shot. There's still time to re-write though. Getting a 158+ will drastically improve your chances.
  18. You can still get into some places with a 155, considering the rest of your application is very strong. But if you can somehow pull off a 160, you'll likely be accepted to a few places. Do your best to give the LSAT the time that it needs. At the minimum, you should try to complete 15-20 practice tests with a thorough review process.
  19. A prediction is only a prediction. I made many predictions too and I was wrong more than once.
  20. Félicitations es-tu entré sur une base universitaire si oui pourrais-tu partager ta cote?
  21. Accepted today! 160 LSAT 87% GPA (no drops) Excited and relieved :)
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  23. J'ai recu une réponse positive ce soir pour hiver 2020!
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