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  2. Assuming the 82.5 is a UBC GPA, I'm surprised you were rejected last year with a 165, but I guess you were right at the threshold with a 91.46 index. At 166 you're at 91.66, I think you'd be in later in the cycle if not through waitlist. Make a really strong personal statement, as I've heard that's considered now.
  3. This year is slightly different than past years where the admissions team is taking the PS as 1/3 of your application.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to figure out how I can do well in Legal Foundations. I have an issue with taking notes in that class because she posts the slides and the majority of the lectures she gives are hands on searching WestLaw, CanLii, or Quicklaw. To this point, I feel like I've retained nothing. I haven't had a chance to actually use any of the databases for any assignments yet, I only have the notes from the slides she posts. I'm learning the McGill Guide slowly as its an element of some of the written assignments I've completed thusfar in other classes. But it feels like whatever knowledge I've retained directly from Legal Foundations thus far has been form the primers she posted at the beginning of the semester and her slides. I feel like if I were given an assignment right now I'd fail. Is there anything I can do to cement what I've learned so far? How can I prepare for the Fall term assignment worth 50 percent of my mark? Is it the same sort of assignment each year?
  5. Yes, that is how I understand it to be as well. Can anyone else confirm?
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  7. I am not. But to be fair, if my travel and restaurant budget were what they are now when we were costing out places, we could have bought a much bigger apartment with that money!
  8. cGPA: 3.41 (out of 4.33) My last 20 courses GPA, which TRU apparently looks at: 3.56 LSAT: 157 My personal statement is fairly strong and I will also soon have a Master's Degree (currently in Grad School, will finish soon). I will include that in the application/statement. What are my chances of acceptance?
  9. As I understand it, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, the transcript requests processed electronically by OLSAS won't be submitted until the application has been submitted. So the Ontario transcripts can be received after Nov 1 as long as the application is submitted by Nov 1. However, transcripts which have to be processed outside the system have to be received by OLSAS by Nov 1.
  10. I think i made it just over 2 months in my new place before I got an offer from a real estate investment "guru"
  11. You mean you're not suddenly longing for a suburban home in north york, a. SUV, and costco??
  12. The softs won't matter that much, and they don't take reference letters. But a 3.72/165 definitely has a shot, albeit maybe in the later rounds.
  13. We just got a gift out of the blue from the agents who helped us buy our current place about two years ago. I mean, I know people are dreaming these days, but we only moved two years ago. We're not moving again just because of Covid!
  14. I've never spoken to real estate agents more than I have this year 😂 😔
  15. 1L summer law jobs are themselves very rare (at UBC approx 10% of the class lands them, I dunno about other schools) so you can imagine that articling offers at that stage are even rarer.
  16. Congratulations, you must be very proud.
  17. Students + Loneliness + Exhaustion -> Billable Hours, it's the chemical reaction which turns debt into residential real estate.
  18. Same boat. Except I manufactured this crisis myself 😞
  19. The OLSAS site indicates it will not show status of the request until after the application has been submitted.
  20. Can someone confirm that if I requested my transcript from an ontario school, I don't need to follow up with them on this? I requested it like 3 weeks ago and it still says "send immediately" and it is making me nervous
  21. Will be working 14-16 hours this weekend probably. Still worried it won't be enough. Gotta love assignments given on a Thursday!
  22. Heyo! I hope everyone is keeping well. I’ve heard tell from some of my classmates that they were offered articling positions at the culmination of their 1L summer. I am wondering: is this common or rare?
  23. Yep, first worked on the weekend when I was 14 years old.
  24. Thanks! I eventually realized I could get a hold of someone through the Secure Applicant Messaging.
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