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  2. A more charitable way to phrase it may be continuously shifting the goal posts. If that's the case you'll have no trouble identifying for me where you mention "a radical portion of a political group" in the below post. I'll wait. This is actually your first post where the word 'radical' appears if that helps any. So, for the third time, Rashabon said: And you responded with this: When it was pointed out to you that "People are poor because they're lazy" is suspiciously close to "a person is poor because of their bad free will decisions" you then decided to backtrack and say that: Despite not mentioning race or violence at all in any of your prior posts. Oh so radical portions of groups are off limits? So the moderate Klansman is the one I give the benefit of the doubt to? How do I identify him exactly? Racism is political in many, if not all, of its forms. If my hypothetical is ridiculous respond to the broader point. What are we to do with ideological groups that exist exclusively to oppress groups sharing immutable characteristics? Or is imputing racism to a group of people who are united by their negative treatment or views of another race off limits? Hate groups are the easy example because they're overt.
  3. Yes, I was writing on my phone at night, I wrote and when I should of put or. The remark that they are incompatible is valid.
  4. There is a spectrum within a political affiliation. What is the road of bullshit exactly? My argument is simply this- using a viewpoint that a radical portion of a political group subscribes to, to bolster your argument and make a sweeping generalisation about a large group, is cringy, uneducated, and stupid. Take a look at my past comments and apply my arguments line of reasoning to them. Your hypothetical is actually ridiculous. You're not reading my comments clearly - I'm curious what do you think my argument is based on?
  5. Congratulations on your acceptance! I can only imagine the feeling of relief and excitement when you first saw the offer. Also, thanks for the surplus information, I really do appreciate it. If I am blessed with acceptance during my third year, I will leave with a general BA as my program provides me with that option. However, I do have to ask, as a third year applicant, did you apply under general or access? I’m assuming it’s be safe to apply under access since it’s uncommon to apply during your third year?
  6. Just a small nit-pick: Marxism and post-modernism are incompatible . Marxism is a materialist philosophy, whereas post-modernism (post-structuralism) is attempting to destabilize the ontological assumptions behind human nature. Marxism believes in a human nature rooted in (historical) material conditions.
  7. Setting Bay St. rankings from the 2L recruit aside, does the other 2/3 of the Osgoode class that don't land jobs in the recruit do better for themselves compared to the 2/3 that don't get jobs in the recruit at Western/Queens? Does being an average student at Osgoode lead to better employment prospects compared to being average at Western/Queens?
  8. No, actually, I'm tracing the windy road of bullshit you've taken. Ok so if I ever meet a Klansman I should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he happens to like cross shaped fires and wearing all white? Or, should I make the sane, entirely rational generalization that almost everyone would make that he's a racist POS. Many hundreds of groups - which people voluntarily join like political organizations or hate groups - have negative characteristics as the common element of membership. Some do it explicitly, some do it implicitly. There is grey area. None of that matters because it still stands that your comparison of political affiliation and race is absurd.
  9. @HammurabiTime you're focusing on trees within a forest. Refer to the comment I made to you previously please. "Lots of generalizations can and should be made to "an entire group"." - I hope you know how damaging this rhetoric can be lol..(trump is a great case) Do you think that the average conservative believes that a person is poor because they are lazy and and violent due to the colour of their skin? In this specific case, a radical view is taken to be applied to a group - how is this a rational/reasonable take - can you answer this? Ideology is a scary thing, I would encourage a bit more nuance.
  10. I saw that someone had reacted to this thread today, so I thought I would update for anyone coming to this post in 2021: Last cycle I got waitlisted at Osgoode and Ottawa, and was rejected from Queen's and U of T. After upping my B2 GPA to 3.44 for this cycle, and applying more broadly, I have recieved two offers (Western and Victoria) and haven't heard from any other schools yet. Message me if you have any questions.
  11. I'm assuming that they're too busy teeing up the evidence demonstrating that the LSAT is unique amongst all human endeavours in that anyone with enough time and effort can find themselves in the top 99.9% of all performers, even those scoring in the bottom percentile.
  12. Not particularly. For ease of reference I've quoted both the post you were responding to and your response with the relevant parts bolded. Notably your original response doesn't mention violence at all or even mention race. Probably because you were pretty clearly not responding directly to the part about race, that only came up when you wanted to avoid responding to Masterofnut directly. These are conspicuously the same parts that Masterofnut block quoted when asking you what the difference was, which you opted not to address. The idea of comparing generalizations with respect to an immutable characteristic like race to political groups is laughable. Lots of generalizations can and should be made to "an entire group".
  13. I just got into McGill!! I had my French comprehension test on Wednesday February 24th and I checked my Minerva today to see the offer of admission (conditional on the completion of a French course). I haven't received the letter yet but that will be coming on Monday I think-- I'm so happy!! I will be accepting I can't wait to meet you all (in person) in September! Stats: GPA (from McGill) honours in Philosophy : 3.76 No LSAT LOR's: both academic, one prof I took two classes with and was her RA, the other prof was my supervisor for my undergraduate thesis. EC's: I founded and ran an activist collective at McGill for 5 years, RA work in animal rights ethics and policy-making, won the Arts Award at graduation, was nominated for a few other awards during my time at McGill. I think my EC's helped me a lot.
  14. The classic "I don't have a good response to a rational argument against my bad point". But yeah too many logical flaws that you are too tired to point out. Edit: Kind of reminds me of that anti-masker in that one thread
  15. no...? If you want me to make it clear and simple for you @HammurabiTime, the person I replied to was drawing up an argument that shit human alt-righters subscribe to, which is that these negative characteristics xyz are drawn from a persons race. They were applying this extremist view to an entire group (conservatives), which is whats laughably stupid and uneducated. Does this clarify things?
  16. Today
  17. Viewed as equivalent to UBC in the Vancouver market. Doesn't have much of a national brand outside of BC (by no means poorly regarded elsewhere, but probably not given the credit it should and really not treated differently from any middle-of-the-road Canadian law school).
  18. Yea let's get back to that discussion. I was wondering where UVic would fall in an objective ranking. It's a small school and its median admission stats seem to be on the higher end. Other than that I don't know much about it. Anyone have any thoughts?
  19. Your comment replied specifically to the portion of his comment about why people are poor, which I quoted. It wasn't me trying to pull a gotcha, they were just direct equivalents
  20. How does this make me right wing? Is assessing evidence right wing? The Scientific method? There are good empirical ways to show that racism plays a role in life outcomes, that sexism plays a role in life choices of women, particularly with leaving the workforce and raising children, which is what accounts for 90% of the gender pay gap. These and many more things can be tested in sociology, sure not perfectly, but they at least can be falsified. How can you falsify a post modernist critique? If wanting evidence and analysis is right wing, what does that say about you Rashabon?
  21. Uhh... too many logical flaws in your comment for me to even respond lol.
  22. Is that the same as the comment about violence that you didn't directly respond to?
  23. I was mainly referring to the race baiting comment, which you casually removed from your comment. Too often I see both the left and right make arguments using premises that involve extremes and it's just so cringe.
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