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  2. I think it's definitely worth an application. I didn't apply to Oz so I can't speak to their process much, but I'd guess that a 170 is high enough to ensure they consider you closely. In terms of the LSAT I did self study with Khan Academy. 1 or 2 practice tests per week from January - June. Problem sets another 3 times per week ramping up to every day in the Spring. My diagnostic was a 163 and the 180 was a first take. Once I cleared 170, I had to firm up logic games. My strategy there was to immediately rework a logic game every time I got an answer wrong until I could consistently get every question right. Also as a general disclaimer: I had graduated from my bachelor's, so the only stat I could influence was my LSAT. For anyone reading this who's still in undergrad and has a 170+ LSAT, it's probably a lot more efficient to use your time to bring up your GPA then pursue an LSAT retake!
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  4. I am waiting as well - referred early march. Is this a rejection ? Does anyone know if another wave of acceptances are coming or can we assume that we are all rejected?
  5. Dont some law schools just not inform you of the results - if that's the case then when exactly do we assume its a full blown rejection? Do you guys know if law schools even have one last wave of acceptances left or not?
  6. For the fee you can see it is paid as it gets removed from your outstanding invoices. But no response for submitting the documents. Considering the importance would be nice to get a response. Too bad these documents couldn't be submitted through the portal as they usually respond there.
  7. I was referred Jan 7 and just got a waitlist decision last Monday. Just means you're still pending - hang in there!
  8. I’m also on the waitlist and UCalgary is my top choice! I’ve accepted my offer at UAlberta but would give it up on a heartbeat for UCalgary. My partner is moving back to Calgary (just finished law school at Dal) so it would be nice to be in the same city.
  9. In the end, business soared for the big firms, bonuses were paid, and then extra bonuses are going to be paid in 2021.
  10. Did anyone receive any updates on this?
  11. As their policy, UVic does not count performance-based courses (such as fine arts) in their GPA calculations. In first year I tanked my GPA, but other than a couple courses I didn't do too well in, I was able to figure university life out and achieve 80s and 90s for the rest of my degree. Unfortunately because I took 13 "performance based" courses over the course of my degree (visual arts minor) my first year is now weighted much more heavily than it should be, and UVic won't drop my lowest grades because the number of academic courses I've completed doesn't satisfy the sliding scale. I'm really not sure what to do here- I'm frustrated because I'd have somewhere between a 3.7 - 3.9 GPA if every single course was counted, or if I were given any drops at all, but now I'm stuck with a 3.25 with no chance of drops. I am taking extra courses after graduation this summer, but they still won't be enough to qualify me for any drops, and the maximum I can raise it to is 3.3. Even if they're not used for GPA calculations, those art grades still appear on my transcript. Will UVic admissions completely ignore these grades in the application review, or will they still see them and take them into some kind of holistic consideration? Should I reference this somehow in my personal statement??
  12. Congrats on the waitlist. Did you write the LSAT?
  13. Mine says ‘action required’, “decision made” with the option to download the letter right beside the decision made tab as well as the option to ‘respond now’ which clicks into the options to accept or reject the offer! The name of the downloadable letter is “Law_OfferUnconditional”
  14. Are you accepting your waitlist spot?
  15. Waitlisted on Thursday afternoon! Gpa with drops is probably around a 3.5, but my L2 is a 3.9/4.3. 151 lsat. NL resident
  16. for those of you who have been accepted, what does the status on the portal say? Mine has been stuck on "Completed" for a couple months now...anyone else stuck on this as well?
  17. For those who moved to go to uvic, did you move back to where you came from for any summers? If you stayed, were you able to find a summer position at a firm in Victoria? I’ll be moving from the mainland in august and I’m curious as to how many people actually stay in Victoria all 3 years. Thanks!
  18. Oops nevermind lol... I had this whole thing drawn up. But I guess COVID rules change everythung. Disregard.
  19. Im currently applying for a scholarship and it only gives three options: Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD. Im not sure which category to apply in. Its so confusing. Someone please help!
  20. Squeen do you know if there is going to be another wave of acceptances?
  21. No.. I applied this year
  22. Similar situation here. Have a 3.57 GPA on OLSAS and LSAT is 167.
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