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  2. You are definitely competitive for at least the lower T-14s. Whether they offer you enough scholarship money to make it worth your while is totally another question.
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  4. Litigators fight over what contracts mean all the time. And draft settlements, waivers, etc.
  5. My exposure to litigators is all in a big law context. The only contractual drafting I’ve seen in that end of things is settlement agreements and related agreements parties enter into concluding litigation. Generally speaking, a transactional practitioner is usually asked to help. I don’t know if that’s the norm though - pretty far afield from what I do day to day.
  6. Hi! I applied only to UdeM. Graduating from McGill nursing GPA: 3.5
  7. It's best to inquire directly with OSAP. As for Gatineau, it's a terrible commute to U of O from there. If you haven't already committed, I would recommend you look for accommodation in Ottawa.
  8. Provisional acceptances have never become firm on April 1. It has always been late June/early July.
  9. Hi Ryn, I know my chances are likely going to be slim, especially for a school like Osgoode, but I wanted to know whether you've ever accepted anyone with my stats and background. I have a cGPA of 3.35 but my L2 is 3.78. I had an eating disorder my first two years of university which was life threatening and really hindered my performance in school but after recovery I reached the top 15% of my program and was on the Dean's list. My LSAT score is a 154 which obviously is not competitive. I have worked as a crisis analyst and delegate in MUN, I've participated in UGMT (mock trial competition), I've worked as both an RA and a general volunteer at a Syrian refugee medical organization, I'm currently doing my Masters in Political Science, and I'm also working as a TA. I spoke about these things in my PS and I also talked about how being Syrian and trying to get my family refugee status in Canada inspired me to become a lawyer. Thank you for helping me as well as so many other applicants on here!
  10. Might be a stupid question, but what about litigators? It seems to me, from what I've read here at least, that barristers are more generalist and are just referred to as working in "litigation" or "civil litigation".
  11. Hi folks, I'm moving permanently to Gatineau, but planning to attend uOttawa. Does anyone know if I'm still eligible for OSAP? If not, am I eligible for the Quebec Student Loans? Thanks in advance
  12. Hard to elaborate more. I am no longer a practicing lawyer. Rather I am in a HR leadership role focusing on labour relations in the broader public sector.
  13. I dropped a course in the first term of 4th year and got accepted.
  14. "Contract law" is ... labour/employment law, commercial law, M&A, insurance, real estate, securitization, financing, incorporating,banking, PPSA, family, criminal. There are virtually no lawyers who will not be called on to draft a contract or give an opinion on the effect of a contract.
  15. my compelling grounds would be medical. I have a permanent disability that require accommodations. I have B/B+'s in everything, I'm expecting them to stay there or move higher to B+'s. Been doing legal aid work and have a ton of volunteering.
  16. Provisional acceptances become firm on July 1st this year. Op would have until then if they provisionally accept western
  17. I believe provisional acceptances become firm acceptance at a certain date. I recall during my cycle that any provisional acceptances became firm on April 1st. As such, provisionally accepting will only keep you open for consideration at other schools until the acceptances becomes a firm one (which can either be through your own action or operation of the rules) You’ll need to know when provisional acceptances will be converted into firm ones to make an informed decision. Contact OLSAS about this date. I’d also suggest that in a few weeks time you reach out to Osgoode if you haven’t heard a response from them and explain the situation.
  18. It's either cGPA or L2 whatever comes out to be the best from what admissions told me.
  19. Not at Morgans. Regardless of whether you've graduated from H, Y, or S (the only schools Morgans hires from) , you're never making partner. ETA: in before the lock...
  20. I was told they go by when the application was submitted & payment was received.
  21. This may be a dumb question lol, but once you get a job at a big law firm, does which law school you attended have any effect on your chances on becoming a partner? Thanks
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