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  2. This is a weird theory and I don’t agree with it. Mixing up homonyms and spelling errors are about the same level of error, and one certainly isn’t “way worse” than the other. OP, I wouldn’t worry about it. Everyone makes errors when they’re writing. It’s preferable to avoid them, but not worth stressing about ones you’ve already sent out into the world.
  3. Where are you getting 2019 stats from?
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  5. I am currently articling and would love to know what I can do now to make myself more marketable. Thoughts?
  6. But most people accepted in 2019 have a cGPA of 3.5-3.8- which is like in the 90s in the 4.0 scale.
  7. Ottawa's average admitted GPA is 80%. Without an LSAT ... Who can say. Also: https://lawapplicants.ca/predictor
  8. When I was on the admissions committee at a law school that evaluated at least some of its applications in a holistic way, I was very biased against students who had taken courses at Athabasca University solely to upgrade their marks. Beyond that, I was fine with grades from any reasonable institution.
  9. Most people wear backpacks and some use messenger bags. A briefcase is useful for in-firm interviews, but those are way down the road. You certainly don't need a briefcase for class. In fact, it would be pretty odd if someone brought it in to class.
  10. In addition to the replies above, you've missed my point in your second comment. For the sake of round numbers, if a law firm has 10 partners on the student committee and 100 partners total, it would be insane to think that every single student needs to work for those 10 partners, regardless of the work they do for the other 90 partners, to stand a chance of being hired back.
  11. I went to a school with a 4.3 grading scale and so thought my cGPA of 3.7 would be great since alot of people who got in had that score; now I'm realizing that most people posted their OLSAS score which is on the 4.0 scale :S. But since 3.7 on the 4.3 scale is still an A- I should still have a shot right?
  12. Everyone, with the exception of maybe a few mature students, wears a backpack. I don't have a briefcase, have never had a use for one, and don't think I've ever seen anyone carrying around a briefcase. Law school is very much like undergrad in terms of what people wear. It's not something to worry about.
  13. With a 160 and your worst case L2, you'll probably get in
  14. I mean, the role of the student coordinator is to know about and be able to answer these kinds of questions. I would 100% go to my student coordinator about this and would recommend the same to everyone else. Just because it is not their decision in the end doesn't mean they don't play a huge role in the process, or, even if not, know how to help the student understand the process better.
  15. Thought I might bump this thread. I'm in the market for a new backpack, before hopefully joining law in Fall 2020. Is there a consensus regarding backpack or messenger bag for daily classes? I've always felt more comfortable with the former, especially when I've had to bike to university. Is it also useful to have a briefcase as you come to law school? Will you quickly have occasions to use it?
  16. I'm stressing about how my semester is going, and would appreciate some feedback on my worst case scenario stats. While I already know I should be focused on getting the best possible grade possible, it would be helpful to know my shot if all goes south! L2 if all goes well: 3.7 / L2 if s**t hits the fan: 3.665 LSAT: 148, 151, 160 Extensive ECs such as volunteering, executive positions, leadership, and awards throughout my four years. Strong reference letters from professors who have known me all 4 years of my degree. What do you guys think? Is there a shot? I applied Sep but won't be hearing back until this fall term grades are submitted.
  17. It's not an opinion. You should browse through the sub I linked above. A foreign trained lawyer is an administrative assistant at my current workplace. Many other lawyers have reported tossing out applications based on foreign credentials. It's law, man. Legal employers want to hire candidates that actually studied the law of the jurisdiction they intend to practice in. If foreign trained medical students are struggling to come into the Canadian market, given the fact that medicine is a universal language, why is it so difficult to believe that you having learned the law of a completely different legal system/country will not be looking upon favourably in Canada?
  18. If you want to practice in Canada, then you should do whatever is necessary to attend a Canadian law school. That isn't simply an opinion, it's a fact.
  19. I wasn’t the one who included the link so to be honest I’m not sure. All I know is that there are multiple posts on this forum about As being 86 and I personally spoke to admissions who confirmed the same thing (A- is 80, A is 86 and A+ is 90 if your school uses them) 604-822-6303 <— this is the number. The woman is very sweet and will answer all of your questions.
  20. You'll almost certainly get in
  21. When did you submit ur application and when did they call you if you dont mind me asking?
  22. @pinkroses Thank you for this exhaustive list. I will add that the CAMH has a daily walk in service where you can see a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist within a few hours or less. I believe it is covered under OHIP but don't quote me on that specfically.
  23. That's just, like, your opinion, man.
  24. You will be at a significant disadvantage attending a UK law school, unless attending one of the elite ones listed above. There's a reason they are easy to get into,.
  25. Speaking purely out of intuition - if that were true, that would be grossly unfair.
  26. I had a phone interview with WF but haven't heard back anything since
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