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  2. FaithInDestiny

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    Hi @emtee Yes I was and Windsor is actually a great school.
  3. Hello, I was wondering what my chances would be for TRU? My cGPA is 3.55 with my last 2 years being 3.8 (20 courses) out of a 4.33 GPA. I also received my degree with distinction. I believe my personal statement and references were strong. I have worked extensively with both of my references and they informed me of what they were including in the letters. As for my experiences, I would say that I have been extensively involved in the university. I was a founder and executive member of multiple student clubs ($20,000 yearly budget per club), organized my faculty's largest event ($50,000 budget), volunteered at the university's career services, worked as a teaching assistant for my faculty, was elected by students to serve on the student union's Board (multimillion nonprofit), and was appointed on multiple university committees. Outside of the university, I worked for the entirety of my degree. My LSAT is a 150. I only wrote the test once. However, a few incidents occurred prior to my test which did not allow me to perform to the best of my ability. I do know that this is not a competitive score. I was planning on writing the test again but another personal matter has come up which will not allow me to perform to the best of my ability. I have seen from past threads, and personally know, students who have been admitted with a 152-155 LSAT with lower grades and limited experience. Do I have a chance or am I just screwed?
  4. SciLaw


    @easttowest Do you know if there is any advantage (scrutiny-wise) between the two categories? I've applied access and am one year out from being able to apply mature as well (as I was enrolled "full-time" in grad studies while working my first few years full-time, so it delayed that 5 year out of school period). I'm not asking to try and cheat the system in any way--just trying to assess whether I have a better shot this year or next with the mature box checked off.
  5. Girby

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    I'm fairly certain that nothing but press statements have come out. Nothing substantive for colleges and universities to work with.
  6. Today
  7. Rashabon

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    They're still processing since it seems the bulk of the people Doug Ford consulted with on this are racists and alt-right members.
  8. mmoore

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    I was accepted around Jan 9/10 and neglected to post until now! cGPA: 3.85 according to OLSAS L2: 3.89 LSAT: 162 ECs: so weak someone told me not to apply to law school 🤷‍♀️ Entirely undecided about what to do about accepting offers as of right now
  9. mmoore

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Accepted Dec 19, couldn't believe how early I heard back since I wrote November LSAT! I've no idea what this queue is. cGPA: 3.85 according to OLSAS L2: 3.89 LSAT: 162 LORs: 1 likely very good, 1.. not so great ECs: honestly so bad that someone told me to not even apply to law school, but they include: working part time during school, coaching, an international summer course, and 1 year of school cheerleading .. yikes. High odds I'm not accepting because of how expensive this will be, but I'm pretty proud of myself anyways, and proud of all the people who worked hard to get in so far!!!
  10. Mycousinsteve

    Without family money, can you afford to buy a home?

    According to the RBC Mortgage Calculator (https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/mortgages/mpcrds/index.html?buyerType=first-time-home-buyer&purchasePrice=600000&downPayment=120000&postalCode=M4T1Z7&mortgageTiming=zero_to_six&&#details) If you put 20% down on a 600K property, that works out to a monthly payment of about $2460/month. Saving up the downpayment is the hardest part (although there's always the CMHC option) which will take a couple years of hard work, but by no means is that a pipe dream. Keep your head up, work hard and it's possible. There's also the option of purchasing a property with a higher purchase price, but which allows you to rent out the basement, which would then bring down your overall costs. Look on the one hand sure prices are prohibitively expensive today, but on the other hand, we're not looking at double digit interest rates as was the case 25-30 years ago, even though prices may have been lower then. If you actually do the analysis and factor in inflation, prices have certainly gone up, but not as substantially as the media would have you believe. Housing affordability is not a new issue, yet people have been managing for decades. Hard work and don't be a negative nancy is key. Case and point: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/the-market/remember-when-what-have-we-learned-from-80s-interest-rates/article24398735/
  11. Mycousinsteve

    Associate Compensation in the Maritimes

    Have you tried https://www.roberthalf.ca/en/salary-guide/legal
  12. kurrika

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    Be happy you have the extra mental gear required to get an A+ in law school. Now I'm saying that coming from a grading regime where giving a grade in excess of 90% required permission from a committee and usually a remark of the exam by a different faculty member and it sounds like Osgoode is a little bit more flexible. But still. A+, pretty shiny.
  13. Okay, here's the longer answer I've owed you. I'm not sure what path led you back to the NCA route after your stated plans to do something else, but clearly you've decided to practice law in Canada after all and, if I read between the not-subtle lines, you are anxious about how you are going to compete in this marketplace and how your qualifications will be received. And frankly, you should be anxious. You were an undistinguished student in undergrad, pursued some side-path into legal practice, and everyone you try to convince otherwise (at least everyone in a position to employ you) will know what's really going on. You will face an uphill battle to establish yourself in any kind of legal career. However. Here's a concession I don't often make to students who are eager to claim that the legal profession is somehow elitist for not giving every B-average student an opportunity to practice law. There are a host of qualities that go into making a successful lawyer and a successful legal entrepreneur (note - not the same thing) and only some of those rest on strong academic chops. IF you genuinely care about delivering the best legal services you can deliver, and IF you are willing to hustle your ass off, and IF you devote yourself to learning everything you need to learn even though it may frankly come faster and easier to some of your peers ... you can be a good lawyer. And you can have a great career. And if you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way you'll eventually move past the point where the origin of your degree matters at all. Students who want believe in quick fixes and easy routes around the hard work and the competition with their peers would gladly and brutally misinterpret what I just wrote. They want to live in some kind of child's fantasy where simply wanting something is some kind of qualification, and where they imagine being "fierce" is some kind of professional skill. As if yelling louder than everyone else in the courtroom, on its own, produces good outcomes. When I talk about genuinely caring more than the next guy, I mean that you wake up in the middle of the night needing to write down an idea about your area of practice that's been bothering you. I mean you think about your clients' issues in the shower. I mean you read articles about the law only out of interest. You CAN beat your way into this profession - even to near the top of it - through effort and determination. But it has to come from a genuine place. It isn't like you're Harry Potter pouring all his magic out at Voldemort, and overcoming him through sheer force of will. I say all that because despite the bitter way you've chosen to express it, you are at least displaying the first quality I need to see in a NCA candidate. You know what you need to overcome. So my words of encouragement are that it's possible to overcome it. See above, for what it takes. And good luck.
  14. Twenty

    Accepted to Calgary 2019

    I received the email around noon! LSAT: 157 & 161 cGPA: 3.85 L2: 3.78 Finishing my fourth year. (Subjectively) unique background and work experience. U of C seems like such a supportive faculty and I feel very blessed to have an offer. However, I will most likely be declining and wish everyone the best!
  15. Diplock

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    I'm tempted to write at some length, but the gist of it is this. Your overall grades are fine - on the above-average end. It's perfectly good and motivating to aim for better-than-fine. But you also shouldn't allow yourself to be affected by doing less well than that. You are entering a stage in your professional and academic life that's going to be new to you. You've succeeded to the point that you are now surrounded exclusively by other highly competent, motivated people. Up until this point, you've been used to routinely outperforming the large majority of the people around you. That's not going to happen anymore. But the good news is, even "average" students, at this point, do perfectly well in their careers. Aim for strong grades, certainly. But falling short of that is not a disaster by any stretch at all.
  16. akacourier

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted this afternoon 😊 LSAT: 159 CGPA: 3.73 Ontario resident.
  17. easttowest


    It came up informally in a conversation with one of them, I can only assume because I was an excellent candidate 😉. i was in at Western in December, Ottawa in January.
  18. easttowest

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    As many others have said, this is not true.
  19. healthlaw

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    No that’s not how they work. As Block mentioned, profs can give out a few A+ but the course prize is awarded for the single highest grade for a course or section of a course. Obviously the prof will use the raw scores to determine which of the A+’s earned the course prize. OP you did well. Keep it up and you’ll be in good shape for the 2L recruit which is the one that really matters. Also, your grades don’t matter for clinics so don’t fret about that
  20. ProfReader

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    That's not the way at least two of the schools that I've worked at do it. They only award one. One of them just gave it to the highest numeric A or A+ across sections. The other had someone review the As or A+s and determine which was the strongest exam (to account for the fact that an exam with a lower numeric A+ might actually be stronger than one with a higher A+ from a different section, given differences in grading).
  21. Luckycharm

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    Grade is grade
  22. What was your OLSAS calculated GPA?
  23. Hi Ryn, When you say when a candidate gets auto-declined, how long before they are informed that they have been declined? I have not seen anyone post about getting declined yet. Also I know Osgoode doesn't officially have an Access category but would they evaluate candidates that would be in this category at a later date because of the low stats? ie. they just put it in the "further considerations" pile. Also for acceptances do people on the committee such as yourself review the entire application and if you decide you would offer the candidate admission, they would get in? Ie. how many people have to vote yes for a candidate to be accepted? Thanks!
  24. maturestudent909

    Help please! Not realistic?

    Thank you for your reply!! I actually will be taking full-time courses during the summer as well. So I won't be able to fully dedicate full-time studying to the LSAT. But I will definitely take a diagnostic LSAT and see where I stand to get a better judgment of where I stand. Thank you so much for your response!
  25. penguinh


    How did you know that you were screened by two professors who then recommended you? Do you know why they did? Also when did you receive your acceptance? Is it true that they wait till later in the cycle for Access/ Mature category students?
  26. harveyspecter993

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

  27. BlockedQuebecois

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

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