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  2. Waitlist opens in May, I have a feeling a bunch of us may be waitlisted!! which is always better than a rejection lol
  3. After discussing via PM, I can confirm (with their permission) that @delije89 works at a large national firm.
  4. Same still nothing. University student no certificate. It's killing me :')
  5. Did you apply general or mature!?
  6. Accepted Friday cGPA: 3.65 LSAT: 165 (Jan 2021) 5 yrs work experience
  7. Maybe I miscalculated 🤔. I have a 81% L2 but calculated my GPA based on each letter grade for the last 60 credits if that makes sense.
  8. I did not insinuate that all of the "many firms" are national firms, although mine certainly is. I will not be naming and shaming the firm on a public forum, but check your PM.
  9. Today
  10. So which firms? You said “many” firms are doing this, so there shouldn’t be anonymity problems with sharing. Feel free to omit your own firm from the list if that’s a concern. Naming the firms will really establish whether or not the firms are “national”, which seemed to be what everyone disagrees about.
  11. Salut!! Moi j’ai toujours pas de nouvelles! Ça me rend un peu folle 🥲
  12. It probably depends on the class that was graded P/F. I had a lot of P/F classes on my transcript bc I participated in law review, internships, etc. and no one seemed to care that there was no letter grade. If anything, they were excited about those experiences.
  13. Hello folks. I realize almost all of you who are looking for articling jobs for 2022-2023 will probably be up to date on all the cool opportunities out there, much more so than a grumpy old guy like me, anyway, so I rarely share opportunities I come across. That said, this morning I came across this opportunity with the CMA, which was different and I haven't seen it before (maybe it's every year, I don't know). I have no connection to the CMA or this practice area, but anyway, here's a link to their career's page: https://recruiting.ultipro.ca/CAN5006CAMD/JobBoard/530dafdc-25d3-49da-b484-53b130441e25/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=e44c90f9-0116-4e4c-ba1a-efd5448d7466. I think the deadline is May 25. Cheers!
  14. Bonjour!! Pour les étudiants universitaires (pas du certificat): avez-vous des nouvelles? des refus? liste d'attente? L'attente me gruge lol.
  15. Davies is apparently not matching the bonuses per a call with students this morning
  16. Bonjour Qui ici a etait accepter du cegep? C'était quoi votre cote r svp. Merci Beaucoup
  17. I feel like everyone is different but I studied for about 30-35 hours a week for 7 weeks and that was enough for me. You also have to feel out what works for you and what doesn't, for example, when I would do 3 practice tests a day I would end up getting frustrated and my score would be in the mid 150's by the end of the day. If you're committed to studying 30-40 hours a week then it may be possible for you. I would say because the LSAT is going back to 4 sections in August I would maybe try to do the June Flex if possible.
  18. Not every national firm has a lockstep system throughout. Some (such as the firm where I work) only use lockstep for the first two years, and then it's all discretionary raises. This year, that same firm handed out what is essentially a cost of living allowance (2% increase) to all of its associates except those who have exceeded their billable hours target (and even then, I am not entirely sure if all of them have received the usual raise). Some associates have received no raise at all. By all accounts the firm fell short of its original pre-pandemic budget by 1%. The firm has not gone "gangbusters" but it was certainly busy and these 2% raises have resulted in extreme dissatisfaction at the associate level. Now the firm is dishing out a 10% "special bonus" in May (for all associates) and another 10% bonus in December (for those who are on track to hit their target), but the exodus of associates (me included) has already started.
  19. Oh super! Au plaisir de se côtoyer! ☺️
  20. Oui ça ouvre théoriquement plus de portes, mais rien de matériel si tu ne penses pas travailler ailleurs. Avoir plus de diplômes c'est rarement négatif comme effet
  21. Does anyone know of non-7 Sister Bay St firms recently announcing COVID and/or retention bonus?
  22. This recent thread has some pretty good tips:
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