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  2. capitalttruth

    Chances - Access

    Applied Access with 3.73 L2 and 158 LSAT, MA degree. Do I have a chance this cycle or should I re-write? Would like to avoid having to write again if possible.
  3. LLawS


    Thank you!
  4. Luckycharm

    Chances? LSAT 161 cGPA 3.61

    all in
  5. just wondering what my chances are and when i can expect to hear?
  6. That worked, you're brilliant! Thank you!! (I forgot to add dates to my academic history)
  7. I remember now! Once you have completed all the necessary components, the pay tab shows up. Since the "academic history" tab has that little red sliver on the left side, I think that means it isn't completely filled out yet. Once you fill that out, a pay tab should appear and you should be good to go.
  8. harveyspecter993

    How Many More Options?

    Tbf someone who's too lazy to google isn't really anyone's competition.
  9. Today
  10. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/56220 Could be an interesting job for someone with experience in admin law and background in business (for the finance/HR stuff).
  11. Hey all! Just wondering if any of you have been in this position before, but here's the gist of it: I was recently accepted to Schulich law, however the deadline to respond is on March 31st. The only issue here is that some schools in Ontario are not done sending out acceptances by March 31st. Is there any option to extend the deadline to respond? If not, would anyone recommend paying the deposit if I haven't heard back from other schools by March 31st, but if I end up getting accepted to a school that's higher on my list after March 31st, just say goodbye to the deposit I made to Dal and accept the other school? Thanks so much!
  12. lawschool1995

    Chances? LSAT 161 cGPA 3.61

    LSAT 161, cGPA 3.61 .. I have applied to Ottawa, Queens and Western. Currently finishing a Masters at UofT. Strong EC's and LOR's. Considering January re-write (PTs were more around 165) but I am short on time and money so would love to avoid this. I appreciate any help.
  13. Lumos

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Accepted! 3.98 cGPA 167 LSAT Weak softs but (I think) strong letters of recommendation and essays. Good luck on those still waiting!
  14. Accepted! 3.98 cGPA 167 LSAT Weak softs but hopefully strong personal statement. I wrote one optional essay. Good luck on those still waiting!
  15. Thank you, I'm having trouble finding a 'pay' tab though. I've looked on each tab and still can't find anything. Here's what I'm seeing: https://imgur.com/a/Ydp40Ft
  16. Lawapplicant11

    Accepted 2019

    No, I am from Toronto.
  17. I might not be the best at describing this but there are little tabs you can click on at the top of your application. The tab on the far right says "pay" and you can pay for your application there. I'm pretty sure that once you've paid for your application, filled out and saved every section, then you just get updates by clicking on the "status" tab which is on the tab on the far left. Might want to check with the admissions offices though. I can't remember if I'm 100% correct on that.
  18. turbotom

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted on December 7th CGPA: 2.79/4.3 L2: 3.75/4.3 L4: 3.64/4.3 (I've got ~150 credits on my transcript) LSAT: 166 BC resident
  19. Hello and sorry if this is a silly question, but it has really stumped me. -I've completed my application (as in filled out) but I don't see a 'submit' button like I have seen on other pages. Do I just fill it out and...leave it? -I cannot find how to pay the application fee anywhere. Maybe I'm not doing it well enough, but even Google hasn't given me any answers. -I went to 2 schools- so for transcripts I have to request for them to send two copies each? Thanks so much for any help you can provide!
  20. NeverGiveUp


    UBC: you need above 88% gpa with 157 LSAT. UVic: Index score = GPA out of 4.33 * 125 + LSAT percentile * 5. Auto admit is 905. Close to 900 is for waitlist. So definitely rewrite.
  21. ChefCurrySauce

    Chances LSAT 153

    Dual at Windsor you'll probably be alright if you have really good ECs ... no idea about single at Windsor though
  22. capitalttruth

    Re-write or nah?

    Applied to Lakehead, UOttawa, Windsor, Western, Queens, and UNB. Stats are cGPA 3.25 (3.8 with drops), L2 3.73 and 158 LSAT, Masters degree. I'm applying in the Access category to each school. I applied last year to UOttawa and was waitlisted as an Access applicant so I imagine I would be considered as Access from now on for UOttawa, and most likely other schools. That being said, I'm not sure if I should re-write or if my stats will get me in to some of the schools I applied to. My L2 is at the median for L2 schools. and I believe my Access claim is sufficient to justify why my cGPA is low (extenuating circumstances related to cognitive disability and mental illness). How much more competitive would I be if I raised the LSAT to 160+? Would I still have a decent chance at getting in somewhere this cycle with my current stats? Also I should note that the LSAT gives me a great deal of anxiety each time I write it and that for the purposes of avoiding dealing with the stress associated with it, I really wouldn't like to write it again.
  23. Escanor


    Thanks for the help
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