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  2. The request has to be made through OLSAS’s website. They’ll auto update it when they receive and process the transcripts. Then they’ll forward it to schools automatically.
  3. I think you need to speak with a criminal defence lawyer who can educate you on what NCRMD actually means. Once you have that information you may be better situated to decide if you have any kind of legal action actually available to you or not. I am locking this because while you might not think you are asking for legal advice, you kind of are. It’s not going to help you for this thread to continue and it might hurt.
  4. The cost has nothing to do it with it to be honest. We have obligations and rules of professional conduct.
  5. Just asking, what area of law, would something like this fall under.
  6. sounds like legal advice to me, most lawyers on here aren't going to give free legal advice when they get paid $500/hr at their job to do it...
  7. Hi! I am not asking for legal advice. I am asking for guidance. As you are all future, present or current in the legal field, I thought someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. I have been to the Law Society, and I was pointed the wrong direction. Without going into too much detail, this is the quick summary of events. In 2009 the accused (Person G), was released from CAMH Hospital, following several criminal harassment charges & trials. Doctors stated he was mentally fit to rejoin society. The Human Rights Tribunal agreed and released Person G removing all restraining orders. Since the release in 2009, over a dozen of additional charges have been laid against Person G. All charges are simulair in nature. Criminal Harassment, Utter Threat, Possession of a weapons dangerous with intent to harm ect. Most of which he was deemed NCR due to the same mental health he was "cleared of", causing the victim several emotional stress over the past 10 years. My question to you is: 1. Should the victim choose legal action; what type of lawyer does the victim need? Again, I am not asking for legal advice. Just looking for a starting point. Thank you.
  8. Yeah i will be applying to Norton, McCarthy, BCF and other Quebec firms as well. But since i wanted to practice in Montreal (I grew up there), I don't know how easy it would be to transfer from Quebec to Montreal in the future (If i have the chance of being accepted of course). Thanks for your answer!
  9. Thank you! I am not entirely sure on where I will be accepting (as I have also applied to the University of Alberta and also Calgary's MPP). I wrote the July 2019 LSAT and finished my application just days before the original deadline.
  10. “With the greatest of respect..” you wouldn’t have to work so many hours if you used fewer words to say same thing
  11. *I'm guessing you're thinking of doing the Montreal "Course" if you're asking how you stack up against Udem and McGill students. You're right that a 3.67 at McGill is seen as better than any other schools (Udem included). That's simply because only a handful of McGill students achieve such a feat. And keep in mind that GPAs at McGill are on a 4.0 scale, not the 4.3 scale other quebec civil law schools use. That being said, I have no idea how firms compare Ulaval, Udem, Sherbrooke and Uquam students vs McGill students. It probably differs quite a lot from firm to firm. As for Udem, some will argue that a 3.67 GPA there is better than at Ulaval, Udem, etc., which I think could be true to a certain extent. But even if it's true, it surely isn't comparable to McGill. Overall a lot of Udem students end up getting articling positions at national firms but is it because firms have a high opinion of Udem? Or because there are a lot of Udem students taking part in the "Course"? I'd say a little bit of both. With a 3.67 GPA, I'd think your chances of getting first interviews at Norton, McCarthy and BCF are pretty good but I would apply to a large number of Montreal firms if you want a better chance at getting offers. And if working in Quebec city doesn't bother you, then I'd suggest you apply to Norton, McCarthy and BCF Quebec as well.
  12. Queens 2L chiming in here! OP, I was in your position a few years ago. Was a tough choice but I ultimately went with Queen's. I have never looked back. I have been impressed both by Queens course selection, and the close community. I know that my friends who are business-law minded have had no issue finding business related courses. As someone who is not particularly interested in business law, I have not found it difficult to find a wide-breadth of other areas of law to study. So, if you ever start to change your mind about the type of law you are interested in, Queens does a good job covering all its academic bases. But I do believe the real draw to Queens is the close community. As someone who went to a commuter-school for my undergrad, I have found Queens to be a nice change of pace. I have always found that people are willing to help out others, whether academically or otherwise, and have found that this atmosphere makes law school much less stressful than it already is.
  13. if you're specifically talking about the Jordaans, I personally make a point not to wear them until I've made my way up the ranks up a bit. despite a lot of the above comments, people who know know, and I don't think it' a great look if a student, including myself, is stunting with 1200 loafers when partners don't wear these kinds of things themselves. Perhaps permissible for dress down Fridays or on weekend when you're in the office, but would hands down eschew them if around senior associates, partners, clients, etc.
  14. I am a 2L going at Ulaval and currently have a 3.67 GPA (A-). But i've been told that since the grades at ulaval aren't curved, the grade is seen as worse than a 3.67 coming from another Law school (Udem or mcgill). I was wondering, since the "Course aux stages" is starting soon, how does that affect my chances getting into the firms I would love to go to (Norton, Mccarthy, Bcf). Thanks!
  15. Congratulations! Did you write the January LSAT too? I'm starting to wonder if there's a chance of being admitted before the January LSAT score comes in.
  16. "I am looking to focus on business law, and I have preference to not live in toronto for school, but I am also willing to look beyond this, as I do want to live here when I am working"
  17. Accepted yesterday 3.7 OLSAS GPA (updated to 3.73 with fall 2019 grades) LSAT 167
  18. I don't want to self-id, sorry! *it was two branches. that's all I can say for now.
  19. Anyone know what’s going on? No news from UBC for the past week since the January round came out
  20. Got the call yesterday morning! Still processing!! CGPA: 3.5 LSAT: 172
  21. Ryerson is most likely..
  22. Unfortunately your CGPA puts you out at Ottawa and Osgoode (I think they use cGPA?), unless your LSAT turns out to be much higher than you thought. For Queen's and Western, who use L2 or B2, it depends on whether they will count your spring marks when they are available . If they do, and if your LSAT is in the low 160's, you will have a decent shot to get in, in the summer. For Windsor and Ryerson, no one can tell you with confidence, due to their holistic processes. Ryerson is probably your best bet, based on the acceptance thread this year, but Windsor is tricky. I assume that when you say you applied "everywhere", you are just another Ontarian who has forgotten about the rest of the country, so I won't mention any of the many fine schools beyond Upper Canada. -GM
  23. It happens, I couldn't tell you with what frequency though. I was told to apply broadly for 2L and see what you land. You can take more than one clinic over 2nd and 3rd year at Osgoode, you just cannot take more than one intensive (CLASP, Crim Intensive, Parkdale, or any of the 15-credit clinics). Meaning, you would be best to apply to all the clinics/intensives you are interested in 2L, hope to land something less than 15 credits (i.e. Innocence), and re-apply for 3L. From a scale of bad to good it would be awesome. Especially if it's a winter-term intensive that does not involve lectures or exams! It's as common to take an intensive in 3L as in 2L, you take what you can when you can.
  24. I have been at Queens for all 3 years of law school, so I can comment on that school In terms of studying business law, Queens has what I would consider a robust course offering int he area of corporate law, which you can begin taking in 2L. 1L is more about learning first principles and legal 'building blocks', as I like to think of it. There is also the Business Law Clinic, which you can do in 2L or 3L, or as a summer job. They work on files such as incorporation, employment contracts, that sort of thing for small businesses/ local start ups. There is also an active Corporate Law Club, as well as many other clubs for specific interests. In terms of community feeling, I have loved my time at Queens for this reason. When I talk about my law school with friends at different schools, I get the distinct feelings the the queen's community is more supportive. Law school can bread a very competitive environment, especially because you're grading on a curve. Yet there is a strong culture of note sharing, outline sharing, and assisting one another. QL has the free tutor program, where if you request a tutor, either for general study techniques or in specific subjects, the school will match with an upper year to provide tutoring, free of charge to you the student. It's a great program - almost every 1L asks for a tutor, just so they have an upper year to ask questions to! You say you don't want to live in Toronto. If that means you also don't want to work in Toronto, then I can say Kingston can be considerably cheaper (tuition and living costs). Kingston student housing can be dismal, but if you stay away from the student ghetto (which is primarily populate by undergrad students), there are several apartment buildings with nicer accommodation. If you went through my profile, you'd find lengthly post in Housing discussion about what to look for, where to look, and what to keep in mind. Many on this forum, including myself, will say it is useful to study where you want to practice, because you can more easily participate in employer recruiting events. If you want Bay St. Being in Toronto will make it easier to get to those firms for open houses, etc. But Bay St is not the only pace to practice corporate law. Queen's has great networking events with firms from Ottawa. There is lots of supports for things like OCIs and in-firm interviews, not just in Toronto but Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver. And if you want to move and work in a smaller market (as I did), the Careers Office is great one-on-one for providing resources. They also keep our internal job boards up to date with postings from various markets.
  25. I am an international applicant as well and just heard back from them yesterday. Wondering if they have reached out to you yet?
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