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  2. Queens B2, Western L2 and Ottawa GPA 100% OZ GPA 70% retake? 165+ will improve your chance for OZ
  3. That's exactly what I did...
  4. I managed to find this from the U of A website:
  5. I took the August lsat and scored a 160. My cgpa after the end of my 4th year will be roughly 3.6. My L2 will roughly be 3.9 or higher. My B2 will be the same. B3 will be roughly 3.81. I'm looking to apply to the following schools: Queens, Western, Oz, Dal and u of o. My EC are decent and my PS are good. Should I retake the LSAT? Or are my stats decent enough to get me in? thanks in advance!
  6. Today
  7. A typical split. high LSAT low GPA. Definitely apply in access category and gather all the documentations for your medical issues. Really hard to predict your chances but hope you get in somewhere. Rewrite and 170+ will certainly boost your chance.
  8. There is a disadvantage for writing in Jan. Offers starts going out as early as Dec. You should seriously consider doing Nov. Hire a private tutor if necessary (some offer on line tutoring). You can use Jan as a backup. Your GPA is very competitive and will most likely get an early offer if you have 160+
  9. Olsas conversion is 3.83 without my two semesters left but ya I am redoing my LSAT in January because I cant manage it being full time and nov is so soon and have my applications due soon
  10. You know the answer. 152 will not cut it. Should consider hiring a private tutor and do the Nov test. LOR will not compensate for low LSAT. Your CGPA is per OLSAS conversion?
  11. 9.1 on a 10 scale... Ottawa? You should convert your grades using OLSAS conversion chart https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ You should apply
  12. Thanks lh22. You must have saw my post. I went to Ottawa for 1L and I was going to post something about what I wrote.....
  13. Your B3 of 3.5 is low and your GPA is 3.2. 167 is not a competitive score for U of T. Many U of T applicants has 170+. I don't know how will your legal experience (legal associate?) have an impact on your application. I can only based my prediction on your stats only. However, work experience are considered "soft" in most cases. You may have a better chance for a few other Ontario schools but doesn't look competitive for U of T. However, please don't shy away from applying just because someone tells you your chance is not high. I have no access to your full application and I have been proven wrong before.
  14. I think one of the things they look for is how to get your point across while also being somewhat concise. From what I've read on the forums here as I was slowly figuring out to write, it seems most people don't get anywhere near close to the Ottawa character limit.
  15. It's definitely a hard question. It might be easier to go about it more broadly, specifically via the words "intervened" and "injustice". I'm sure the admissions team knows that not everybody has put their lives on the line for justice (not yet at least :P). You can define "injustice" as something big, like witnessing discrimination, or you could take it home and talk about something smaller from your daily life. You can define "intervene" as another big thing, like stepping in to stop a friend from being bullied... or you can use it to refer to how you were their shoulder to cry on, helping make sure they were okay. I imagine you could put a number of things, as long as you explain how those things are related to the prompt.
  16. no personal statement needed
  17. If you want to go to law school after your second year, then you should definitely apply.
  18. The question still remains of where you got this info about Alberta? Email?
  19. Intl. student here. Will be graduating undergraduate next year by June. It’s a three year program. I’m working on my application right now, mostly ON schools. I have strong sorts. Taking the October LSAT. I have a CGPA of 9.1 on a ten scale. I’m in my second year, should I apply?
  20. I’ll tell you what I’ve done, although some of the folks up in their ivory towers here seem to think that advice from lowly 0Ls isn’t of much use so make of this what you will. I didn’t find the U of T examples particularly helpful either although that’s what everyone seems to point to. I just... couldn’t in any way, shape or form relate to anything they talked about. What I did do was choose to focus on one aspect of my life and develop it into a narrative which spoke to why I wanted to attend law school. I’m not one of those people who volunteered, participated in campus politics, or was a member of a million clubs either. I actually largely hated my undergraduate experience aside from the academic work and my professors, which I typically found interesting (thank god). I commuted back and forth to school and spent as little time on campus as I possibly could. In my free time I played sports, worked out, read, watched netflix/gamed and drank with my buddies I already knew. Pretty typical for a middle-class college dude at a commuter school IMO, but perhaps a bit lackluster for someone applying to LS. So… I completely left academics/university/ECs out of my PS aside from stating that my grades had strongly trended upwards and instead focused on my work experience in the summers. Trust me when I say my jobs weren’t anything glamorous either - in fact, judging from others’ posts on this site, I’d say my WE is probably below average for LS applicants in terms of prestige or whatever. Society in general even thinks that people who do the kind of work I do are idiots, dumbasses, and the like. But I still managed to connect my experiences with why I wanted to go to law school, and that’s what I think is important. After some research I actually found a field that connects to my experiences and I used that in my personal statement too - even though it isn’t a field I know I necessarily want to eventually work in it still added to the genuine-ness of my application. I guess my point here is that if I can make a decent personal statement you can too. I’m not sure I’d consider mine great or even good by any means, but the feedback I’ve gotten has been pretty good after I made some tweaks and spent time mulling it over. I don’t know your background but maybe you can relate to my story a bit more than those attending or graduated from the esteemed University of Toronto. cheers.
  21. I’m preeettty sure this is the same for dal and U of C too.
  22. As per current scenario it will be online this winter.
  23. Is that it? I don’t have the prompt in front of me but I swear there were a few options. Also having a difficult time with this one and Western’s. I don’t really have any grand narratives centered around overcoming significant adversity or challenging the status-quo. Looks like I’ll be talking about my appreciation of music or something. Good luck!
  24. Can you submit the same application documents as the ones we use for the common law application such as the personal statement?
  25. I wrote close to the limit for the lowest character count school, and then revised, adjusted, and slightly expanded for the others. I ended up with something in the neighbourhood of 2/3 of the character count for the school I ended up attending.
  26. For what it's worth, I don't think the word count matters as long as you answer the questions. Also... no. Just no.
  27. Hm I'm not too sure. I don't want to give you the wrong information so I think you should probably email the schools and ask!
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