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  2. Same here, I think thats normal, but still a little disconserting.
  3. Mine still says provisional. Does anyone else have the same?
  4. I would go to Ryerson, big fan to say the least
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  6. In addition to ther above recommendations, take an Indigenous Law/ Indigenous People and the Law/ Aborginal and Indigeous law course. Some of the content will be property-related, but mostly, every law student should take a course in that area before graduating in order to get a better understanding of how our country/ justice system operates.
  7. Ryerson is not Apple and you’re the first to bring up “prestige.” Absent unique circumstances (must live in GTA during law school, for example), nobody should go to Ryerson over any other Ontario school except for perhaps Lakehead, especially this year. Think networking is going to be hard with an online 1L? Try doing it when there are zero grads in the profession.
  8. Why? All of my friends who went to Ottawa work with me in the GTA.
  9. Yeah going to Ottawa for the "prestige" is pretty funny to me
  10. If he wants to work in the GTA he should go to Ryerson.
  11. A friend of mine was in much the same position as you are. He completed the LPP and now has an excellent in house job. I know just one story but from my understanding far from unusual. I hope you find a suitable articling position but if not the LPP is a great option. Best of luck.
  12. Seems an insane case. I really feel bad for the judge for having to hear the trial, and write the judgment. Imagine the time it took to go through each of those issues. Looking over dates of trial, the trial took place over two years. Then took further two years to write judgment. Only to take another round to appeal... Lawyers laughing all the way to the bank at the prejudice of the parties.
  13. Sorry to pile on, since this thread doesn't seem to be going how you expected it to (unless you're into that sort of thing), but I think you have this part backwards too. Tuition doesn't depend on OSAP funding, if anything it's the reverse. In any case it doesn't appear as though either have decreased this year, just got my estimate and it's $17k.
  14. The exact figure of my funding estimate is $18,200; a large portion of which is grants due to my financial and general social circumstances. I think you are right in speculating my estimate reflects the max or near max funding amount possible to be allocated for Osgoode students this academic year- I wasn't aware of that myself actually but it's good to know.
  15. Got early acceptance in December along with U of M, was holding out on a couple more schools I was waitlisted for but I've decided to stick with USask. LSAT: 158 GPA: 3.6 Best two: 3.9 Alberta resident, tenuous Saskatchewan connection. 5 years experience in political work and community advocacy/organizing. Anyone know if there is a Facebook group or something like that for incoming 1L students?
  16. The short answer to the second question is yes, sometimes. Not commonly but it happens in certain contexts.
  17. I think it depends on how you are as a test taker, and only you would know that. I took the digital LSAT in October and I studied with paper practice tests. I did one digital practice test in the weeks prior to the the LSAT, but I only used it to make sure I knew how to use the program. I never actually completed the whole thing. Personally, I found it easier to go back through and understand my mistakes with paper tests. I had never taken a digital test in my life, so I found studying/practicing in ways that worked for me in the past to be helpful. Then when I took the digital test, I had to confidence that I knew what I was doing, regardless of the tablet. Again, totally depends on your learning/testing style, but using paper tests is do-able! I scored exactly what I was getting on the paper practice tests.
  18. Don't lose hope yet. There are a number of corporate positions for BigLaw and in-house positions in the LPP. Even if you don't get your ideal articling position, you may be able to snag one of those placements. You should be applying for placements soon, since I believe the first round of interviews are coming up in August. Keep us updated.
  19. Email said a decision has been made but not what that decision was. Minerva had a letter saying I was waitlisted.
  20. It’s worth noting, since OP seems inexperienced on this topic, that a lot of the insolvency work at big firms is going to involve much smaller companies than Sears or Target. It’s almost all going to involve institutional clients, but the big firms are often on for creditors in relatively small insolvency proceedings. Sears, Target, Nortel, etc are huge files that almost all of the big firms will be on in some fashion, but much of the work is going to involve real estate developers, manufacturing companies, construction companies, etc. It’s also worth noting that insolvency is an area that, like litigation, is amenable to boutique practice. That’s particularly true on the debtor side. Chambers ranks Thornton Grout Finnegan and Fishman Flanz Meland Paquin amongst the big law firms in their nationwide insolvency rankings, and both firms are <20 lawyers, I believe. It’s not clear if OP wants to work with average people or simply wants to work at a smaller firm, but if they want to work with a smaller firm and institutional clients, that’s an option in insolvency.
  21. Yup, my school stats were slightly higher but not by much. Got the waitlist letter back in April, was kind of bummed out but Western was not my first choice so everything is ok!
  22. Some of the older intro CPD stuff is free: https://store.lsuc.on.ca/Content/pdf/2016/CLE16-01202/CLE16-01202-pub.pdf Not sure about online resources generally though. There are lots but it's piecemeal or paywalled ($$$ CPD).
  23. Hey! I am new to this forum and was hoping to get some recommendations and advice for preparing to write the LSAT. I am finishing up my undergrad degree in Calgary at the UofC and aiming to write my LSAT in November. Are there any prep courses or textbooks that people would recommend? I want to really start studying for August in order to give myself enough time to prepare. Thanks!
  24. Hmmmm are those your OLSAS calculated gpas? Seems like it'd be very unlikely for someone not to be accepted with those stats. (assuming their personal statement isn't horrendous or has a significant error)
  25. Yesterday
  26. Oh you should note that if you choose to live in a house above High Street, the hill you walk up/down to go to school can be a bit of a pain in the winter! The hill that the law school is built into is significant. Pretty much every neighbourhood around the law school is on some kind of hill though. So try to be as close to the school as possible! But no worries if you plan on taking the bus & live farther away, as students get a free year-round bus pass & the buses are solid!
  27. Excuse the noobie question here, but in what capacities other than a mere transaction will a small/sole solicitor deal with private mortgages? Do lawyers play an integral role in the construction of private mortgages?
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