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  2. I did not get an offer for a training contract and I don’t think I will get one this year to be honest. I am sorry if I made it confusing in the post but I would’ve stayed here if I had one. I am thinking about living in Canada long-term because settling in the UK is not very appealing to me but I am just afraid that it’ll be even more competitive and difficult to find a job in Canada itself. I have read about the long-term residency in Canada and Québec and it seems that Canada is looking for many French-speaking people to come and work in the country. The UK with the brexit does not feel as welcoming but I am aware that I won’ have a problem working at a law firm in London as a Belgian and will get sponsored if that is necessary in the future. I have chosen to apply to Canadian law schools and my top choice is McGill because I like the fact that it focuses on human rights law. In the UK, it’s pretty much 95% commercial law and 5% human rights law opportunities. I would not mind working for a couple years in commercial but what I want is human rights law. Do you think it’s even more competitive in Canada? Is there less articling opportunities?
  3. Purchasing high-quality, locally-made art/clothing/goods from members of my community Visiting museums Trying new restaurants Not in the profession yet, but these are things I currently value when I have the chance to do them.
  4. Skating on an outdoor rink The Mandalorian Facetime with my mom Playing with my beagle puppy (edit - I cheated with four things)
  5. Thank you all for the input! I know people who have studied in AB and work in BC/vice versa, so I had been under the impression that it's not too difficult studying in one province and getting work in another if you have good experience + studied within Western(most) Canada. Good luck to everyone with exams this week! That's really interesting to hear about the different co-op employers. The main difference between co-op positions and summer student opportunities was something I couldn't quite wrap my head around (especially only having UBC's undergrad co-op as a reference). Thank you! Yes, the Kenney govt's cuts to funding is something I've been thinking about as well. I've heard of something around 7% increase in tuition (it's mostly hearsay for now afaik). In any case, I'm coming from Vancouver so Victoria and Calgary would still be cheaper to live in based on housing costs alone. Thank you so much for the great picture of Calgary and the regulatory/public interest opportunities there! This is exactly what I needed. And you were spot on, I did mean mostly Indigenous law re: IBAs. I know it's silly to worry too much about political bias within a law curriculum, but I felt like I should still ask.
  6. Accepted GPA: 91% (self-calculated) LSAT: 169 From Ontario
  7. Ok, so loosely career services based. Priorities. Let us assume you can afford you rent and basic payments. Let us assume you can put aside family and children. For YOU. Three things that make you happy. Random examples: wool socks. A bottle of scotch. Netflix. A good sushi takeout. The BOTW expansion pack. A golden retriever. Regular RMT massage. Whole bean coffee from that tiny hipster place. A call from your childhood friend. What three things sustain you and make you career choice worth it? Be honest. (Mean judgemental comments deleted on sight.)
  8. hey! I’m also at UOttawa and got hired in PEI for a summer position last summer. Many same firms/similar application process as NB. I emailed the student recruiters for each firm (if not available online I emailed general inquiries) and was able to interview with them over Christmas break. My recommendation is to just send them emails. Sooner rather than later, they do most of their hiring in January! Good luck
  9. I have an idea for a spin-off thread. Hang on.
  10. In queue dec 6 gpa 3.62 L2 3.74 lsat 159 filled out part b
  11. My grandparents had no difficulty at all getting drunk throughout 1969. I don't need "the golden age of TV" or artisanal food. I'd be perfectly happy with Philip Roth, Johnnie Walker, a brisket from Kensington Market, and getting high at a Hendrix concert. The 2019ers here can keep their Piano Piano, GOT, and small-batch craft alcohol.
  12. Probably not, but we're a mix of anxious suckers and stressed-out students.
  13. I begin articling earlier than this. However, I do want to minimize potential regrets as much as possible so definitely taking this into account. Thanks!
  14. Thanks to each of you. I will take your perspectives into account. My goal would be to be back by or before May 1st, if I did end up planning something. I feel like I will want a week break between 3L exams and beginning intensive bar prep!
  15. I’ve been with my wife since before the start of the Internet era, so I can’t touch this one. Might be one where the Luddites have a point.
  16. Somehow, introverts managed to date and get married in the 60s/70s too. There are boomers who have always been introverts!
  17. Many many people I know took a vacation before studying, including myself. You can do it. I started studying about May 5th and it was totally fine. I don’t think you need to feel pressured to start immediately but you should be reviewing your material by the beginning of May (and be prepared to put full days into reviewing).
  18. Do any of your firms publish similar grids for Ottawa? I find information is not shared as frequent. Would love to know if the raises apply to other offices of national firms or just Toronto.
  19. In order to make any decision on that choice, you'd need to dwell on your long-term future (and to be honest, it's a bit of an odd thing not to have done beforehand, since the routes lead to some very divergent possibilities). Do you want to live in Canada long-term? If so, do you want to live in Quebec? If not, why did you want to get a law degree from Canadian/Quebecois universities? If you want to live in Canada long-term, have you looked into the different requirements for Permanent Residency for people who want to settle in Quebec v settling elsewhere in Canada? (and if so, have you thought about that in deciding between McGill in QC, and Ottawa/T in ON?) Having thought a lot about that, if you want to live and work in Canada, a Canadian degree will make that a lot easier. If you don't, then it will be an expensive decoration that doesn't add much to your employability in Britain, Belgium, or France. The other thing to think about of course is whether or not you'd require, and be eligible for a work permit in Britain in a year or two's time, which at this point nobody can give you a firm yes or no to. On that front, Canada is a much more stable and predictable option if you can see something that you want and would be eligible for (with the caveat that immigration law can change rapidly, as a number of Quebecois international students found in recent weeks). And for that matter, you said 'many' students had training contract opportunities, but do you? Because if not, that's again an important factor to bear in mind. If you want a truly stable and predictable option, then it would be a degree/job in Belgium or France, but since you don't include that in your options, presumably you're willing to tolerate some level of risk/unpredictability.
  20. Does in queue mean anything significant? I went into queue on December 3rd
  21. Now that people have been receiving acceptances I would love to hear what you guys think my chances are: cGPA: 3.69 (bad first year) b3: 3.94 L2: 3.96 LSAT: 161 very strong upward trend on my transcript. Fairly strong ECs. Worked full time throughout undergrad. i understand my cGPA is below average but I would love to hear what you guys think. went into queue on December 3rd, would I have a chance of getting accepted in the first round?
  22. Just checked tonight and I went into queue on December 6th. GPA: 3.5 LSAT: 164 Mature category
  23. What Hedgis said is entirely correct. Based on the information you've provided, you seemingly won't accrue much debt and you already have a job lined up. Why did you apply to those Canadian law schools and incidentally why are you contemplating settling here after graduation? Your post is rather vague on your motivations.
  24. Please follow the suggestion in the banner at the top of the page. Any further extraneous posts will be deleted. Thanks.
  25. Your B3 corresponds to this year’s median and your LSAT to the 25th percentile so I think your chances are decent but you probably need a solid PS to be an early admit.
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