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  2. I haven't heard anything! Waiting until Monday but not hopeful by any means.... I have a class at 8:30 on Tuesday and i'm wondering if I should save myself the embarrassment of telling my professors before class that i'm expecting a call (so i don't look rude).
  3. PFOs for Davies too so if you got neither you are on the waitlist I think.
  4. OP, I had 5 D's and 6 C-range grades on my transcript. I also exhibited a downward trend, which is worse than your situation. Provide your complete transcript, and do not waste time or effort trying to explain it in writing. I can say that my abysmal undergrad marks had little effect on the number of OCIs / in-firms I received, but I did have to explain somewhat during my interviews as to what went on. Not that I had a good excuse - I was forthright in that I was young and lacking in time-management skills. Do not explain unless asked, of course.
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  6. Thank you. Good points. I haven't sent an email today but I'm worried I'll have grammatical errors or something.
  7. If they ask for your transcript then you should probably provide them your complete transcript...
  8. Do you mean for undergrad (i.e. for admissions purposes)? Or once you're in law school? If it's the latter, for 1L you have 7 courses in fall and 6 in winter. 2L/3L you can do 5/5.
  9. If you decide you aren't going to send them but despite your decision you are going to think non-stop about sending them, then just send them, because if you don't it will drive you nuts and may make you question the outcome in a bad way. I know other people said don't send them but I still think it's better to be on the safe side and send them if the firm didn't tell you not to. If you're saying you did send an email but it had an "error", what kind of error do you mean? Don't re-address a question...just my opinion.
  10. Still confused about thank you emails. How bad is it to not send them? I am worried that a short email (that might have an error!) is worse than not sending anything at all. Also- is it wrong to re-address a question I answered terribly during the interview?
  11. Ottawa I have 5 test booklets from LSAC and all three bibles from Powerscore. Plus I have the LSAT prep book. No writing in them or highlighting. $80
  12. Thanks for your advice! Follow up: do you think I should include my complete undergraduate transcript (from all 4 years), or only include transcripts from my last 2 years of undergrad?
  13. Been told that Gowlings have gone out, can't confirm it though.
  14. You need to just wait til after midterms. They tend to humble some of those loud talkers into silence. If you did well in your undergrad (which you must've to have gotten in), you have the potential and skillset to do well in 1L already. And so do those who took poli-sci and did well. Don't worry so much about what everyone else is saying, especially those who are acting like they got this in the bag the first month into full year courses.
  15. Any news on Davies, Stikeman or McCarthys if they had a second round today for ITCs/PFOs at UofT? For Gowling : they are not coming out till after Osgoode is done with their OCI (today) from what I heard. For people who did it last year, was there a wave of ITCs from all the firms after all schools were done with OCIs? Do boutiques come out later for labour and litigation than full service firms?
  16. My one day as ad-hock crown: 1) forgot to have the witness identify the accused - acquittal 2) called the witness police officer "Cst (accused last name)" - when obviously that wasn't his name and he was a Sgt. 3) found out the complainant in one trial was my ex-girlfriend the morning of (She had a very common first name and had gotten married- its a small town - but how was I supposed to know?). I was in a word the "worst" CC in history. But, they still asked me back. I still have had a long and successful career in the law. I have had some of the same pains I think I hear you speaking of - lack of mentors, lack of time, the feeling of being overwhelmed and almost fraudulent (like you should know how to do all these things already - 'cause law degree), the feeling like you are constantly swimming against a current- I would hazard to say many of these things are universal. Not that they should be accepted - but that you are not alone in these feelings. The reason you are probably feeling them - is because they are completely legitimate: - good mentors are out there but they are busy too and they are few and far between; - we never have enough time to do all that we think we should (well maybe some do- but I would say it is rare) - it doesn't take long for you to realize that law school didn't really prepare you for law. Law does that. - the reward for good work - is more work, we are all swimming against a tide of it at the beginning until we eventually (some never) get to the place where we can exercise some control. I deffer to MP on what to do - but know this - you can do this. If you have a passion for the work, the rest will come together.
  17. Received an interview invitation from Brion Raffoul earlier today
  18. I'm thinking being in 3rd year (and not any negative aspect of your application itself) might be the only reason the acceptance isn't any earlier.
  19. there isn't really a right or wrong answer, it's more about seeing how you prove your answer is the best
  20. 3.9/4.3 on the 4.3 scale I believe. Scored a 154 on my lsat but I am planning to re-write in Jan (pting around 157-164). Are there any Canadian schools that I have a decent chance at getting in with my current stats other than the Dual JD at Windsor (price is not justifiable for me personally)
  21. Your LSAT is not competitive. Will you re-write?
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