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  2. I guess my worry would be that they'll need something to filter through 100s of applications. Without grades, they'll go to experience...
  3. The bar fees are separate from the articling fees. That said, I'd call the LSO directly for advice since this is the kind of thing that may well begin flux right now. Edit: After you speak with them, you may wish to update on here to assist other students in your situation.
  4. Oui c'est bizarre, je ne vois pas de fil sur des offres d'admission pour UQAM 2020 alors peut-être ils sont très en retard par rapport Sherbrooke à cause du co-vid. En tout cas, félicitations sur ton offre d'admission à Sherbrooke!
  5. PSA: please don't be this frugal (unless you need to be to survive).
  6. I believe it was a 3.8, but I decided to cancel my offer to Windsor for Osgoode
  7. I actually applied for deferral to the class of 2023 as well. They had told me that one student was approved, I am assuming you, and there were a few others that had inquired. I have already submitted my request but I was just wondering roughly the reasoning for your deferral and what you had to provide. I am basing my request on a mental health and financial basis.
  8. I had my heart set on Ottawa then got into Queens and Osgoode. Never heard back from Ottawa even though that was the only school I was told I would get into lol. Just be patient you'll get in eventually. Looking back on that application cycle though...it feels like a huge blur.
  9. It's cheaper living off campus for sure. PM me and I can send you Facebook links to the housing groups Allard students use.
  10. I have heard nothing yet as well but no point in worrying.
  11. Bingo. There is almost no chance any respectable employer is going to treat a fresh Ryerson grad as a first year associate and hire them accordingly. Most likely they will be treated like articling students in terms of their strating pay and program, regardless of the formal requirements. But if they don't it will be even worse for Ryerson grads, because no employer in their right mind is going to hire a Ryerson grad straight out of school for a first year associate position over someone who graduated from another school and already articled (in addition to having volunteer and clinical experience that is thus far unavailable at Ryerson and is easily equivalent to Ryerson's external placement program that somehow got them the articling exemption). I will give Ryerson credit though; obviously this has been a great marketing tool, as illustrated by all the comments like the OP's on this site.
  12. Even if a layoff starts off as temporary, it may turn into a permanent one. If it does, the employee will be glad that they took home their things, especially if relations between the employer and employee end up souring down the road. Also, if it turns into a permanent layoff, the employee will be glad they started searching for jobs early. When my boss first laid us off, he was insistent that it was a temporary layoff and that all staff and lawyers would return to work by June 1, 2020. After two weeks, he ended up rehiring three employees (myself and the two managers). The four of us are now running the existing work. He has now pushed back the start date for the remaining employees, and is considering not rehiring them back at all. I asked him whether he needed to communicate with the laid-off employees that he was considering making the layoffs permanent, and he said there was too much uncertainty and that he would play things by ear.
  13. My $0.02. I wouldn't count on "not articling" until you're sure how your prospective employers would look at that. I work with someone from Lakehead, and I think the school offers the same deal, but I don't know if my colleague skipped articling altogether. I know they clerked before being hired though. I also think you'll also need to figure out what you mean by "human rights" law, because in my experience this isn't an area of practice as much as it is the type of cases you work within a practice area. And you may not have the luxury of picking your own cases to start with. Also, a focus on "human rights" limits your prospective employers so tailoring your experience to what they look for will be important. That said, I'll echo what's been said. The general rule is to go to school where you want to practice, unless the farther school offers a clear advantage. I don't think in your circumstances TRU does, so I would say go to Ryerson.
  14. Did we see the same interaction? This is an inaccurate representation of what happened. Three or four vocal students at most engaged in the "bullying" you speak of, but over half of the 1Ls supported some form of mandatory pass-fail, and many of them had legitimate reasons for doing so. Most of our cohort has been extremely respectful and understanding over the last few weeks.
  15. Interesting. At UBC there was a huge contingent of 1Ls shrieking and hectoring the Dean to try to morally blackmail her into going mandatory P/F, and being bullying asses to any students who politely disagreed with them, under the guise of completely disingenuous "equity" concerns. It was all very unpleasant and I'm disturbed by the fact that these people are going into law and are going to be the future leaders of our society. It's nice to see that (at least some) TRU students appear to be more level-headed; I'm sorry that you guys got the short end of the stick and are smart enough to realize it. I'm so glad I'm not a 1L currently. Anyways...we're in uncharted territory and nobody can give definitive answers right now, but it's pretty safe to say that summer jobs, publications, reference letters from professors, 2L term 1 grades, etc are going to matter more than ever. Good luck.
  16. Well said, thank you for letting us know. It is nice to hear input from someone who has contacted admissions directly. Congratulations by the way!
  17. Definitely mention charity and fundraising events. Community involvement is important to show. All the best
  18. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  19. That also seems far fetched. But considering things are not looking that much better so far, maybe they will have it be optional.
  20. I was accepted into Osgoode this past week and my acceptance window was from the date of the offer until the April 14th; in other words, about 2 weeks from the date my offer was sent out. Just speculating here, but I would imagine law schools are taking stock of the firm acceptances for those who had until April 1st to accept, and then people like me who had a slightly extended acceptance window due to being accepted at the end of March. I inquired into how full the class was at this point for Osgoode by calling the admissions office after receiving my offer as I was curious, and though I didn't get an exact answer, from what I understood from the conversation there are certainly still seats left in the class and applications they are reviewing.
  21. Employers will understand if you didn't do anything this summer given the circumstances. By all means, taking a course may be a good idea as opposed to doing nothing, but I doubt it will make a large difference.
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  23. The challenge is to show employers you weren't doing nothing during the summer. I'm going to try to learn more business (maybe take an online course) and try to be strategic about improving my legal studying skills (I'm not sure how yet).
  24. Hello I am starting a NON-PROFIT business directory ([mod edit: link redacted]) and it is 100%free for everyone and wondering if any part of our website including statements made or name of our website might cause any legal issues and is there any recommendation. I appreciate any advise Thank you
  25. Honestly - I have been way too nervous to even look so I was not aware at the number of acceptances handed out in April. Goodluck!
  26. I am in the exact same boat as you, been accepted to the Dual program as well with a 3.1cGPA, L2: 3.7, LSAT 160. I have yet to hear back from any other Ontario schools either. With that said, you’ll notice that if you look at past acceptance threads there are A LOT of acceptances still to be given out from all schools. You’ll notice that on average each school hands out between 20 to 40 acceptances (sometimes even more) from April to June and some in the following months after that. While we are both wondering what will happen, there is still hope and yes it is still early in the cycle. PM me if you’re interested in talking about our options!
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