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COVID-19: Community Plea

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We care about you. And most of you - our wonderful, anxious, kind, generous and gregarious posters - are in your 20s, maybe early 30s. And part of this board's function is to support each of you, but also to call each other out on our occasional stupid shit. So here's a big shove in the right direction, to you from your doting mods: STAY HOME. 

If you are still meeting each other face to face, anxious to start connecting with others for your future career, stop. If you are going out for a drink with one or two friends, stop. If you are kicking a ball around at the park with a group of people, stop. If you are going to a regular family gathering at mom's for dinner, stop. If you are heading out to a store every other day to get beer or a bag of Doritos or more mini-eggs, STOP. This has gone well beyond "wash your hands" (but also still wash your hands).

This applies to you. Yes, you, Meghan in Winnipeg. Yes, you, Andre just outside of Sudbury. Yes, you, Isabella and David in Golden, BC. Right now far too many of us think nothing of going out and hanging out because of a false sense of security. Often it's our age. Sometimes it's our location. Despite all evidence to the contrary some of us are still telling ourselves no symptoms = no risk. Whatever it is, it's a dangerous delusion. Not only will you indirectly expose elders (our parents!) (our grandparents!) and vulnerable people to contagion, you yourself are very much at risk for serious illness. Testing has not caught up anywhere near where it needs to be to keep us properly informed: we must assume it's everywhere. You can't ignore it because you're healthy and 26 and live in Truro.

This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Take care of yourselves and take care of everyone around you. Please stay home.



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