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Post-Grad Employment Rates from McGill? Is it a safe bet?

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Hi all,

Looking to matriculate at McGill in the fall. Low cost of tuition is great and living in Montreal seems nice. One thing that concerns me is that the CDO isn't as transparent about their post-grad statistics and articling placements. I find the practice a bit shady and am worried that a great # of students end up with unpaid placements because of the odd timing linked to the 3.5 yr timeline. 


Can any current students chime in?  Is McGill a safe bet for finding a job? 

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Depends on what kind of job you're asking about. 


But on the 3.5 year thing - there's a bit of awkwardness because of the 4 months obviously. But if you don't mind not rushing into work right after grad (why would you, aside from money, which.. McGill is cheap) then it presents no barrier to articling. Just be open to starting in September like everyone else.


I know not a single person who didn't find a stage or articling by end of bar school (cause Quebec's system is different)/September. I'm sure there are some, but I highly highly doubt it's any more than other schools. In fact, it's likely it's less than other schools because we have more jobs available to us.

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I graduated from McGill Law without an articling position lined up and I'm extremely grateful that I was able to devote myself to finding a position from January onwards. I don't know what I would have done if I had to manage school and looking for a position at the same time.

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I graduate from McGill in 2017 and don't know a single person who took an unpaid position. Some people took six months to find a placement, travelled, worked non-law jobs for a bit, but everyone seems to have landed somewhere decent.

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