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2019/2020 Toronto Articling Recruit (ITC Emails for Interviews)

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2 hours ago, sman99 said:



If I haven't been PFO;d or ITC'd, does that typically mean I'm somewhere along there waitlist waiting to see how the ITCs go?

It just means Georgia hasn't sent out the PFOs to your name yet. Same as Stikes. 

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49 minutes ago, lawstudent99999 said:

Does anyone know whether MAG/ any provincial government office are actually recruiting with the hiring freeze? 

The PFO I got from the Ministry of the Env. certainly made it sound like they were sti hiring. 

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15 hours ago, lawstudent99999 said:

From previous year threads it does not look like Dewart Gleason or Cavalluzzo send ITCs 

I know of someone who received an ITC from Cavalluzzo last year. On the other hand, a friend of mine did receive an interview from them but did not get an ITC last year. I've heard of that happening with a few firms.

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