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Sherbrooke Droit 2018: initiation activity?

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I'm a student going in to Law and just found out there is a 3 day initiation activity. It seems fun, but I'm not that much of a party person. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy to go out and partying, but I just saw the schedule (bar, dance, etc.) and I don't know if I'll really enjoy it. Are the initiations really worth going? I don't know anyone in my program, but I'm hoping I could be friends with them during my first day of class and later on instead. Will I feel out at place for not going to the initiation? Also, my cousin is getting married that weekend so I'll have to choose between the two events. If the initiation thing is a really must-go, then I guess I'll go. How many people actually go to the initiation? It's an honest question, I don't mean to be a party pooper, please don't be rude. Thank you! 

Please let me know,


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Honestly based on everything you said you shouldn’t go to the initiations. Missing a relative wedding just for that, imo, doesn’t make sense, especially if you’re not the party type. 

Yes, you might create some friendships a bit before class. But you’re going to see these people all day, everyday. Don’t worry. You’ll make friends in no time!

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