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Do you guys focus on only one section until you complete the book or do you switch it up while studying? 

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I think you mean books like powerscore? I personally read each book until I completed it then moved to the next section but I don't know how well it worked for me because now that I want to do some PT's I feel like I've forgotten what i learned back in the the first books.. so i'd recommend going back and forth like how the sample study schedules for Powerscore suggest in their setup.

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When I initially self-studied (166 final score), I would do a day of studying (or two) in one book, then switch to the next. I was lucky in that I didn't have to prepare as much for LR as I did for LG/RC. 

I think doing one book at a time would definitely lead to you forgetting some things from each book. You should probably be referencing each book throughout your study anyway. Personally, I ditched the books for my self-study once I had transformed their methods into what worked for me. 

Doing one book at a time seems like a bad idea, to me. 

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