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Anyone here take the JD/MBA program here, or know someone that did? Got accepted to this joint program with a $13200 scholarship, trying to decide whether to pick Dal’s JD/MBA or UBC’s JD, which I was accepted to with no scholarships.



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Don't know anything about Dal's JD or MBA programs but here's my 2 cents: 

I think the very first question you must ask yourself is - where do you want to work? These two schools are literally in two opposite coasts, and so where you work in the future will likely be in proximity to where you attend law school. The second question is, do you have an interest in business? If no, then don't even consider the JD/MBA. Your reasons for doing your MBA should be related to your interests as well as what you want to do in the future. 

For MBAs, where you go to school matters a lot more than where you get your JD. In Canada all JDs will provide you with a great legal education and you the career path options are more or less the same, although some schools may provide a higher chance for a certain path than others. MBAs however, from my limited understanding and from what I've been told, is a "networking degree." I'm sure 90% of what you will learn is the same across most or all b-schools but it is important to look into the reputation and alumni of the school.

So my best advice is for you to look at some JD/MBA alumni from Dalhousie and see where they are now and what they are doing. Does any of that interest you? Is that something you see yourself doing in the future? Maybe even reach out to some alum and talk to them how the MBA has helped or benefited their legal career, and whether they think it was worth it or not. Also ask them what they plan on doing in the future. .  

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Posted (edited)

I'm a Dal grad. A good portion of my graduation class was from BC, and IIRC, everyone found jobs in BC that wanted to return.

IMHO, I'd go to the school where you want to work afterwards. If that's BC, then I'd go to UBC notwithstanding the fact that (1) you'll get an MBA as well from Dal and (2) Dal grads generally place well across the country. (The MBA program at Dal is good, but I don't think it's nationally recognized or anything like that.)

Also, consider cost. I think MBAs are really expensive - does the scholarship make up that difference?

Dal could be a good choice if you want to live in another place for three years and you have a strong interest in the MBA, but if you are staying in BC, I think UBC is the choice.

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