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Civ Pro past exam answers

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Hi does anyone have answers to a past civ pro exam (ideally for the practitioners but not picky) and willing to share? Can't seem to track one down, and I have no idea how to approach writing an answer.

On a side note, any tips for preparing for civ pro? Everything seems like a blur atm. Should I be aiming to memorize as much as I can, or getting comfortable with the summary to refer back to? Thanks

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I was going to respond to your PM but I figured I'd post the answer here in case it helps anyone else.

First, I do not believe that one should ever, ever, (ever) prepare for a law school exam by aiming to memorize as much as you can. That's a terrible idea. Don't do that. I don't know why you would have done that for your 1L exams or how that worked for you but if that's what you're doing, I would highly recommend stopping that immediately. Your summary is probably 150 pages long and available at your fingertips. Why would you aim to memorize it?

I always found that the best way to prepare for law school exams was to find an old exam and practice answering it. This way, you get experience issue-spotting, and in any event it's highly likely that the prof's exam this year will look 80% the same as the exam from last year, so you'll probably get a leg-up on prewriting your future answer.

The practitioners who teach civ pro at Western use slides. If you cannot find a summary, read the slides. If I remember correctly they're quite succinct.

Good luck.


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I don't think you should aim to "memorize" anything, but I think you should know and understand and have engaged enough with your materials that your summary is an aid - something you don't really need and don't look at much but you may need to flip to if a case escapes your memory or once you're done to make sure you used the right test, etc. I never used my summary much - the act of putting it together solidified the material in my mind so that it was actually "memorized" without sitting and cramming to intentionally do that.

Civ Pro is about the rules. As a starting point, you should know your way around them and know generally where to find the rule you need.

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