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Juste un update pour ceux sur la liste d'attente à Laval:

La madame s'est fait dire aujourd'hui que finalement ils allaient commencer à contacter les personnes sur la liste d'attente vers la mi-juin...

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J'ai téléphoné cette semaine et je suis au 26e rang à Sherbrooke. La dame m'a aussi dit qu'il ne contacterait pas personne sur la liste d'attente avant août.... Elle m'a dit que c'était vraiment une année exceptionnelle cette année....Je crois bien que je n'entrerai pas cette année. 

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    • Ok, but I can fall into downward spirals really easily, too. I don’t have a label for why that is but I know I’ve been that way almost as long as I can remember. But it isn’t anyone else’s fault or anyone else’s responsibility to get me out, though I appreciate the love and support of those who can and do. My meltdowns are my issue that I have learned to deal with as best as I can. I can’t control what other people do and say.
    • More seriously, people are not entitled to uncritical reinforcement of their self-esteem.  No doubt it would make them feel better if they were, but they aren't entitled to that.  If I want to wear fishnet stockings, great for me, but I'm not entitled to validation from others.  
    • I went to the one in Feb but I brought both my parents with. A lot of other people did as well. 
    • Maybe I wasn't clear. If someone says e.g., hey, I have all As and B+, more As, and I'm worried my marks aren't good enough to find paying articles, doesn't that push people with worse marks (who are vulnerable) into downward spirals? Why is it wrong to tell the person with such high marks who asks on this board if they're good enough to find articles that they're being ridiculous?
    • One can sideswipe others in poking fun at themselves. And I don't think mb expressing doubt on his ability to pull off fishnets comes at any cost to  his own self-image (although I could be wrong).