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Social Atmosphere for CEGEP Students

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Hi there! I’m new to this forum but it seems like a great place to get helpful info from other students. As a CEGEP student, I’m deciding whether I should go directly into law or do an undergraduate degree. I was wondering specifically about what it feels like socially, since if I went straight into law I’d be with people significantly older than me: is it harder to fit in / does it affect your social life? I’m not an outgoing type of person, although I’m not overly shy either.

Most answers seem to discuss whether someone’s academically ready (my R-score is 38 so I generally feel good about things from an academic perspective) or about getting job chances after (if I went straight into law I’d definitely get a Master’s to have more experience), so I wanted to know from people who’ve been there specifically about the social aspect. 

Thank you in advance for your help! :)

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Depends what you are looking for and your personality.

I came in straight from CÉGEP, and I made many friends in the same situation. Usually, at the beginning of law school, CÉGEP students hang together, but this fades over time. Doing your law degree will be extremely demanding though, hence you will have less time to enjoy the "social atmosphere" if you want to maintain very high grades. This is not true for every one, but there is an inverse correlation between partying a lot and good grades. 

Also, the "social atmosphere" is toned down compared to other programs where you have Carnival and other huge parties. Indeed, people are older when they come in, and more serious. For CÉGEP students looking to have fun, this can be rough. McGill takes roughly 30 CÉGEP students, the rest are from undergrads and grads. It's not the same "social atmosphere" as doing a Management or Arts degree, let's say. You might be disappointed. I know that some of my friends coming from CÉGEP were. Others were very mature, already know what they wanted to do, and were just satisfied. 

It truly depends on who you are.

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