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    • I will keep my eye out for that. Thanks. 
    • Just talked to Leanne, I was #38 2 weeks ago and as of today, I am #21/90. She told me she expects a lot of movement in the next 2 weeks. 
    • Administrative bodies don't get as much deference on Charter issues. And again, the issue, as Rowe pointed out and as I said in the other thread, is not what the religious organization believes, but whether they even have a right under freedom of religion to ask other people to sign the covenant, and he says they don't have that right. That's not failing to defer to a religious organization, it's delineating the scope or sphere within which they may operate according to their beliefs. 
    • Hi everyone, I've been absorbing all the information this forum could provide me and one thing is for certain, U of T is a longshot. With that being said, there is still a part of me that is hoping it could work out somehow but I wanted to get opinions from people who have already applied and heard back or have been a part of admission committee's for graduate schools.   Basically, my GPA is trash. I can probably work super hard this year and get it a little higher than a 3.0, but that's it. I know U of T looks at all four years and does not really consider anyone who's GPA is below something like a 3.7. But with that being said, I have amazing practical experience. I've interned at UN HQ in NY, worked at the Dep. of Justice etc. In addition, my LSAT score is in the 160's. I really am a good student, but because of family problems these past two years, my focus was not on my education.   What do you guys think? If not U of T, what other Law School's would you recommend I go for? Because of said family problems, I am absolutely committed to becoming a lawyer and learning the law. However, I need to find a school that'll give me the chance to do that!   Thanks!  
    • It was written in haste , hence the writing style.    Thanks for the suggestions everyone