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Complete 2017 PowerScore Trilogy / Workbooks / 2 vols 10 preptests (Vancouver)

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I'm looking to get rid of all three 2017 Edition PowerScore "Bibles" (Logical Reasoning; Logic Games; Reading Comprehension). All three are in excellent shape - I've done some of the practice questions in pencil, but nothing is marked up in permanent ink or even marked up that extensively. In addition I have all three corresponding workbooks. I barely touched the logic games workbook (again only in pencil). Other than that I didn't even open them. 

In addition to the PowerScore stuff, I have 2 volumes of "10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests". One of them is 42-51, the other is 62-71. In these I made diagrams on the logic games sections, but again only in pencil. Nothing was done in ink/highlighter, everything can be erased.

Looking to sell everything in one shot. I'm at $120. This is pretty much a third of the price, if not more. Mark-up in each text is minimal, and everything can be erased.

In Vancouver. 

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