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    • Not directly related to law school ranking, but a healthy reminded that the success of a school's graduates isn't necessarily a measure of school quality. NYC has elite high schools whose graduates overwhelmingly place at Ivy League (or equivalent) universities.  Signs that they're good schools right?  Hmm, not so much, according to the Brookings Institute:  https://www.brookings.edu/research/evidence-on-new-york-city-and-boston-exam-schools/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=es Their research suggests that students who are "just" admitted to those schools don't do any better than students who "just" miss the admissions cut-off (i.e., functionally identical students who differ only in the schools they attend).  In other words, where kids go to school has no impact on whether they attend ivy league schools, suggesting that the "quality" impact of the elite schools are overrated.  They found similar results for schools in Boston too.  If elite schools place better than non-elite schools, the data suggests its because they admit elite students, not that they're better schools.   Something to keep in mind while ranking law schools.  
    • Did you apply for first year JD? I am confused how you would have been able to apply past the November 1st deadline. Are you a transfer student?
    • i applied i february 2018 and i have 3.88 (B2) gpa and 160 lsat and i still have not heard back from queens...in their website i logged in and still says pending. is this normal? how am i supposed to even have time to find a place to live in kingston if they happen to accept me so late...
    • To my knowledge most students just paid their rent over the summer months to secure their place and avoid the inconvenience of moving every year. However, there were definitely some who found landlords willing to do 8 month leases. There's no harm in speaking with a rental manager/landlord about it even if an ad says 1 year lease required. Landlords in Kamloops seem to love renting to law students and some are willing to waive or reduce summer rent just to secure a mature student renter for 3 years. Plus in BC, like most provinces, there's a 30 day notice requirement for moving out of a rental so you'll likely see a big jump in places available for rent starting in September with a variety of lease requirements after August 1.