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    • Lots of boutiques / mid-sized firms don't do third interviews or lunches or things like that.
    • Where are you applying, first and foremost? If you're applying to Ontario schools through OLSAS, you'll find that it's not so much a "tell us about yourself here" as it is a "here are some questions, answer them while also telling us about yourself". A personal statement is about you, yes. But it is also a way of seeing how you think and relate things to one another. If the question for one school was "what are some accomplishments that would help you in law school" and your answer is "well I have mental health challenges", you'll give off more of a entitled-free-pass vibe rather than demonstrating reason. A personal statement is also a means of demonstrating that you will succeed in law school. There will be sections on OLSAS that are specifically for explaining extenuating circumstances, such as mental health challenges. It is there that you want to briefly explain what it is, and more so focus on how you overcome it and can succeed despite it.  In my general personal statement, I only spoke about my own extenuating factors for 3 sentences at the end. I submitted all the relevant documents related to this claim. When there was a section to expand on it, I gave a detailed response. Don't make it the centre-piece of your personal statement. Talk about who you are and how you've succeeded, and then demonstrate that the challenges you face motivate you to work even harder to succeed.
    • I wont derail the thread so ill just leave it here, but my experiences when interacting with kids going to U of T med in my last year downtown in the MS building and through my experience in UHN indicates to me that U of T Med really does not care about undergrad institution( I mean within reason, as long as its accredited lol) I also don't think they would post something on their website, but have an unofficial policy which contradicts the official given policy. U of T med is about MCAT, VERY HIGH b3 gpa ( the MEDIAN is a 3.95! lol), a dash of luck, and a lot of them have great research publications form undergrad. But since this isn't the premed forum, ill leave it at that