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Experiences at Moncton?

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Hello all! Or dois-je dire, Salut tout le monde! 

J'aimerais écouter plus des étudiants de Moncton. Il semble que tous les étudiants ici sont silencieux! 

J'aimerais savoir plus sur l'université. C'est amiable? Les professeurs son sympathique?

I am thinking of applying here for the Sept 2018 start date. I have applied within Ontario already but wanted to check other provinces out too and I like the dedication Moncton has to French, but I can't seem to find much about them in terms of student satisfaction, reputability, etc. 

Thoughts, opinions and all welcome!  

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La faculté de droit opère de manière assez indépendante de la faculté de droit.

Les étudiants sont silencieux parce que je ne crois pas que ce forum ne soit trop populaire ou intéressant aux gens du coin. C'est plutôt populaire en Ontario / dans l'ouest canadien.

Les professeurs sont bons, il y a eu quelques ajout récemment au corps professoral alors c'est difficile de dire exactement quel est la qualité (j'ai gradué en avril 2017).

C'est certain que l'emphase sur le français est unique au Canada. C'est une petite faculté avec de petite classe alors c'est certain que tous les collègues deviennent une petite famille.

Au niveau de la réputation celle-ci est quelque peu jugé de manière négative mais honnêtement je ne crois pas que cela est justifié. Les gens attribuent beaucoup de poids et d'importance aux évaluation faite par MacLean mais ce sont des analyses et donné quelque peu inexact puisqu'une petite cohorte ne produira pas beaucoup de diplômé qui travaillerons sur Bay Street ou pour des juges de la Cour suprême.

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    • Thanks for the input. Yeah, the climate isn't the biggest factor for me. I want to live and work in either Calgary or Vancouver because I have family in both cities. Not Edmonton. I understand that if I want to practice in BC (UBC/UVIC aren't an option for me) U of A is the better choice. So is it worth going to Edmonton and networking out there even though I have no intention of staying there? Or should I go to Calgary where there is a fairly good chance I might stay there.    I'm probably going to end up attending U of A because the tuition and cost of living are cheaper and I'm paying for school myself.
    • @Psychometronic I agree with you it wasn' ideal, there are better ways to handle it, I would have personally loved 4 months and taken my time in a different manner but that's just me, in reality the situation unfolded differently  My reason for mentioning that was more to illustrate to OP that although I averaged 168 over a large sample size( over 30 practice tests, albeit i showed high variance e.g. scoring 172 on a test and next day scoring a 160) and my max tail end of my lsat score distribution was in the high 170 range, my actual real day test scores ended up being all the way at the other end of the distribution tail end ( the 160 and 162 range, literally my lowest scores in my entire distribution), and this was not due to nerves I usually looked forward to the moment to be honest, there are reason I can speculate to why this happened but not relevant to my point for OP. Point was mostly that I know it sucks but sometimes our lsat scores in our practice tests can Defintley predict our possible range for test day, but to predict the exact score could be more difficult e.g. it could end up on the high end of your distribution or the low end, planning for the absolute high end is probably not a good idea in making life plans      Age should not necessarily be a deterrent, I myself will be 28 when I enter law school this September , but for my situation it makes sense to me , for others it may not , we each must individually evaluate our own circumstances I have known people to go to medical school in a md/PhD program finishing  at 40 and eventually  become faculty head in that md/PhD program  , I know multiple people who started their PhD at 26 ( PhD in biologal sciences can easily take 5 to 6 years sometimes depeding on school and field etc) so they finished mid 30s after postdocs etc and they ended up in tenure track professors jobs at very respected institutions, great life great salary they love their job etc etc etc  Don' let age alone stop you, but look carefully at your situation and where you wanna be at a given age and how you want your circumstances to be ( some people might want to already be earning a living for their family at 31, not applying to law schools ),     
    • *Whoops, I should've probably mentioned that I did in fact receive an offer with the above stats and that's why I wouldn't worry if I were you lol. Good luck!
    • Why not? Do you not figure that the students are any different in between NYU and Cardozo?