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Access vs General

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I am wondering if there is really any difference in the two categories, like if one would produce better chances than the other. I check all the boxes, so to speak, for an access applicant, but I guess my stats are closer to a general applicant. Any insight on what I should do?


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    • I'd like to offer a different perspective on why you should go to Queen's, in addition to everything stated above. I have found that lawyers coming from Ontario schools have a surprisingly easier time finding jobs in Western Canada (sometimes, even easier than some graduates of Western Canadian schools). This appears to mirror a general trend in Canada where it's easier to move East to West, and much harder to move West to East. In my cohort, a handful of students secured jobs at big firms in Western provinces without having necessarily the most competitive grades. I do note, however, that many of these people were originally from out West (i.e., they were able to establish a connection). Even so, I also notice many Western firms respect Bay Street experience - that is, if you want to move out there one day in the future after working for some years here. Just a thought. Also, I'd like to qualify the above observation by noting these are just some observations I've noted over the years, and it may not hold necessarily  true in all cases.
    • ITC Lerners, ONA, Bales Beall, Rachlin & Wolfson, Bell Temple. Waitlist Iler Campbell. 
    • Yeah I’ve heard 1L has a tendency to do that lol 
    • There is literally no point* in living in Vancouver unless you're going to stick around for the summers, so I would take that into consideration.            * - I guess you could get up to the city mountains a couple times as a law student with the odd trip to a bigger hill. In that case, there may be one point.