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Should I take less than ideal job in a less than ideal location or wait it out

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Lawyercvb    0

Here is the problem:

I have recently been offered a doing quazi-legal work for an organization that I'm sure I would love to work for but it is not in a city I want to live in where there is limited upward potential. I am leaning towards accepting it, keep applying elsewhere and then leaving when something better comes around. Is this a common tactic amongst new calls? I know that it looks bad and it screws the other organization over if I do indeed leave but here is my situation:


1. I am an anxious person generally and having a job while help alot with that.

2. Since being called I have exclusively been applying to government/public sector organizations which can take months or up to a year to fill a vacancy.

3. I am on EI which definitely helps but this position pays approximately 70k + benefits.


Downsides include:

1. It looks bad if I leave very shortly after joining

2. Moving costs will likely be significant (2-3k)

3. I will be stuck with a 4 month lease minimum (if I can take over a students place for the summer)


As for a little bit of context I've had written tests/ preliminary interviews with organizations such as provincial/federal government, and a few international organization (think UN/OECD/Commonwealth) which are the type of organizations I wish to work it. Articling was by far the worst experience of my life, I worked insane hours got treated very poorly and learned almost nothing. I know other law firms arn't all like that but my experience turned me off all firms (for better or worse)


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If I were you, I'd take the job.  But I'm more of a cautious type.  I have in fact done exactly this - taken a job in a town I'm not crazy about, because it was the kind of work I wanted to do.


If you do this, I think you owe it to yourself and to the employer to stick it out for a period of time.  Personally, I think about two years sounds good.  You owe it to yourself because you won't even really know what the job and town is like after only a few months.  I actually liked the two small towns I lived in that I initially thought I would hate.  It also doesn't make you look "flakey" if you have a really short job on your C.V.


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providence    2331

I would take it but keep applying. I don't agree with Malicious Prosecutor that you should stay for two years no matter what. If your dream job and dream location are offered to you 6 months in, OBVS you would take that opportunity. But if they don't materialize, I would stay in that job for a while to build your CV. 

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conge    605

I'd take the job and keep applying for gov't jobs.

If you get gov't job, then you'll have a real decision to make.

Right now, it's just a decision between having job and not having a job - take the job.

I know you say you're sworn off private practice, but you also admit you learned nothing during articles - I would encourage you to apply to private practice jobs as well; there are likely more of them (than NGO/Govn't jobs) and you'll gain valuable legal experience that you can't really get in any where else. It will also beef up your resume because right now it sounds like you have no experience as a practicing lawyer (and in my limited experience, if you didn't article with govt or clerk, getting a position is tough without prior experience.)

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