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Chances - cGPA 3.95 with reduced course load; LSAT 153

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Hi everyone. My LSAT isn't the greatest but I am hoping my GPA can make up for it. With that said, I took a reduced course load during undergrad - 4 courses in each fall and winter semester, and 1 or 2 during the summer. Do you think not taking the full 100% course load will decrease my chances? I would ideally like to stay in Ontario. 

ECs are okay. LORs good, but not super amazing. 

Thanks in advance

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I wouldn't worry too much about the 4/5 courseload. I did the same thing throughout undergrad and got accepted at several schools (including Osgoode and Ottawa).

I would still recommend trying for a higher LSAT. There's no shame in retaking the LSAT. :)

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