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Recherche coloc étudiant(e)

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Bonjour! Je suis une étudiante en droit à l'université de Moncton qui commence ce Septembre 2017. Je recherche un/une coloc pour partager mon appartement de 2 chambres sur la rue McLaughlin, juste derrière le campus. C'est un nouvel appartement, très propre et proche de tout! Appareils ménagers et lave vaisselle inclus!

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    • I went to CIBC, Scotia, and TD. 

      Scotia offered - $125K at prime
      - Offered a credit card with $10K limit (waived the annual fee) TD offered - $100K at prime CIBC offered - $100K at prime +1.

      They all are pretty much 5 - 10 minute application forms I sat with a representative at each bank and the process is nearly identical at all three. The reps mentioned you do not need a co-signer unless you have some credit red flags, which would then require a guarantor (not a co-signer). I did not discuss repayment terms. 

      Prime is currently at 3.45%. 
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