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Questions about OCI timeline

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Hi everyone, I have a few questions about when the OCI starts this summer and how it works. I just finished my 1L in Toronto and found a summer job at a law firm outside the country. I will finish my summer job in July and return to Toronto in early August.

Q1. Should I end my summer job early and return to Toronto in mid July in case I missed anything without knowing? From the information I have gathered now, we should apply for OCI in early July and will get some interviews in early August if we are qualified and lucky. 

Q2. Will we have any opportunities for 2L summer jobs after our 2L semester begins?

Q3. I understand grades are important. If I just have average grades in 1L (like 40%-60% ranking in the class), should I even try to apply for these OCIs?

Q4. How does OCI application works? My current understanding is that we submit our application through career centre and they will come to our campus for interviewing qualified candidates?

I know my school has info session but I will likely miss it due to my summer job. I will appreciate any inputs about the timeline so that I can talk to my supervisor in advance. Thanks again.


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1) Your timeline is off. OCI applications are due mid-late August. Interviews won't be until the school year starts. Depending on how much time there is between the end of your job and the application deadline, you might want to start working on cover letters while you are working. I don't think that is necessary though. 

2) There will be opportunities outside of the OCI process throughout the semester. 

3) You should absolutely still apply. 

4) The OCI process in a TL;DR - apply in August, on campus interview in Sept or Oct depending on when your school is scheduled, in-firm interviews in Nov. 

You do not need to leave your summer job early. 

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Thank you so much! The timeline I checked was for New York firms. I was assuming it was same as Toronto firms. Thanks again for clarifying my misunderstanding.

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