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6 hours ago, fromthesix15 said:

So I found out my waitlist rank is in the 90s. Should I just give up on hope at this point?

My rank is in the low 40s. They said the waitlist usually moves at least 20-25 places and that this was a borderline position - not impossible, but not probable. So, unfortunately, the answer to your question may be a yes.


3 hours ago, Trenchcoatguy said:

Did you contact them to receive your waitlist position?  I am also waitlisted but have not heard back about my ranking.

I believe you need to call and ask for your position.

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On 3/24/2017 at 6:27 PM, Bard19 said:

Got the email today and application status was updated to "waitlisted"


GPA (confirmed): 82.2%

LSAT: 162


index (self calculated): 90.77

Ranking is in the 80s as of yesterday, definitely unlikely that I'll be getting an offer.

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Offered admission off the waitlist and have accepted the offer!! 

I initially called on May 22 and was told that I was #20 on the waitlist. Called again two weeks later and was #14. One week after that I was #12. Fast forward another two weeks I was #9. One week after being #9, I got the phone call about the offer (July 11). My index is 91.24 based on the equation on this forum with confirmed GPA. I hope this will help those who are still waiting! 

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