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LSAC GPA - Percentage Grades

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My school (University of Regina) only gives out percentage grades on my transcript.

They have a chart that converts your percentage grade to a corresponding letter grade. But there are no letter grades on my transcript.

According to a LSAC chart, percentage grades are looked vastly different in America than in Canada. If I calculate my GPA (92%) based on the corresponding letter grades at my institution, my GPA is 4.1. However, those letter grades aren't on the transcript, so my GPA from percentage grade is 3.75 according to LSAC.

My question is, since there's a huge discrepancy, what can I do? I talked to LSAC and they seemed pretty fixated on taking whatever is on the transcript.

For note, I haven't sent in anything yet, but since it's such a huge difference it's causing me huge concern.

Does anyone have experience with this? I know University of Waterloo only has percentage grades as well.


I'm in a mild panic all day, so I would love some clarification.



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I’m having the exact same problem with U of R. Would love some advice from someone who went through the same thing.


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