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Rejected from McGill 2017

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On 2017-05-25 at 2:39 PM, TocquevilleVoltaire said:

Refused on Tuesday 23 May at 20:00 with generic rejection letter. I had completed my application at the beginning of October. It took 9 months to get an answer.

LSAT 157, Bachelor’s from McGill, Master’s from London School of Economics, work on Parliament Hill and with the United Nations.

Good luck to those still waiting for an answer!

For those who were refused, anyone else find the long wait and standard refusal letter disappointing, especially after a $100 application fee? Perhaps we could a write a joint letter to the Dean?

I would hope that if past refusals re-apply, they will get their answers a lot sooner than the end of May...

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Posted (edited)

Quick update for those rejected. If you call the admissions office, they will tell you what the GPA for your application was calculated to be! Helpful little note to assist you assess the value of reapplying!

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Refused today:  limited space available. Hoping for a better and quicker response next cycle!

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