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Wont Let Me Enrol After Receiving Offer

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    • Please stay around and look at the other posts and threads here! There are many discussions that happen (politics, law school, lawyer life, business, etc) that could use other voices! Good luck in whatever you do đŸ˜„
    • If someone posts here, hey, is an A+ the highest grade at U of X, and I'm worried because if it's not the highest grade I'm not top of my class and am a failure given my expectations, they're being ridiculous both because the question they're asking is readily answered not on these forums but by asking their own school X or a Google search, and because their stated fear is ridiculous. Furthermore, if the person's fear was subjectively genuine - maybe they're suffering from imposter syndrome? - then isn't ridiculing their fears as baseless better than encouraging them to be afraid?
    • This is 100% true. I feel like I could preach a gospel about overcoming obstacles and it involves looking at where you are, deciding it’s unacceptable to you, looking at where you want to go, setting small incremental goals and working your ass off to meet them, trying over and over again when you fail. Coddling people does not help them at all. 
    • Damn this makes me worry. I have: CGPA: 3.91 L2: 3.90 155 Lackluster ECRS and LORS
    • You know, when the people who are in a bad place post here, they usually get some degree of compassion (often sandwiched around brutal, but useful, advice). But you're not asking for empathy or compassion, you're staying that people shouldn't go about their own business in a way that harms the self-esteem of others.  That's overreaching.