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GPA 3.48/4.3 What LSAT Score Needed?

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So after my drops I have a GPA of 3.48/4.3. What would I need on the LSAT for a realistic chance of acceptance. Is this GPA too low to the point where I should not even bother writing it or is it worth a shot? I have booked the LSAT in June 2017 and will spend the next 5 months studying. Thanks

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According to the admissions department, average stats for admitted applicants last year were roughly 3.7/4.3 and 158. you could spend a few minutes browsing through previous accepted threads to see what LSAT numbers were getting people in with similar GPAs to your own. bear in mind that your maritime connection, personal statement, and (since you would likely be a borderline applicant) letters of reference will be factors

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