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WANT TO KNOW YOUR CHANCES? Read this first — How to get feedback/advice on your chances

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The mod team has decided that we will no longer have a single thread for chances posts, but rather everyone will be invited to create their own topic where they can receive advice. If you're looking to create your own chances thread, here are some things we suggest you do:


  1. If you're applying to Ontario schools, make sure you know your OLSAS GPA. You can calculate it using the linked tool or do it manually given the instructions by OLSAS. Using the tool will also give you your estimated L2 and B3 — two scores that are important for certain Ontario schools.
  2. If you're applying to schools outside of Ontario, make sure you standardize your GPA based on what those schools typically require. For example, UBC requires percentage averages, UNB requires your average on the 4.3 scale. There's a calculator for UBC, but you will need to manually calculate your 4.3 average.
  3. If you haven't written the LSAT yet, it's recommended that you write a diagnostic under timed conditions before you post here. Without any idea of how you will do on the LSAT, you cannot be given advice reasonably. While a diagnostic is nowhere near as helpful as a real score, it's a step in the right direction and will ensure you at least get some meaningful advice.
  4. You might want to plug your stats into the Ontario and/or UBC predictor. Both of these work off of the data posted on the forums — they attempt to predict your chances based on your GPA and LSAT for various schools. This might give you some idea of where you stand before you even ask. For some, this information might be enough as it is. If you're curious how it works, you can learn more here.
  5. Once you decide you're going to post your chances thread, please format your subject line with as much at-a-glance information as possible. This includes providing your cGPA, LSAT, L2, and optionally B3 scores in the thread title. For example: Chances? (3.68 cGPA / 3.87 L2 / 165). The mods will eventually edit your topic title if you haven't included this information, but we prefer you did it when you create your thread.
  6. Make sure you provide any relevant information in your thread to allow members to give their assessments. This includes: what schools you want to apply to, where you would like to live/work, what type of law you might be interested in doing, any special considerations that might apply (mature applicant, low grade/test score explanations), etc. We recommend you don't include identifiable or detailed personal information, but a broad description of your circumstances will allow people to give you a better idea on what to expect.
  7. Finally, be prepared to accept honest and blunt criticism. Many of our members are already law students or practicing lawyers, and therefore understand what is necessary to get admitted to law school and succeed in practice. They will graciously share their thoughts if they are able to provide meaningful advice, but, as is the nature of the profession, they will typically not sugar-coat what they say nor will they provide false hope. That being said, they will generally be tactful, civil, and considerate in the way they give their advice (and if someone doesn't, feel free to report the post to the mods).

What not to do:

  • Don't create multiple threads. One thread in the General Discussion forum is acceptable if you want general advice about all schools you are considering. It is also acceptable to post one thread in a school-specific forum if you want chances advice about that one school in particular — but you cannot do both (posting in a school-specific forum and in General Discussion), so more likely you will just want a thread in General Discussion.
  • Don't bump your thread if you don't receive responses quickly enough. At some point, someone will get around to posting. Please be patient.


If you have any feedback about what I've written above, feel free to PM me.

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