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On ‎10‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 7:38 AM, QuincyWagstaff said:

I haven't posted on here before but this comment motivated me to signup and post, so thanks QuincyWagstaff there goes my billables.

I think these commentators are misinformed about the national reputation of UNB, particularly in Vancouver.

UNB is seen as a small school with a really good reputation for black letter law courses. Strangely, UNB alumni have a very strong presence in DT Vancouver firms.  There are also a lot of hidden UNB students (hidden because their profiles will say they graduated from other schools), these lawyers are UNB students that transferred to other schools in second year.  UNB seems to be one of those schools where West Coasters transfer home from, most be the cold. I personally know 5 lawyers in my call year that work at the top national firms in Vancouver that went to UNB their first year then transferred out (the majority say they wished they had stayed the full 3 years but thought the same way as QuincyWagstaff). In terms of interviews and job prospects, coming from UNB, on the West Coast, makes you interesting. Dalhousie doesn't have that, everyone knows Dalhousie and Halifax.  During firm events, I much rather talk to students from Manitoba or Saskatchewan than other schools. In litigation, grades do not matter as much as personality and it is tough to shine from a big school.


Anyways, go UNB 






If you are at all concerned about portability, I would say it is a poor choice.


UNB has little in the way of a national reputation (compared to Dalhousie, for example, which has a large alumni network even on the West Coast). What reputation it does have is as a bit of a 'last chance-U'.


If you do exceptionally well, as in deans list, clerkships, etc I'm sure you would get some looks. Although, if that's the case, you should probably just transfer somewhere else after first year.


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