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Is Last 2, last 2 academic years or last 60 credits?

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To my knowledge, it is your last 2 academic years for Western


some schools have a requirement that those last 2 academic years must have a certain number of credits associated with them though

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This is kind of annoying for me, since I took a lot of summer courses and finished my undergrad in 3.5 years.  


My first 2 years were poor whereas my last 1.5 years were great.  According to 2016 Ontario Admissions Predictor my L2 is good, but I guess nobody knows if Western will agree.

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I took 33 credits last year but I'm taking 27 this year. Will this year count as an academic year? If not, will Western use the two years before this one or all three years?


Edit: I'm confused because I suspected they only look at academic years, however, their website says they look at summer courses so would they just count back 60 credits from the last course on my transcript at the time of submission. If so, and my 60th course ends in the middle of a semester, would they take all courses from that semester as well or from the whole academic year? 


http://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/admissions_FAQ/grades_and_courses.html  Question 4 is the one addressing summer courses.

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