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Incorrect GPA

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Is anyone else's UWindsor "Law Admissions Average" incorrect?  I transferred schools midway through my undergrad and my GPA only reflects the first school I attended.  Both transcripts have now been reviewed by OLSAS so they are both processed.  Is this worth contacting Windsor about? My application has been referred to admissions committee so just want to make sure they have my correct stats.

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I honestly thought mine was higher than appeared on the Windsor site. Is there an olsas GPA calculator I can use to double check? I would call. It won't hurt.

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    • To be fair I completely agree with you here. That list on our website is also not the easiest to find, it would be fantastic if every school could somehow distribute or link the list through their various faculty websites or welcome packages to the students. We're still trying to work it out to make this more visible. When I was dealing with the students at Dalhousie we tried our best to have a close relationship with the law students there by doing presentations etc. with the various classes, and keeping the law student society up to date on things at Scotiabank. Even still we ran across some students in 2L or 3L that either didn't know what we offered or that were having problems at other branches etc. just because we could never get in front of every single student. If anyone knows of a better way to get this information out to potential/existing customers we'd love to hear it.
    • Nepotism is insidious too, in the sense that just having more connections in the industry will help you land somewhere better - all else equal - than without it. It's the ugly side of networking (where you're born into a network rather than hustle into one). I've seen it.    I've accepted it because there isn't enough people with those sort of connections to fill all of the legal jobs. Yeah it sucks that my parents are engineers and not lawyers, and so I have less going for me than my classmate who's last name is well known in the community. But then, I've had certain advantages by being born into a certain class of wealth (and ability, I guess..). We should try to minimize it. But it's not the end of the world for sure, in today's market, if you're not on the "in".
    • Amazing! I actually sent a message to Morgan about this after I posted that. I didn't mean to make it sound like the mods weren't doing it or against it in any way, although I see now how I could've worded it differently.    @HegdisI've added you to the PM btw!
    • The Crown's office in my town employs the son of the head Crown from the next town over. It's not even subtle.
    • If we don't hear back in a few more weeks I'll give them a call