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PC vs. Mac

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hi folks,


this may be a tired old question and i realize there probably isn't a huge difference in regards to law school, but i'm in the market for a new laptop and wanted to inquire about if there is particular software (i.e. used for exams) at unb that is more compatible with either/or. or basically if there are any preferences students have with regard to school work, etc, etc... 


i've been told there isn't a big difference- just that macs are prettier and more expensive.


i've always used a PC. atm i have a lenovo ideapad and rly liked it for the past 4 years. traveled across canada and back with me but is finally coming to the end of her days. always wanted a mac but couldn't afford it.


all opinions welcome!




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The vast majority of students have Macs, that's just the reality. You can get an equivalent PC laptop for half the price, and if you treat it properly it'll last just as long.


I'm still using a laptop running Windows Vista. It won't die and until it does I'm not replacing it.


The exam software will run fine on either.

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The majority of us use Macs (I can only think of a couple people in my classes who use PCs), but Exam4 works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. I'd say it's just a matter of what you're more comfortable with. Before law school, I just always had problems with my laptops, so I got a Macbook for law school and don't regret it.

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t460 thinkpad with the larger battery. It has a fantastic keyboard and its battery literally lasts days, there is nothing else you need in a computer for law school.

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thanks for the replies pals!


the ole girl literally snapped in half last week so I went for it an bought a MacBook Air


I love it. my MasterCard, on the other hand...



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