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Question on cGPA b3 and co-op

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Hey everyone! I just had a quick question with how my GPA would be calculated if I applied to U of T law. So right now I am studying at UBC and I got credits from studying the IB in high school so I planned to graduate in 3 years. The thing is, I decided to do co-op during my degree, meaning that I would graduate in 4 years.


So, lets say in my third year I did a semester of co-op in the fall and a semester of classes during the winter term, would that count as one of my years in the Best out of three for U of T?


My schedule would look something like this

27 credits from the IB


1st year: Full time student 27 credits

2nd year: Full time student 30 credits

3rd year: Co-op term and then school term with 15 credits

4th year: Co-op term and then school term with 15 credits.


I hope I was clear and good luck with admissions to all of you! :)

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They'd probably look at 3 years' worth of a full courseload. That's my guess. We count our credits totally differently here.

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    • The University of Calgary and University of Alberta focus on your last X amount of credits (I think it equals out to about 2 years worth of full time classes). It could be worth taking some extra university classes. Maybe contact them and ask if they will calculate your GPA including the classes taken outside of your degree if you are able to do that. If you can get a 173 on the LSAT, I think you are capable of working hard and getting good grades. Plus, you will have a lot of motivation as you got an end goal in sight.
    • Faerae, as someone who claims to support an evidence-based inquiry, maybe you should have supported your original post and your subsequent ones with evidence? Link to academic study? Instead, you preface your assertions with "I just don't think..." and "I'm not convinced." As you're the one making claims contrary to widely accepted convention and widely accepted practices of Canadian / American academic institutions, the onus is on you to rebut the norm. 
    • Are you from the province? If so, my advice would be to make your decision based on which city you hope to practice in or near. It will help you out with networking and make it easier to get to interviews. I got into the University of Calgary and University of Alberta. I ultimately chose Calgary, as I plan on working here, and am grateful I never had to drive/fly to any interviews. If you are from out of province, and have no intentions of staying here then you'll have to consider other factors.  
    • I'm not sure what wilful ignorance or carelessness you're talking about? I asked for information, both in the form of opinions and evidence. I shared mine, making no claims of qualifications or even a suggestion that it's something I feel strongly about, because it seems weird to start a thread asking for opinions without going first. 
    • Thank you for sharing, very nice of you! Have you heard anything back regarding a decision?