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Does anyone know what happens if my supporting documents don't make it in time for the Nov 30 early admission deadline? Will I not hear from them until the Feb deadline, or is it still rolling? Mainly just worried about my transcript, as they have everything else (and transcript should get in this week sometime but might not make it for Wed). If it helps determine if/when I will be accepted my stats are:


cGPA: 3.6

L2: 3.65

LSAT: 164

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Not sure. You might be out of luck for scholarships. 


I'd call the admissions office if I were you: 902-494-2068. I'm not sure if there's anything you can do at this point, but it's probably worth at least calling and talking to someone. They can probably answer better than I can. And who knows, it might be better if they know the transcript is coming, then if you just silently miss the early admissions deadline. 

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