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Selling vintage law books

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I have a bunch of different hardcover original law books for sale... 1974 sopinka and lederman the law of evidence in civil cases, 1971 iternational law cases and materials third edition, 1964 an interdiction to the history of land law, 1964 civil liberties in Canada, 1978 estate and tax planning a practitioners guide, 1967 legal theory fifth edition, 1957 modern company law second edition, 1960 the law of agency, 1962 personal property third edition,1959 Canadian Co operative law, 1977 mercer handbook of Canadian pension and welfare plans, 1972 evidence third edition just to name a few if anyone's interested please contact me to discuss prices of individual or package deals..

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These are likely only of interest to a collector or decorator, as they probably aren't of much practical use given their age. If you don't find any legal buyers, try selling them to a pub. I've been to a few pubs that had a bunch of legal textbooks and reporters on bookshelves along with the usual bric-a-brac.

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    •   If this is representative of your writing style, you should probably work on making it more readable (eg more pronouns and punctuation, fewer run-on sentences) before the writing sample, and certainly before law school starts.   If you're not responding well to your tutor, you can always change. But 9am isn't an unreasonably early start, and homework is a way to do better in the sessions you're paying for.
    • That was really hard to read. I'm pretty unsure of what is going on but if you don't like your tutor, just switch. Your not going to benefit much if you're not happy with his style of tutoring.  But honestly, just to be blunt, being able to be somewhere by 9am isn't something you should have to work on. 
    • Not to assume too much, but it sounds like you may be a mature student.  There is a club for that, and everyone I met was very helpful. I'd join that club and start there. 
    • Good advice, I’m a single sole support parent so as much as I’d like to join a club or team I doubt I’ll have the time.  I think asking around and making connections with upper years is probably the way I’ll go about it.  Thanks. 
    • The best mark I received in 1L was on an exam where I wrote my own summary start to finish.  I used other summaries exactly three times in 1L, to look up an answer during an exam that I didn't have in my own. On all three occasions, the answer wasn't in the other summaries either.