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[3.94, 174] Likelihood of admission?

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I am currently an undergrad. According to the OLSAS, I have a GPA of 3.94. My LSAT is 174. My EC's are not considerably strong. I was an executive on a local youth committee, volunteered at mental health institutes,spent some summers as a research assistant in a mental health clinic.


My goal is to go to UofT law. The major problem I forsee is that I am applying in my third year of undergrad. I will still have a Bachelors degree (no honours). I was wondering if this would be a big detriment to my application, as most people have a 4 year degree minimum. I also wanted to know, what the likelihood of me gaining admission would be.



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Yup your stats are in line with the people I know of who have gotten into U of T with 3 years of undergrad completed, if you want to apply without getting an honours degree you stand a good chance at getting in.


That being said I personally think doing the fourth year of undergrad is a good idea. People do a lot of growing over a year or two in their early 20s, its also why I think spending a year or two working or getting a masters degree before law school is beneficial.

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