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Chances: Atlantic Resident C: 2.97 L2: 3.72 LSAT: ~160

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Hello. I've been a long-term lurker of these forums but my write date for the LSAT is fast approaching so I figured it'd be best to finally make an account. 

My undergraduate was somewhat of an atypical experience. I essentially went from bottom of the barrel to dean's list in a single semester; my first two years were terrible and my last two were outstanding. I essentially just had a lot of personal stuff going on and I was not ready to commit to my education in the first two years. It was nobody's fault but my own and I'll own that mistake.


One question I have is how are failed courses counted? I only failed one course during my degree and it was in my first year. I retook that course in my second year and got a 68 (2.33). Is the first grade scrapped in favour of the second? I have calculated my cumulative based on the assumption that it still factors in. If the grade is in fact replaced, my cumulative is 3.01. 

Secondly, how do intersession courses work in calculating one's L2? I did an extra course during intersession between my 3rd and 4th years to compensate for the one that I failed in my 1st. Does it replace whatever one's lowest grade in their last 2 years was? If it is not counted/does not replace the lowest, my L2 is 3.72. If it does replace the lowest, my L2 is 3.78. 

Thirdly, I have not written the LSAT yet but I am basing this on the assumption that I will score at least 160. My reasoning for this is that I wrote a "cold" or "diagnostic" LSAT 4 weeks ago and scored 157. My scores by section were 13/21 (logic games, which I've been focusing heavily on), 19/25, 21/25, and 20/27. Consequently, I am confident that I can pull at least 160 as I've been doing a reasonable amount of practice and have grown more accustomed to the time constraints.

Finally, I live in Newfoundland and it seems to be common knowledge that Atlantic residents have a lower bar than those from elsewhere.

This is a lot of information and I am extremely thankful for anyone who is able to answer these questions or point me in the right direction otherwise. 


EDIT: Also, all of the profs in my major's discipline have offered to write me very strong LORs.

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Taking your LSAT assumption at face value, I'd say you would receive an offer. I think that being from the Atlantic provinces you would be fine (or it would be close) if you scored at your cold diagnostic.


As for the other questions raised, I would suggest getting a hold of Dal and asking about their policy on intersession grades.


However, keep in mind Dal only looks at your L2 so a failed course that you retook in second year literally has no impact. I should know, I failed a course in 1st year (Physiiiics!) and I mean I'm at Dal right now. Like, literally ignoring Constitutional Law to send this message.

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Thanks for the reply! After looking around these forums and at DALs own admission statistics, I was left feeling decently confident that my chances are pretty good. Thanks for clearing up the failed course thing - that makes sense. It's also nice to know that somebody in the same boat as me in that regard is currently enrolled. 

Also, I'll be sure to give their admissions office a call to ask about intersession grades. 

Thanks again!

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