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Chances? Olsas CGPA 4.0, 4 year degree, 164 LSAT

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Get the LSAT up and you will definitely get in. Also the personal statement is 1/3 of the application so with your current LSAT score, you would need a great PS to be in. 

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    • Hey, are you talking about that complex (might be a duplex not sure) that's right past the bridge? People over-exaggerate the un-safe environment of that side of the bridge. When people say they it's sketchy, they're always referring to like Indian road and Detroit street, which are only 'sketchy' because some houses are boarded up. The complex you're looking at is like a 10 minute walk from that area, and even that area isn't honestly that bad. My opinion is totally objective btw, I've been in Windsor for 22 years and I live in more of a 'suburb' on the opposite side of the city. My advice is that when you go, if you feel like what you see at first sight is safe, then you'll be fine. What you see is exactly what you get, and it is the better part of that neighbourhood. 
    • @madmax7 Hey, do you have any insight on 3000 Sandwich St?? Looking into living there for next year but have read mixed things on here about that area. Going to be heading down in a week or 2 to see firsthand but just wanted some insight from someone who knows the city... online the units seem pretty okay but don't want to live in a sketchy area lol 
    • Yeah, thanks for your reply!  I guess what I’m asking is like: my school has an intro to immunology class (300 level) and I couldn’t find an equivalent U of A class and since I got an A in it, I would want that included. I’m worried that they wouldn’t include it because there isn’t an equivalent one. I’m not really familiar with how they go about calculating GPA and stuff.    Thanksr for your time 
    • Figured while you're waiting for an answer, I can jump in and answer a question as a Windsor resident, even though I won't be starting law until August.  Question 5: The Windsor bus system is I would say more reliable than other places. The busses usually run year-round, throughout all types of weather. The only times the busses usually don't run, are when the school is also closed. So in extreme cases basically!
    • Annex for ease of access. Village outskirts for price and comfort (albeit, don't cross through certain parks at night). Downtown core if you're made of money and like to hustle and bustle. St Claire west if you don't like the downtown hustle but want ease of access. Anywhere bloore west for the point above if you're made of money.